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Jim’s Recommended Books:

Jim’s “Second Tier” List of Recommended Specialty Books:

Other Nonfiction Books Recommended by SurvivalBlog Readers:

Jim’s Recommended “Be Ready to Barter” Reference Book List:

If you enjoy reading my blog, you will also likely enjoy reading these non-fiction books that I authored:


Recommended Books on Current Events and Economics

Fiction with Survival and Preparedness Themes (Some of these are out of print but usually available via inter-library loan):

The Late Memsahib’s Top “Must Have” Book:

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. Sasquatch Books. (Get the Ninth or later edition.) This book is 845 pages of valuable ‘how-to’ country survival knowledge. The Memsahib (1964-2009) wrote: “The first time that I butchered chickens, I used this book. When I needed 15 different ways to fix zucchini I turned to this book, when I wanted to make soap, pickles, jelly, bread from scratch, butter, and cream cheese, I found everything I needed to know in this book!”

Other Books Recommended by The Late Memsahib:

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Some of JWR’s Favorite Movies with Survival Themes:

A Proviso: None of these films except for City of Ember are suitable for children!

Note: If you enjoy movies with survival themes, then you will like reading my “Pulling Through” screenplay (available for free download.)

Recommendations by Blog Readers:

Some of JWR’s Favorite Movies (of Various Themes and Genres):

Proviso: Most of these films are NOT for children. If you have teenagers, I recommend that you pre-view these films to check their suitability for your kids at their particular ages.


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