Important Provisos For SurvivalBlog Readers

Please Read This!

Last updated: June 16, 2023

SurvivalBlog, a private information service, is obliged to post some disclaimers and provisos, annually. These notices have been posted since 2005. They are current as of the date above and remain in force unless later specifically revoked or modified by the Editor.

Advertising and Reviews

Per FTC File No. P034520: SurvivalBlog accepts cash-paid advertising. To the best of my knowledge, as of the date of this posting, none of our advertisers that sell the products mentioned in this blog have solicited SurvivalBlog or our staff to write any reviews or endorsements, nor have they provided me any free or reduced-price gear in exchange for any reviews or endorsements. JWR is not a stockholder in any company.

Several of our advertisers have overlapping product lines. We believe in competitive free market economics, so we do not offer any “exclusives”, “non-compete” agreements, or “protected territories.”

Letter and Snippet Posting Policy

All writings that you send us must be original works and their copyright will become the property of SurvivalBlog. Anyone sending a letter, snippet, or article grants the right for posting, reproduction, or any other use by SurvivalBlog. To differentiate: Any items that you send that are not intended for posting must include “NOT FOR POSTING” in the subject line.

I will post letters from readers that are topical. Please e-mail us your letters. OBTW, I will only post a letter writer’s initials and location unless they specifically tell me otherwise. Anyone sending a letter or article grants the right for posting, reproduction, or any other use. Again, all writings must be original works and the copyright will become the property of SurvivalBlog.

I reserve the right to reject or edit letters and snippets for foul language, blasphemy, racism, anti-Christianity (or bad doctrine), anti-Semitism, anything that promotes, endorses, or incites potentially dangerous or harmful acts or behavior, and assorted off-topic tin foil hat rants about Gray Aliens. If you see “[Rant Snipped]” in a letter, then you’ll know that someone crossed the line.

I also edit letters to conceal the identities of their writers, which might otherwise be compromised by the letter contents or contextual references. Please let me know how you’d like your letters or articles signed.

No Comments

Why is there no “autoposting” of Comments to blog posts? We tried this for three years, but discontinued it in March of 2021. We did so because we found that : A.) It was a security risk to our readers. B.) It degenerated into a venue for flame wars and trolling. So we will pick and choose the letters and snippets that will be posted, and reserve the right to  skip posting them or to edit them for foul language.

Not Financial Advisera

Per the SEC Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (as amended): none of the SurvivalBlog editors are paid investment counselors or advisers. JWR is not a stockholder of any company, nor employed by any company. The SurvivalBlog editors receive no payment or benefit from any company in exchange for our investment recommendations. We do not make specific stock or bond-buying recommendations. Make all investments at your own risk.

Not a Public Accommodation

As a private subscription information service, SurvivalBlog is not a “public accommodation” and is therefore exempt from all Federal regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.)

Consulting Services

I am a paid consultant on survival-related topics including relocation, logistics, communications, firearms, privacy, communications security, food storage, caching, vehicles, field gear, signals intelligence, retreat architectural concepts, and retreat security. I provide my Vonage phone number or Skype name only to pre-paid consulting clients. Before hiring me for consulting, please first search the SurvivalBlog archives and FAQs. I also strongly recommend that you read my book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It”. That book answers a lot of questions that I typically get from consulting clients. (And buying a $18 book beats paying $100 for consulting.)

If you need my expertise about something that I haven’t already published, then be advised that my fee is $150 per hour, with a one-half hour minimum. You can send pre-payment via PayPal.

My PayPal address is:

Be sure to include your e-mail address, phone number, and the best time to schedule the call in your online payment instructions.

You can also send pre-payment for hours of consulting (in 30-minute increments) via U.S. Postal Service Money Orders, “Forever ” postage stamps, or personal check.

On the advice of my attorney, I never have and will not ever discuss any potentially criminal activities such as bomb making, poaching, poisons/toxins, fully automatic firearms conversions, active insurrection, coups, or firearms suppressor (“silencer”) construction. If you raise any such topics then I will immediately terminate the consulting call–no exceptions.

Not a Doctor or Attorney

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t give medical advice. Advertisements for any medical device, treatment, drug, or food supplement is solely the responsibility of the advertiser and are in no way endorsed or accredited by, or its principals. is not responsible for the use or misuse of any product advertised on this blog site.

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t give legal advice. The laws, regulations, and case citations contained within this blog do not constitute legal advice. Laws change frequently. Consult a lawyer if you have legal questions. If you choose to act upon the details cited in the blog without doing your own research, then you do so at your own risk.

Many Voices

In part because SurvivalBlog has many contributing authors, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of what is published in the blog. Consider it only one of many sources of information that you must test against standard references and compare against your local climate and conditions, as well as your local laws. (See: “Accuracy, Safety, and Legality,” below.)

No Social Networking Presence

Please refrain from trying to get me to join Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the other social media networks. I get more than 150 e-mails per day, and that is bad enough, but getting an extra 20 proclaiming that “John Smith is following you on Twitter” and “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” is distracting. I consider these networks a security risk, so I don’t respond to any of these requests.

In accordance with the terms of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA):, its staff, its advertisers, and its Commenters will never willingly or knowingly participate in any venture (to be precise: “knowingly assisting, supporting, or facilitating in”) or be involved in any way–directly or indirectly-in any sex trafficking or the promotion thereof. Any inadvertent inclusion of any such material (including but not limited to, text, graphics, comments, or links) would be entirely without the knowledge or consent of the staff or owners of, and is not condoned in any way. We shall be held harmless in the event of any such inadvertent inclusion or linking. If you spot the inadvertent inclusion of any such content in SurvivalBlog OR in any web page that is linked to by SurvivalBlog, please bring it to the attention of the blog editors immediately, and we will remove it (or the link) as soon as possible.

Your Privacy

For your privacy, we do not compile or sell any lists of e-mail or snail mail addresses. Parenthetically, don’t expect me to remember what pen name you use. If you want to continue with using one pen name, then please sign all of your e-mails that way.

Right of Non-Association is an entirely private information service that is my sole property made available to others as a form of free personal expression under my de jure Preamble Citizen’s right as later guaranteed in the First Article in Amendment to the Constitution. is not a “public accommodation” and it is preemptively exempt from any forced or coerced accommodation, via legislation (or bureaucratic interpretation thereof) or any dictate, directive, or decree by any agency of government or by any NGO or by any individual under any future “Fairness Doctrine” or similar charade. I reserve the right to refuse service, to wit: to refuse posting, linking, or mention of anyone or anything, at my sole discretion to any person, agency, corporation, or other entity. I make these reservations for the sake of maintaining sound business practices, competitiveness, and to maintain my moral and religious principles.

My Agent

My literary agent is Robert Gottlieb, the Chairman of Trident Media Group. He handles all inquiries on publishing, licensing, foreign translations, and motion picture rights.

Links and Quotes

Our links to articles at third-party websites are offered for informational purposes only. These links are most often at the suggestion of individual SurvivalBlog readers. Not every link is checked in detail. We are not responsible for updating links that have become obsolete at third-party sites. The authenticity, political persuasion, morality, and religious standpoint of those articles and any other articles housed at those sites are not necessarily endorsed by the editors of SurvivalBlog. A link on SurvivalBlog does not constitute an endorsement!

At SurvivalBlog we err on the side of linking rather than quoting. Not only does this make SurvivalBlog quicker to read, but it also keeps us well within the standards of “Fair Use” for quotations. All articles that are quoted, re-posted or linked are done so with great discretion and out of genuine professional courtesy under the doctrine of Fair Use, with legal precedent dating to the Statute of Anne of 1709, and confirmed by the doctrine of “Fairness Abridgement” in Gyles v Wilcox (1740) and later codified under 17 U.S.C. § 107.

Accuracy, Safety, and Legality

The content of this blog site is not guaranteed for accuracy, reliability, safety, or legality in all jurisdictions. It is presented for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your own actions. This includes your stupidity or carelessness. Refer to manufacturer documentation for safety and dosing information. Consult a locally-licensed attorney to check on the legality of the devices, formulas, and practices mentioned in SurvivalBlog in your locale. Do not write me to ask for legal advice!

SurvivalBlog is All Free, But Copyrighted

The content of this blog site is free to access, but copyrighted. Permission to use up to 300-word excerpts is summarily granted (no need to e-mail us for permission), but only if you include full attribution–most notably a link to the URL.

If you are the legitimate holder of any copyrighted material (text, image, or video) that becomes available at SurvivalBlog, then please refer to the Safe Harbor/Copyright notice at our Terms of Service page.

About Our Privacy

Before her passing, I was under strict orders from the late Memsahib to keep the location of the Rawles Ranch private. All that I can say is that it is “Somewhere West of the Rockies.” Nor can I mention the real names of my children. I’m sure that you can understand the security concerns that go along with our survival preparations.