Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“There are, in fact and practice, two divisions of BATFE: they are Arbitrary, and Capricious. Everything they do has to have approval from one, and ideally both, divisions, before it gets handed down from on high as verbum dei.

For some decades, that hurdle has not been too cumbersome on their limited intellects to allow passage of all manner of nonsense, being a speed bump the height of which is measured in layers of paint on a flat surface.

Give their explosives lab to FBI, shift alcohol and tobacco revenue collection (sans any law enforcement capability whatsoever) over to Commerce, and fire everyone else, or simply transfer them to baggage screeners for TSA to make retirement. Ideally in airports not less than 500 miles from any city larger than 1 million souls.” – Reader “Aesop” in a comment to a recent post about BATFE overreach titled: ATF Cracks Down on Retro Builders using 80% Receivers, posted at Weaponsman