Every Day Carry for Today’s World- Part 1, by N.M.

Let me premise this article with a few points you need to consider: First, you must research local laws for yourself as some items or actions discussed may be illegal in your location. Additionally, while carrying some items may be generally legal, there may be places that prohibit these items from their building, et cetera, such as airports or government buildings. Again, know your local laws. Discussion of specific items does not constitute an endorsement; I may mention them because I have them, may have used them, or may know people who have. Again, do your own research before buying or carrying anything. We Have Increasing Organized Unrest and Violent Protests If you have been paying attention, you can’t have failed to notice that there is increasing unrest, protests are becoming more violent and more frequent, and it will continue. Read the article ”Operation HYPO After Action Report: Infiltrating Violent Protest Organizations”, and you will understand some of the thoughts and planning of these groups. People are calling for the assassination of POTUS or hostile overthrow, including some who are high profile. Assassination of LEO’s and attacks on anyone who appears to support POTUS are commonplace. If you search out … Continue reading

Letter Re: Survival Prospects for Gun-Toting Liberal Protestors

These people may not know how to fight. Lots of right-wingers don’t know how, either, including those who have been to a lot of spray-and-pray classes. The point is, when the fighting starts, you either learn how to fight or die, or find a way to escape from the front line. The thing to remember is that none other than Karl Marx called for the “universal armament of the proletariat.” The point being, that once the “proletariat” do the job of massacring the right-wingers, they can easily be disarmed. Europe has demonstrated that. Remember that the leftists are most decidedly of the “gimme” persuasion, and the Marxists are happy to “give them” the guns and ammo they need to wreak havoc. That is why reports keep drifting in of semi-loads of AK’s going to the street gangs and similar conveyances. On the right-wing side, the real strength is in the geographic distribution and in industrial and agricultural power. Pull the power grid or the financial grid, and the leftists will starve. Everybody will starve, but they will starve better. I wish I could boast of the moral power of the right-wing, but I can’t. It is probably a modicum better … Continue reading

Recipe of the Week: Deer Stew, by ALC

Ingredients: 3-4 pound deer roast 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 clove garlic, minced 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 can of tomato sauce 2 onions, chopped coarsely 1 lb baby carrots 4-5 medium potatoes, quartered Directions: In a slow-cooking crock pot, combine deer with salt, pepper, garlic, and onions. Add cream of mushroom soup, tomato sauce, and enough water to cover meat. Cover and cook on low for 4 to 6 hours. (I usually cook overnight.) Add potatoes and carrots, cook an additional 3-4 hours until carrots and potatoes are tender. o o o Useful Recipe and Cooking Links: Do you have a favorite recipe that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers? Please send it via e-mail. Thanks!

Letter Re: Making a Bible

Hugh, I have long wanted a homey Bible, one that I don’t have to be careful with, something to take when traveling, on camping trips, accidentally left in a hotel room or airplane, or just something comfortable to read while sitting on the easy chair. The typical Bible, being a book, is bulky, and I don’t always want the whole works, from Genesis to Revelations, there with me. I only want the books that I am going to be reading at the time. I’ve tried digital versions, but no matter how developed they have become, and there are some good ones, they just don’t fit my criteria for easy access. What I want, ideally, is a notebook-sized Bible in easy-to-read Arial font, no italics, in a 3-ring binder. Such a Bible was something that I was going to have to compile myself as to my knowledge there isn’t anything like this to be had on the marketplace. After sampling numerous formats and styles I decided upon one with the help of several apps, programs. The first one is E-Sword, a free Windows-based Bible software program, also available on the Mac from the iTunes store for $9.99 by Rick Meyer. Although … Continue reading

Letter Re: Surviving Custer

HJL, Almost all vehicles have a purely mechanical lock in the door for when the battery is dead or similar failure, and these are the simple flat keys which you can just keep with you in your wallet or keychain or hidden somewhere instead of the fat remotes and can be duplicated most places that do other keys. If you get a spare security key, you can keep it in the (locked) glove compartment or some other secure place; you’ll need the anti-theft feature of the fat key to start the car. There is also the common scenario where you lock your key in your car. – T.Z.

The Accidental Survivalist, by Athena

Allow me to first apologize for all of my ignorant assumptions about a survivalist lifestyle. I grew up in a life of prudence and subsistence, and I swore I’d never put myself in a position to have to homestead or subsist again. During the hot summer at the canning tables and fish smoking racks, I swore I’d grow up to live in cities with abundant grocery outlets, fancy cafes, and pastry shops on every corner near my cute little apartment. Never again would my life rotate around a harvest schedule or my weekends spent in hunting tents. But life is funny and makes other plans, often without warning. For twenty years I enjoyed city life, travel, and the modern conveniences of out-of-season foods with ridiculous transportation costs. Then a string of failed jobs and relationships made me re-think the direction I was moving. I took a job on the wild Oregon coastline and tried to remember what my own voice sounded like. Where had all the windswept tree music and tidal tones been for the last twenty years? Then, by luck or accident, I stumbled across a piece of land in the Siuslaw National Forest. It was love at first … Continue reading

Letter: Border Update

Our family lives near the Texas border and must pass border patrol check points periodically when traveling the state. This gives us a front row seat to see what is happening along the southern border. We have noticed recent border patrol changes and wanted to give your readers an update. In the past few years, we have been through many different border patrol check points. For those not familiar with border patrol checkpoints, there are U.S. border stations immediately upon entering from Mexico. There are also border patrol stations located along the Texas border as you drive nearby the border. When we visit the popular tourist destination of South Padre Island, our family in west Texas, or travel along the highway near our home, we are routinely subject to questioning at each check point. Multiple cameras take pictures of your vehicle and everyone inside, while dogs sniff for drugs during questioning by border agents. While going through a border patrol station last weekend we noticed an attitude change of the Border Patrol agents that was worth mentioning. In the past several years, as you entered the single file car line to be stopped and checked for questioning, the border agent … Continue reading

Equestrian Survival For Bugging Out, Recon, Rescue, Projection of Force, or Hunting- Part 4, by R.M.

You can buy a lance head and boot at Cotswoldsport to make your lance. Bamboo is a good staff to use, but other woods work. Your ability to control the lance can be influenced; it’s the weight. I don’t really know western gear. I was trained in the European tradition– German, Austrian, and English styles. So I use that kind of gear. Saddle, cinch, stirrups, bridle with snaffle and bit (eggbut/something soft on the mouth). Know your horse’s teeth. If they need to be floated, do it. All western bits look too hard on the mouth to me. You might know better. If you are controlling your horse (hard mouthed horse) mostly by the mouth, you might not have a horse you can count on in stressful situations. If that’s all you’ve got, make do. I bring a rasp and prefer a horse who doesn’t need shoes. You can shape his hooves if anything happens to prevent cracks. I use a small collapsible brass hoof pick, which works quite well and fits in a normal shirt pocket or small pocket on your rig. Pick out the hooves at the start and end of the day as well as any time … Continue reading

Letter Re: Equestrian Survival For Bugging Out

Howdy, I enjoyed reading Equestrian Survival For Bugging Out, Recon, Rescue, Projection of Force, or Hunting- Part 1, by R.M. and am looking forward to the remaining part(s). If you’re serious about such you might want to find, download, print, read, study, and learn the info in FM 3-05.213 (FM 31-27) Special Forces Use of Pack Animals My Dad was raised in West Texas in the 1920’s-40’s. This was long before rural electrification and other such luxuries. He cowboyed for his boyhood friend’s Dad for several years as a pre-teen and teenager. Dad and his friend, R.L., did it the old fashioned way, on the back of a horse. I gave Dad a copy of the manual about 14 years ago and had him read it. His opinion – “worth the read, worth the knowing, and a good start.” His final statement, “A book on mule skinning, a mule skinner does not make. You have to be hands on.” – WolfBrother

Equestrian Survival For Bugging Out, Recon, Rescue, Projection of Force, or Hunting- Part 3, by R.M.

It also pays to have practiced riding bare back. If you have to run, you may not have time to saddle up and will be fortunate enough to grab your rig. It’s like riding at a trot without posting. You will sit full on the back where the saddle would be, back straight up, allowing the body to become one with the horse’s up and down motion. Moving to the canter or full gallop is easier. Your body must be fluid with the horse. Running away, then collecting yourself, and returning on foot to take back gear might work and might save your animal. An undefendable situation requires retreat, even if you have to leave gear behind. You might think that, if you have a gun, none of those things matter. First, let me say that we have a duty to preserve God’s creation. In most cases that includes all the people you come in contact with. We should not be planning the demise of others, even if attacked; we should make the greatest effort to do no harm, but some people need to be stopped. We often must forgive them for they know not what they do, especially if … Continue reading

Letter Re: Surviving Custer

Hugh,I always keep a hide-a-key attached to my car for situations just like your reader at the Custer Monument. It has saved my bacon more than once when far from home. If you have an older car, it is relatively simple to get spare keys made and tucked away in a magnetic hide-a-key box under the vehicle. However, with today’s anti-theft keys, there are some challenges you must overcome. First, if you live where the temperature drops below freezing, the battery in the electronic key fob can become frozen and not operate. When this happens just tuck it under your clothing to thaw out; mine takes about 20 minutes. Also, the new keys are darn expensive. Usually you can get an affordable copy of just the metal portion of the key. Then if it gets lost or wet under your car you are not out $150-$240 for a replacement. My newest car has a so-called “smart” key that works by proximity alone. However, I found that if I wrap my spare smart key in aluminum foil I can leave it safely in the car and still use the other smart key to lock the doors. Both of my smart keys … Continue reading

Equestrian Survival For Bugging Out, Recon, Rescue, Projection of Force, or Hunting- Part 2, by R.M.

Figure Out How Much Weight Your Horse Can Handle If things head south, and you think you might have to use your horse under stress at some point in the near future, keep his weight right and work his chest. A firm horse is one you can rely upon. Using a soft horse for a strenuous endeavor is not fair to the horse and is a safety hazard to you. Every horse is different. A horse with bad conformation (bone structure) can’t have much expected of him; a swayback isn’t a long distance choice. You have to have a good idea of how they function/feel best. Most preferable is a horse who can’t wait to go for a ride. Once you’ve developed an honest assessment of what you and your horse are capable of, it’s time to figure out how much weight the horse can handle. A day trip away from home and a day back should enable you to figure out what is fair for your horse. Obviously, you should already know your horse. If you are not truly in touch with what your animal can do, don’t assume anything. Man, know thy horse! You can build most average … Continue reading