Wolves in Women’s Clothing, by Sarah Latimer

This recent “Women’s March” was anything but a march for the benefit of women, “civil” rights, or Americans! Instead, it appears to me to be a strategic manipulation of women by an evil force with intent to stir up trouble. Whether, all of its leaders are aware or not, it is a tool for this purpose. I am confident that many, if not most, of those participating in the march are unaware of the evil force using their emotions against them. They are pawns in a greater evil than they can imagine, because they have never experienced the kind of …

Letter Re: What is Your Purpose

HJL, This career Special Operations officer and combat veteran was both shaken and touched by MAC’s self-effacing honesty in his writing. Apparently, I’m not quite as alone as I’ve thought, as clearly we’ve walked the same path in many ways. I write “shaken” because he brought home to me a truth about something that has been troubling me for all the many years I’ve been diligently plowing ahead with this “Prepping thing”. I’ve always approached it as a tactical challenge, a battlefield in which one more weapon, one more plan, and one more tool would accomplish the mission. The truth …

Economics and Investing:

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