Notes for Friday – January 20, 2017

Today is the birthday of Congressman Richard Henry Lee (1732–1794). o o o FYSA (For Your Situational Awareness), Forward Observer has started their battle tracking for the Inauguration, just like they did for the Ferguson riots. Check out the battle map and if you want to participate in this tracking … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness Experience- Part 3, by N.K.

Cooking was interesting. I had a propane gas grill with two spare 20-lb cylinders, a dual-fuel Coleman camp stove, a couple of single-burner butane units, and the ability to build a fire in the backyard. The gas grill got used, because it was easiest. It did take a couple of … Continue reading

Letter Re: Hurricane Preparedness

HJL, A great article about his experience and some practical advice. For those interested in a possible simpler solution a product named “Generlink” at is available. It is a collar that fits behind your meter at the power pole, and it allows you to control your power usage through … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness Experience- Part 2, by N.K.

I had drinking water because my subdivision was on the county water system which never went down, nor was there any boil water alert for our area. Part of the reason for this was the emergency planning done by county government to ensure water got delivered at full volume and … Continue reading