Free Targets and Target Tracker Shooting Logs!

As a public service in support of military, police, and armed citizen marksmanship, is pleased to provide web site space for The DBG Target Tracker System©  (TTS) and The DBG Target Tracker System – Law Enforcement© (TTSLE). Our sincere thanks to DBG, who donated these products as a fundraising vehicle for SurvivalBlog!

This product was first produced in 1990 for the exclusive use of several SWAT teams as a complement to the Tracker Arrow custom made frangible projectiles. Under the guidance of several training professionals and a former U.S. Army Sniper turned consultant, we developed the Target Tracker© as a log system for use as a guide for tactical teams to use for long term reference and possible use in the court system (the reason that the targets were non-human shaped to prevent negative feelings possible with a jury when reviewing shooting logs).

Because of the Law Enforcement and Consultant input the logs closely match U.S. army log books for familiarity but have the specific target images and layout for Law Enforcement use. The Target Tracker© was marketed as a separate product in 1993 with a Law Enforcement and Hunter/Shooter versions available for sale in gun shops, direct mail (as seen in Varmint Hunter, Gun List, Shotgun News, and other gun and police related publications) and at large gun shows all over the United States.

With the advent of changes in SWAT teams, the increased use of computer methods, and the drop in hunters using reloading for ammunition supplies, the sales of TTS© decreased and the product was therefore removed from the market in 1998 two years after the Tracker Arrow© products were discontinued.

In 2002 the demand from former users for “refills” had exhausted supplies and as a public service the files for the TTS© and TTSLE© became available for users to print for themselves from PDF files provided as direct downloads.

Download the Fun Targets
and the Target Tracker System (.zip files)

The creators of the Target Tracker Systems© are happy to have the TTS© and TTSLE© hosted for download from the popular Survival Blog website and hope that it’s use for Law Enforcement professionals helps save lives and develop sharper skills. We hope that the Hunter version helps users keep better track of their shooting to help make hunting more fruitful, organized and fun.

While the TTS© and TTSLE© are free for use and download they are a set of copyrighted products and are for free distribution only, reproduction for a fee, repackaging and resale of TTS© or any of its components is not allowed without written permission from the owner. Web masters wishing to host the TTS© must also gain written permission.

You may enjoy and distribute this freely but the original files must remain unaltered and the information and use files must be included. Because the TTS and related files are free for download no support, or promise of suitability or usability is implied, nor can we be responsible for any use of the files in any way.

All of the PDF files are formatted for large printers and may need to be printed with the “fit to size” option, the EPS file is for an 11×17 size print of the TTS target and must have a large printer and use an EPS capable program to print. Changing the size of the files (particularly the targets) will change the printed measurements that are based on inch grids.

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