Annual Reminder: The Ten Cent Challenge

I only post one reminder about voluntary Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions each year, and this is it. Please keep in mind that to operate SurvivalBlog we have considerable expenses for bandwidth, web hosting, our backup site, software, and legal fees. The most recent new expense has been liability insurance. (We … Continue reading

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate & Fudge Candy Cane Cookies, by C.S.

Do you have leftover candy canes after the holidays? Do you really want to store them until next year? This recipe is a yummy way to use up candy canes that weren’t eaten! Besides, since they are baked and a calorie is a unit of heat, the calories are just … Continue reading

Letter Re: Inexpensive Perimeter Security for Your House in the Suburbs

HJL, After reading this in the blog from “KL”, I too went to Harbor Freight and purchased several units. To offer some further information, each box contains one sender and one receiver. Each box has a small oval sticker on the front identifying the channel. All of my units utilize … Continue reading