Wolves in Women’s Clothing, by Sarah Latimer

This recent “Women’s March” was anything but a march for the benefit of women, “civil” rights, or Americans! Instead, it appears to me to be a strategic manipulation of women by an evil force with intent to stir up trouble. Whether, all of its leaders are aware or not, it is a tool for this purpose. I am confident that many, if not most, of those participating in the march are unaware of the evil force using their emotions against them. They are pawns in a greater evil than they can imagine, because they have never experienced the kind of evil that is preying upon them. They may have experienced some injustices, upon which they have latched and based their passions, but their choice of solutions is sadly misdirected. The divisiveness that the leaders clearly have set up to take place is one that is taking place within marriages, hardening hearts of employers against out-of-control women, dividing our nation, and serving the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood’s radical Islamic agenda.

While some women argue that in the area where they were marching it was a peaceful demonstration, the march’s organizers and speakers were clearly not about peace among women or in our nation or our homes. The first evidence of this was their selective acceptance of which women deserved the “right” to march with them. Secondly, their speeches were angry and nasty, pro-choice, and even pro-Islam. They propelled the emotions of women to accomplish an agenda of death, not just for the unborn but for the “infidel” through their support of Sharia Law.

Shockingly, even Hillary Clinton, who has long been a strong voice for women’s rights around the world, was snubbed by the “Women’s March”! To me, this was a clue that its agenda went beyond feminism and abortion, of which she is a strong proponent. She wasn’t alone; there were other organizations as well, and it wasn’t just the pro-life groups excluded either. It appears that they were looking for the most angry, isolated, and naive groups to generate sympathy for an Islamic agenda under the guise of protecting against “Islamaphobia”. I could not stomach watching much of this march myself, as the nasty, vile, anti-male and anti-family hate speech spewed forth, but after reading about its leaders and watching some of the videos as well as listening to people who were there, it is apparent to me that the dangers to our republic of the march and particularly the agenda behind it are much more vast than merely the issue of abortion.

Abortion is a significant violation and a great assault against our Creator, but we are dealing with an evil bigger than even this. This march, I believe, was part of the Islamic agenda to rally the LGTB, the most extreme feminists (as many were excluded), and other groups that feel most outside of the normal population of America to sympathize with the Islamic people in America and to defend them as they initiate their infiltration plans under the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

There is an article circulating that a friend gave me written by Cheri Berens. She has written her memoirs called “An American Woman Living in Egypt” describing her memoirs of the “shocking truths and horrifying events that took place after the Moslem Brotherhood takeover”. In the article I recently read from her, she describes the Egyptian women’s enthusiasm over Trump’s comment to eradicate radical Islam around the world and also their shock and gasps when they watched the rioters and then the “Women’s March” on television. These Egyptian women had watched the inauguration with hope, gathering in coffee houses during the night to view the live broadcasts, and then watching the subsequent events including the march. The people in the coffee house were shocked by the terrorists acts upon the streets and that American women would put on the hijab that Egyptian women have been fighting to take off, because of the abuse that seems to come with it. The words “Muslim Brotherhood” were heard around the coffee house as they watched the broadcasts and reflected upon what they, in Egypt, had experienced prior to 2012. Thousands have lost their lives fighting against ISIS in Egypt. The Sharia Laws, symbolized by the mandatory hijad headcovering, result in women being raped and killed in horrific manner for things as minor as riding a bicycle or sitting on a chair in various Muslim countries under the Muslim Brotherhood influence. Non-muslim women who refuse to wear the hijab have had their hair cut off, been raped, and some even thrown from fast-moving trains.

From what I saw, this mob of angry women looked like rabid, nasty animals readily willing to turn and feed on their own. I saw a video of one marcher setting fire to a female Trump supporter’s hair as well as various attacks by women upon women. The Brotherhood agenda, hiding behind and stirring the fire of these Women’s Rights and LGTB activists, is determined to intimidate (castrate) our law enforcement, push anti-hate legislation that protects their aggressive religious ideology and activism, and build sentiment and legal protections for the most vile and oppressive institution against women– Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS!

This is the same cycle that has been described by women in Egypt and in other areas where the Muslim Brotherhood worked to gain the sentiment and support of naive and sympathetic onlookers for what they describe initially as “peaceful” lifestyles. How can anyone describe ISIS as peaceful? How can anyone describe the burning alive of a young woman for being raped as a peaceful and righteous act? Yet, they do! In extreme cases, it’s even the family’s responsibility to publicly kill their female family member who “lured” a man into raping her and causing family shame by looking at him, uncovering her face or hair, or in some cases by still covering her hair but just being outside her home and being “attractive” under her veil! They kill their own in mercifully ways…quickly. Non-muslims are often killed in more torturous ways, like burning alive or burying alive. I don’t need to go into the evils of Sharia law with most of you. You know about it, and it is sickening!

It may seem beyond your imagination to believe that ISIS could come into the U.S. and try to take control, as it has in other countries. Twenty-five years ago, I would have had trouble imagining this also. I’ve seen a lot within that time. I’m boggled with how easily Americans follow the media and how soft we’ve become in our reasoning. I’ve troubled about how our higher learning institutions have been infiltrated with pro-Muslim professors and student activists that have brainwashed our young adults into believing that Israel is the enemy! We have sympathy for those who are the “underdog”. It’s our way in movies, sports, and also in how we care for those who are disabled, minorities, and so forth. As believers, we are supposed to have compassion on other people, even those who are different than us. However, if those “underdogs” have an evil, aggressive intent, we must remove ourselves from their support and be prepared to engage it. If we can turn it away and suppress it, that’s the best! We certainly don’t want to unwittingly enable or join sides with evil aggression, and we must be prepared to stand against it, too!

When those who are seemingly the “underdog” are crying for power that would enable them to dominate and they are aggressive in their ideology, we must be alert and, at a minimum, not aid them as these women at the march did last weekend. Our nation is not like many. We have not been one to pursue world domination at any point in history and we have believed ourselves to be immune in modern times from outside domination, but what about from within? Sure, historically, our nation pushed to control a considerable portion of North America, but we have backed off when we had opportunity elsewhere. It’s not our nation’s goal and character to pursue world domination. It is the Muslim Brotherhood’s.

The Muslim Brotherhood has made it clear that it is their agenda to populate and conquer the world. Abortion is merely a tool to control their enemy’s population growth while they multiply; infiltrate our communities, government, businesses, and education institutions; gain political power; and prepare. In the meantime, they need other people to who sympathize with their “oppression” to give them more legal protection against initial resistance. Thus, they are joining with the issue of abortion and homosexuality, both of which is illegal within their religious and culture. They are preying upon women who feel victimized. They won’t be able to get legal support and authority unless they have legislation that gives them protection to put their religious beliefs and distorted, evil Sharia law above our laws and the people have become “soft” to their ways and vulnerable to sympathize with them. That is, in fact, what they are pursuing under the guise of religious freedom and “hate” protection laws.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a clear agenda to use anyone with tender emotions and feeling of oppression or isolation to sympathize with “Islamaphobia”, one of the latest ridiculous terms used to demean those with their eyes wide open to the real dangers of Islam’s radical ideology. It is real, and some of us actually do know a bit about history and have contacts with people who live or have lived in areas persecuted by this radical Muslim organization and its ideology. Some of us remember that it was not only the German Nazis who have perpetrated a holocaust. There were also 1.5 million Christians killed in the Armenian holocaust in Turkey in 1915. Many of these, if not the majority, were killed by their Muslim small community non-military neighbors who were signaled with a trumpet when it was time to initiate the periodic, day-long rapes and massacres for which they were rewarded with pillage and then awarded forgiveness of any “sin” committed on this day. There were also mass killings of men and then women and children sent on death marches into the desert. Years ago, I met one woman who as a child survivor of this holocaust and lived to tell the story to me and others! I have not forgotten the horrors I heard! I was stunned in hearing her story and also stunned that I had never heard anything about it, though I had considered myself to know a lot about foreign missions and Christianity. Today’s young, Christian people generally have less knowledge than I did at that age and, thus, are more vulnerable to having history repeat itself. (Yes, this is a plug for home schooling, where history should be emphasized!)

These Muslims target Jews and Christians, yet they prey on our compassion. We are and should be compassionate toward the Muslim people who are in need, but we cannot be vulnerable to their authority or injury. There is a difference, and we must remember that there may also be Christians and Jews living quietly among them in Muslim-dominated lands, as they must remain well hidden in order to survive in some places.

As we remember the Holocaust of 1945, Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef on Thursday, during an inter-religious meeting with Palestinian Muslim clerics hosted by President Reuven Rivlin, said “Millions of refugees are homeless, hundreds of thousands of others are starved, under siege. They are not our friends, but they are human beings who are suffering a small holocaust. As Jews we must not stay silent. The call must be heard from here: A genocide will not be allowed to go by quietly — not in Syria and not anywhere else, and not against any people.” It is important that while God loves His human creations and values them– male and female– equally, they are not the same any more than a lion is the same as a giraffe. Both are beautiful creatures with purpose and strength. He loves the people of Islam, too; however, their worship of a false god and loyalty to an ideology that instructs them to destroy life and target women, Jews, and Christians are all offenses to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are also offenses to the Constitution of the United States and particularly its Bill of Rights, as they are threatening life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We should have compassion on hurting individuals without aiding in their campaign. Israel is doing this well with day clinics to help the injured Syrian Muslim women and children and in other compassionate services, without supporting the aggression. Those who are receiving care are beginning to question who is really their friend and who is their enemy, as they now look upon Israel more as a friend than some of their Muslim aggressors they formerly thought were “friends”. That’s a win!

Ladies, we must keep Islam at arm’s length and not let your heart strings of compassion make you naive and vulnerable to manipulation, where you want to give them rights above your own! Do not let your feelings deceive you into thinking that you share in their oppression. You do not! I say this from experience. There is very little serious hardship that I have not experienced intimately in my life, whether directly or as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, or very close friend helping carry the burden daily. I am not diminishing anything that you may be going through. Instead, what I am saying is that the oppression that U.S.-based Muslim women have is mainly from Islam, Sharia Law, and the very organizations that are pursuing special “rights” and protections from sympathizers who are following their emotions, like many of those at the march. Our laws are marvelous, and our legislative system, while it has its flaws, is the best there is!

The sympathy that these Muslim organizations are pursuing is not going to benefit you or any American. It won’t even benefit the Muslim woman in America! I spent days in personal communications with a former Muslim woman, Nonie Darwish, hearing her story and her warning to the U.S. (outlined in her book Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law), and more days reading of other Muslim women’s accounts of their lives. Nonie is in constant danger because for her voice against the religious ideology of Islam. I know women living in Muslim countries and have prayed for women put in prison, beaten, and for the families of those who have been murdered. I have prayed for Muslims and desire good for them on a personal level, but I am not deceived by this evil ideology and particularly by the agenda to conquer the world. I want to help those who are hungry and homeless and then share the truth of our loving, forgiving, kind, and living God who offers abundant life through faith in and following His Son rather than living under the angry, punitive, continuously vengeful god, ideology, and organizations of power masqued as “religion” that they are currently serving. I am grateful to those Christians and Jews who do minister to Muslims and share this truth with them. We read in the Bible to “overcome evil with good”. I believe this! However, as we go about doing what seems good, we must be careful to not enable the power-mongering agenda that wills to conquer others.

The light of our lives lived with integrity and kindness toward those in need as the LORD guides will overcome evil, but we must keep our emotions and our self-centered demands in check. Otherwise, these will be used against us, as it was used against the marchers this past weekend and can, ultimately, used to cause our very demise!

Do not fall into the thinking that it’s necessary to participate in a riot-type march in order to promote equal pay for equal work or to promote pro-life or anything that is perceived as “good”. Truth does not require defending; it requires that it be upheld. God is our greatest advocate. We readily spout off the words “In God We Trust”, but do we? What is far more effective is for each and every one of us to live lives of integrity and to affect people on a one-on-one basis through calm logic and by godly example. It is natural that when someone pushes against someone, they lean back into them to avoid falling. How much better to not create resistance by force but to create change within the heart. While there are times when force is the last resort and becomes necessary, force does not change hearts. God, love, example, goodness, kindness, mercy, and so forth– these change hearts.

It is my desire that women not have to work in the workplace but be able to focus on their homes. However, there are times when women must work. Some are widowed or abandoned. Others have husbands who cannot work for whatever reason. It is necessary at times, and I see nothing wrong with a woman contributing to the family incomes if she is able to do so while keeping up her responsibilities to her home, though it is so much easier if her work is based within the home and part time. Yet, there are many women who feel they are held back from their potential because they are women. I just don’t see much of that anymore, and I have been at senior management/executive levels and in personal contact with CEOs of some of the largest corporations in America. It may happen in some cases, but I see women in CEO positions much more often today than I did thirty years ago. Twenty-five years ago, Working Woman magazine’s list of top CEO executives used to drill down to some fairly small businesses to find 50 female CEOs. In 2014, CEO.com listed the Top 25 Most Powerful Women CEOs, and it is an impressive list of corporations, including Pepsico, IBM, Xerox, HP, Yahoo, Lockheed-Martin, DuPont, General Dynamic, Campbell’s, and more! When we are steadfast in demonstrating our value, worth, and loyalty through excellent work, a honest employer will reward it, in time as he/she is able. My employers saw my heart to give “extra” and do excellent work for their benefit and honor, and they rewarded it when they could. I was given keys to a boss’s personal vacation home for a family vacation. I was given time off with pay when I had family emergency or other need. My position was held open when I had an extended health crisis. They understood and were patient when I had a sick child that required I leave work early. None of these things were contractual obligations of my employer, but I had given far above my contractual obligations in advance, and the exchange between employer-employee was mutually beneficial. I had to give first though, to prove my value, and I did it without raising my fist, slamming my hand, threatening lawsuits, or organizing a march. I did it quietly without a single demand. I’ve been a “first woman” in some positions, even in the “deep South” where it was a shock for some to see me in those positions. I’ve even turned down positions, too, which shocked some women, as I was keeping my priorities in check and knew it would consume me. I took the positions entrusted to me gracious and respectfully without flaunting that I was a woman in that position. It even had to be pointed out to me that I was the first woman in that position, as I never looked at myself as a representative of my gender. Instead, I did my job with excellence and respect for those who worked above, beside, and beneath me in the organizational structure, because I did not want to a “token” female but a respected employee. I identified as a child of God more than a representative of women or any other movement. I wanted to be respected for what I contributed as part of the team. It is so much better to be respected for your contribution to the team than for your ability to intimidate and bully, based upon something for which you had no choice, like skin color, gender, nation of origin, et cetera. I’m sure that in doing this that I paved the way for these men to have open hearts toward other women, who hopefully weren’t bullies about their “rights” for special treatment because they were women either. Instead of participating in violent, angry marches that create push back, make a difference by generating respect for yourself, your point of view, and those like you through your quality of work, humble attitude, persistence, and kindness to help others succeed also. Work and live with integrity, and then your ideas will more readily be heard.

It’s also vitally important to remember that we, as women and men, do not ultimately work for our employers; we work for God.

Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God: 23 and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; 24 knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ. 25 But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons. Col 3:23-24

God tells us to do good work and be constructive. When I see people causing harm to others and to the property of others in a manner that appears out of control, it does nothing to attract me to their cause. We belong to a creative, constructive God who teaches us to love life, respect the life and work of others, and to protect liberty.

Now, I respect that these women at the march have the right to speak their minds; however, they do not have the right to harm others or the property of others. Furthermore, they need to wake up and recognize that they have just spent their day aiding the most offensive women’s rights abusers in the current world and followed a leader who vocally supports them also.

So, basically, I am warning that this March was a ploy by the Islamic agenda to garner the support of people who feel that they are rejected outcasts in some way and are angry. I am warning you to keep your emotions in check and to recognize that it is better to stand alone and let God be your guide and your advocate than to join an angry mob or even a calm group that has a hidden agenda that will be used against you at some point in the future. Finally, demonstrate love and compassion to those in need, but do not succumb to deception that Islam is a peaceful religion; it is not! Our laws of the land are in place to protect everyone, and no group needs special protections against hate that would violate our freedom of speech or threaten our own freedoms of religion, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

May you be filled with peace this week as you go about doing the work before you with diligence, as unto the Lord!