FAQs and Reference Articles by James Wesley, Rawles

James Wesley, Rawles (“JWR”) is the author (or editor) of the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and reference articles:

The Triple Ought / TEOTWAWKI FAQ

AR-15 Magazine FAQ

M1 Carbine Magazine FAQ

M1911 Magazine FAQ

M14/M1A Magazine FAQ

The Original FAL FAQ

The Mauser Rifle FAQ

Pre-1899 Cartridge Guns FAQ

Noncorrosive Priming Information for U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition

The European Ammo Box Markings Translations Dictionary (editor)

Survival Gun Selection

Peak Oil: Implications for Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency

Protecting Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic

Derivatives–The Mystery Man Who’ll Break the Global Bank at Monte Carlo

Recommended Retreat Areas

Retreat Owner Profiles

JWR was also formerly the editor of a FAQ on German WWII Maker’s Code Marks. However, Bryan Brown recently put together a much more complete and well organized FAQ on the subject, so he passed the baton to him.