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SurvivalBlog highly recommends using the Subscription = "Yes" option. Without a subscription, your ad will not auto-renew and you may lose your place if your ad drops as another advertiser may grab that spot. Payment is not required until the ad information is submitted and approved. When the ad is approved, you will be sent an email that gives you a link to log into the system and arrange payment. All Advertising is required to be payed through PayPal or PayPal Subscription.

Reminder: “Blue Zone Premium Banner 200x300”, “Orange Zone Premium Banner 200x200” , Red Zone Banner 200x300", and “Yellow Zone Banner 200x200” display on every page load. “Purple Zone Banner 200x200-alternating" shares an ad slot with another advertiser and displays only 50% of the time. "Silver Zone Text" ads are drawn from a pool of ads and the frequency of display depends upon the amount of content on the page. You can see a map of where the ads will display on the pages by viewing our Available Ads.