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About SurvivalBlog

SurvivalBlog is the “granddaddy of preparedness blogs”. It was established in 2005 by James Wesley, Rawles, the author of the New York Times best-selling Patriots novel series and numerous non-fiction preparedness books. SurvivalBlog is the recognized leader in the survival/preparedness/self-sufficiency arena and is unique in its delivery of original, daily content.

In addition to the timely news, trends, recommendations, “how-to” articles, and letters that are posted daily, SurvivalBlog also offers its readers, free of charge, access to more than 37,500 of its copyrighted archived articles, columns, and letters through its powerful search engine.

Advertisers are able to reach SurvivalBlog’s millions of readers through various ad options and are provided with easy-to-use tools that help them build and manage their advertising program on the blog. The blog enables advertisers to monitor their results, make quick online changes to ads, make online payments for ads, and more.

The blog’s value- and quality-conscious survival community is eager for new products and services that aid them in meeting their preparedness goals and are particularly fond of American-made products of high quality. The blog’s community appreciates its loyal advertisers, since the blog is primarily funded through advertising.

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Blog Statistics

As of January 2014:

  • Over 2 million incoming links to our site, according to Google Webmaster.
  • More than 1.5 million unique visits per month.
  • SurvivalBlog was ranked #29,049 among all web sites in the World on Alexa.
  • Over 70% of SurvivalBlog’s traffic is “direct access”, meaning our readers have bookmarked our site because we update our editorial content on a daily basis and they are loyal.
  • SurvivalBlog has over 31,000 posts, most of it original content that can be accessed from the blog’s main page using a powerful search tool.
  • Front page listing for Google searches on many survival/prepping terms!

Our Community and Topics

SurvivalBlog has been told by business owners that, in some cases, a mere editorial mention of a product on our web site has significantly increased sales of products to the point that their small businesses sold out or came close to selling out of inventory. Therefore, we know our readers buy products!

The blog’s readers learn how to prepare for various disasters that might come in the form of natural, health, economic, or societal threats as well as threats to personal liberty and freedoms. The community is interested in products that enable them to prepare for these disasters.

The daily blog contains original copyrighted content produced by its editorial staff as well as its virtual community of readers with diverse experiences and skills who contribute to the blog as part of one of the blog’s innovations– a generous writing contest where readers write to share their knowledge and experiences while competing for nearly $12,000 in prizes, which are awarded once every two months.

Topics written by the community of editors and readers and added to the archives of more than 31,000 copyrighted articles owned by SurvivalBlog are diverse and range from:

  • weathering tornadoes to survival tools,
  • retreat home construction to fuel storage and alternative fuel,
  • from rural relocation and self-employment to food storage,
  • from home defense to wilderness survival, to privacy, and
  • much, much more.

SurvivalBlog’s large, loyal readership base is serious about the survival/preparedness lifestyle and is willing to invest in related quality goods and services. Our community consists of men, women, families, married and single people of diverse ages and ethnicities living all over North America and even around the world. They are friendly toward family-owned, small businesses as well as corporations that produce quality products.

With no subscription fees or registration required since the blog began in 2005, our readers are loyal and are significant purchasers of quality survival, preparedness, and self-sufficiency products and related services. A majority of our readers make reading SurvivalBlog part of their daily routine, yet there are new readers added to the SurvivalBlog community regularly. The SurvivalBlog staff receives letters from people who say their family has read SurvivalBlog together daily (some together during mealtime) for many years as well as people who are excited they have just found the blog. For the most part, our readers are serious about preparedness and wiling to invest in products that enable their success should a disaster come their way. More importantly, SurvivalBlog readers tend to buy in bulk and also place repeat orders. You couldn’t ask for better customers.

Advertiser Tools:

SurvivalBlog provides each advertiser with access to our in-house custom advertising system data. As an advertiser, you will know exactly how each of your ads is performing and you have access to change your ad graphic (or wording on text ads) and the URL that the ad points to. You can be as active in your advertising campaign as you want to be, and the statistics that you get access to are the actual numbers, not estimations.

SurvivalBlog’s advertisers have the opportunity to partner with a unique and innovative blog that is a very well-recognized leader in the survival-preparedness-self-sufficiency industry. Not only is SurvivalBlog unique because it was the first survival-preparedness blog beginning back in 2005, but it is also unique in its content and customer loyalty as well as its automation. SurvivalBlog is the only daily survival-focused blog with consistent original daily content, and its two million* readers are serious to respect the products and services offered on SurvivalBlog.

Our Senior Editor, James Wesley, Rawles, and Managing Editor, Hugh J. Latimer, will work with you to help you get set up to use the blog’s automated advertising system that puts you in control of your marketing program and gives you quick control to turn on a dime when you have specials, new products, or close-outs to announce to the blog’s readers. SurvivalBlog can help you move that product! Partner with us!

SurvivalBlog’s Format

If you are not familiar with SurvivalBlog, the regular feature contributions on the blog include:

  • Daily original articles with emphasis on “how-to”
  • Economics and Investing section (Three days per week)
  • Odds ‘n Sods section (news related to preparedness and self-sufficiency–four days per week)
  • Weekly original Product Reviews with emphasis on guns and knives but other items included
  • Weekly American Redoubt News (Covering Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington.)
  • Weekly Recommendations (on books, movies, tools, and more)
  • Periodic editorials, contributing articles, and reviews from our staff, board, experts, and reader-contributors

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