Advertising Guidelines

  • Make sure you have read our Provisos page before placing an ad.
  • SurvivalBlog expects all advertisers to sell only top quality products and/or services, to provide timely delivery/service, and to maintain reputable “Golden Rule” business practices.
  • The size of banner ads is strictly enforced. Make sure your banner is sized appropriately for the spot you are placing it in or it will display distorted.
  • The character count of text ads is also strictly enforced. Make sure the number of characters in your “Link Text”, “Tooltip Text”, and “Description” are within the designated limits or they will be abruptly cut off when the ad displays.
  • No blinking text or animations, to avoid any annoying distractions for SurvivalBlog readers.
  • All of the ventures that you advertise must be owned by you. (No “sub-letting” of ad space is allowed.)
  • All payments for Ads are to be through the system using PayPal or PayPal subscription unless otherwise negotiated with JWR or HJL. Payments sent in any other format will delay the processing and display of the submitted ad. Mailed payments can take up to three weeks to clear due to the remote location of JWR.
  • Only banner ads that have been paid with PayPal subscription will get bonus text ad space.
  • No ad will be displayed that is not currently paid.
  • Don’t disappoint us or our blog readers, and we won’t disappoint you!
  • Some of our advertisers have overlapping product lines. We wholeheartedly believe in competitive free market economics, so we do not offer any “exclusives”, “non-compete” agreements or “protected territories”.
  • SurvivalBlog does have design services available for banner and/or text ads available for a consulting fee. Contact us for details if you need this service.
  • A special note on Chinese-made merchandise: Unless or until China does away with the laogai system of prison factories, we will not accept advertising from any company that has more than 20% of their products made in mainland China. (These days, it is difficult to avoid having some Chinese content, especially at the component level, even if you try.)
  • Disclaimer (per FTC File No. P034520): We accept cash-paid advertising. To the best of our knowledge, as of the date of this updated posting (January 26, 2021), none of our advertisers that sell the products mentioned in SurvivalBlog have solicited or paid us to write any reviews or endorsements, nor have they provided us any free or reduced-price gear in exchange for any reviews or endorsements. JWR is not a stockholder in any company.
  • Because of Amazon’s censorship, we quit the Amazon Associates program in January of 2021. This blog piece explains why. Please order books through your local bookstore. If that isn’t practical, then please use an online bookstore OTHER THAN Amazon. Thanks! – JWR

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