Advertising Your Products or Services on SurvivalBlog

Why You’ll Want to Advertise With SurvivalBlog

SurvivalBlog is the original survival and prepping oriented blog and is unique in its delivery of original, daily content, which it has provided for more than a decade. Advertisers are able to reach SurvivalBlog’s multitude of daily readers through various advertising options and are provided with tools that help them easily build and manage their advertising program. The blog’s community of readers are generally eager for new products and services that aid them in meeting their preparedness goals and are particularly fond of American-made products of high quality. Additionally, the community shares opinions on products and suppliers readily and appreciates the loyal advertisers that fund the blog and use their advertising space to make various specials and discounted product offerings available to them. Become an advertising sponsor of SurvivalBlog today!
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Advertising Guidelines

There are some guidelines to which all advertisers on SurvivalBlog are expected to adhere, because of our high standards on behalf of our readers and to keep our costs low.
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Available Advertising Spaces

SurvivalBlog has a variety of locations on the blog available for advertising placement as well as a couple of different types of advertisements. We offer both graphic-based banner advertisement displays and text ad displays. Text ads are placed between sections in the editorial area of the blog and do not include graphics but must include the company name as well as the offering and a link to the company’s product or service website. Advertisers purchasing graphic-based advertisements also receive text advertisement options in a package offering.
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How to Purchase an Ad Space

Know what you want already? You can jump on over to place your advertising order, or if there is no advertising space currently you can get in the queue for the next available advertising space.
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Check Your Advertisement’s Performance

SurvivalBlog makes the performance statistics of your advertisement available to you at any time. Statistics are updated hourly. Let us help you monitor the performance of your advertising campaign on SurvivalBlog. We provide you with the free tools to help you maximize results!
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Make a Payment on Your Advertisement

Do you need to make a payment on your ad? Don’t risk losing your ad space by delaying payment. Check out the automated payment system, and ensure you keep your SurvivalBlog space reserved and visible going forward!
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