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Advertising Your Products or Services on SurvivalBlog

We presently have very limited banner advertising space on SurvivalBlog. We often have a waiting list.

If you do business with any of our advertisers, please mention that you saw their ad on

Yes, we have paid advertisers, but only sellers of products and services that we know and trust. For the most part we sought them out rather than vice versa. Does having sponsors make us biased? You betcha! We’re dependent on our banner advertisers to pay for this site. However, you have our promise that any advertiser that engages in shady business practices or that sells shoddy merchandise will get their banner booted off the site, pronto!

200 pixel width spaces in the right-hand frame of my Blog page are available for paid advertising to approved vendors.

Why advertise at this site? Readers will return to this site again and again to read our daily Blog posts. (We’ve hardly missed a day in more than 11 years.) The readers of this Blog are primarily well-educated and in the upper income levels. They tend to buy things in quantity because they are stocking up for an anticipated long term TEOTWAWKI. Their garages and basements look like mini-warehouses. They don’t typically just buy one of an item — they buy a dozen. They also make large group purchases and plenty of repeat purchases. You couldn’t ask for more loyal customers! Just be forewarned that they’ll insist on buying only top quality products that are built to last.

Our advertising rates are very low, especially when you consider how much magazine publishers charge to print an ad that most readers will see only once. (SurvivalBlog readers will see your ad daily!)

Note: We fully expect all advertisers to sell only top quality products and/or services, to provide timely delivery/service, and to maintain reputable “Golden Rule” business practices. All advertising contracts are subject to termination at our staff’s discretion at any time for any reason, with of course a full refund for any unused advertising days (pro-rated.) Don’t disappoint us or our blog readers, and we won’t disappoint you!

Also note that several of our advertisers have overlapping product lines. We wholeheartedly believe in competitive free market economics, so we do not offer any “exclusives”, “non-compete” agreements, or “protected territories.”

A special note on Chinese-made merchandise: Unless or until China does away with the laogai system of prison factories, we will not accept advertising from any company that has more than 20% of their products made in mainland China. (These days, it is difficult to avoid having some Chinese content, especially at the component level, even if you try.)

See our advertising rate sheet and payment instructions.

Disclaimer (per FTC File No. P034520): We accept cash-paid advertising. To the best of our knowledge, as of the date of this updated posting (November 7, 2016), none of our advertisers that sell the products mentioned in SurvivalBlog have solicited or paid us to write any reviews or endorsements, nor have they provided us any free or reduced-price gear in exchange for any reviews or endorsements. JWR is not a stock holder in any company. We do, however, benefit from sales through the SurvivalBlog Amazon Store. If you click on one of our Amazon links and then “click through” to order ANY product from (not just the ones listed in our catalog), then we will earn a modest sales commission.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

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