Too Much Government Trying To Assert Control Over “We The People” , by J.S.

Police State

[Editor’s Note: This article contains some controversial and uncomfortable topics and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the editors. However, there is much to consider here regarding the police state.]

I propose that there exists too much government trying to assert control over the U.S. citizens– “We, the people”. The burden upon the citizens is enormous, and the citizens have accepted it under the guise that it is necessary for our well-being and for the safety and well-being of those who protect us. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Wisdom from U.S. Forefathers

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

“The land of the free and the home of the brave.” – Francis Scott Key

“…a government of the people, by the people, for … Continue reading

Preparing for a Flood– Part 1, by S.G.


A Real Flood Disaster Crisis

With seconds left before a disaster in the midst of a flood, David Phung made a daring decision. He jumped out of the safety of his boat and onto the roof of a Mazda Miata that was rapidly sinking into a swirl of muddy brown floodwater. Using his bare hands, he ripped the roof open just in time to pull a drowning woman from her car, and then he went back to save her dog. [1] David’s heroism saved the woman’s life and was a striking example of the kind of spirit American’s are known for when it comes to helping their neighbor.

Watching the video of this rescue during a recent flood in Louisiana triggered all sorts of alarms in my mind. First off, why was this woman driving around in a Mazda Miata, which is not well known for their water crossing abilities, … Continue reading

Letter: 2016 U.S. Census Implementing Massive Invasion of Privacy

US Census

Dear Sir,

Last year we were contacted that we were chosen to be a part of the 2016 U.S. Census. This is a year-long census where you are contacted at intervals throughout the year. It is monthly and then there is a break of a few months and then back to monthly. Some months they come to your home for 20 to 30 minutes of questioning and other months they call you for follow-up questions. We now have three more to go. Last night was the most invasive to date. I was shocked at the personal questions I was being asked. I was asked all the normal questions. How many people live in this house? Do you work and where? How many hours a week do you work? What is your annual income? Years of college? What are your certifications? They asked the “normal” questions, but then…

Banking information:

Water Safety: Prevent Deaths by Drowning!, by M. in Canada

Prevent Drowning

Summer Vacation Around Water

Summer is a wonderful season and one that requires knowledge of water safety to prevent deaths by drowning. The weather is warm, sunny, and even cold in areas of the country. Children cheer their happiness and excitement for the last day of school. Everyone is dreaming of summer vacation when they go camping, set up a tent in the cool shade of a wooded camp ground with a nice sandy beach by the shore of a lake with its refreshing waters. What could be more perfect?

They look forward to a vacation at the sea on a sandy beach. Even families with young children enjoy playing in the sand. Those beautiful days at the beach make wonderful memories.

There is however something that can transform a paradise into a nightmare. An unforeseen catastrophic event can result from a very avoidable accident. It is one of those … Continue reading

Letter: Best Homeschool Materials for TEOTWAWKI



Here’s a theoretical question I’d like to as SurvivalBlog readers. If you had all the money you wanted to spend on homeschool materials  right now, but never had any more money to spend on it later, what would you buy for your children to ensure that they had a complete K-12 education? I am looking for a curriculum that works for almost everybody, contains almost no consumables, and doesn’t require electronics. Just dreaming here, but would like your ideas. – E.

Passing on Family Prepping and Gardening Experience, by J.L.


Continuous Learning

I officially became a prepper during the Y2K experience, but upon reflection I have been prepping most of my life. I have always been fascinated with how things work. Learning became a lifelong occupation. I sometimes wish that I could focus on one discipline and become an expert. But looking back at the age of 61, I suspect that I’ve always had a little ADD (attention deficit disorder). Because of that, over my life, I have been involved in most phases of construction. I’ve been a welder, an instrument technician, a tree worker, an environmental analyst, and a manager in a large power company. Currently, I currently own multiple businesses, after retiring four years ago from the corporate world. My hobbies include gardening, woodworking, reloading, and doing as much shooting as I have time for. We raise chickens, bees, and have a year-round greenhouse.

I believe, in a … Continue reading

Letter: Heating Oil and Kerosene Uses

heating Oil

Hello Jim:

I wanted to write a note about an idea for heating. We use a Nestor-Martin as well as a napoleon oil stove to heat. These are very, very efficient. They burn one and a half to three gallons maximum per day and can heat a 2000 square-foot home. They require no electricity in their gravity fed from oil tank. I’ve heated with wood most of my life. (There is nothing like a wood fire.)

To give you an example of how much the world has changed, in the late 70s and 80s as a Boy Scout our troop raised most of our funds from going in the woods felling trees and selling firewood. Nowadays, the Scouts have been watered down to car washes and cupcakes sales. We had professional woodsmen guiding and overseeing us to minimize the danger, but the danger was there nonetheless. We also did paper … Continue reading

Letter: Kitchen Water Filter Advice

Water Filter

I listened to JWR on yet another interview (making the rounds) and wanted to know if you (or Hugh) would be able to suggest a water filter I could use for my kitchen sink.  I live in an apartment. Management informed me that a Water-Filtration System (as in reverse osmosis) is not allowed.

Is there anything, not super duper pricey, that I could attach to my faucet? Thanks! – T.N.

HJL’s Comment:

Many of our readers use a Berkey water filter. You can get these for under $300 from many of our advertisers. The advantage of the berkey type system is that it is gravity fed so you don’t have to have power. On the Latimer homestead, we use a Multipure Aquaversa system which can generally be had for about the same as a Berkey. The Multipure does require pressurized water. It’s a solid … Continue reading

Killing the “HAKA”, by The Recovering Feminist


Pushing Too Far

Have you ever wondered why God spared Job’s wife?

Have you nagged?

Ladies, can I ask you a few personal questions? It’s a question about nagging. Have you ever nagged a man so much that you pushed him too far? Basically, have you nagged him to the point where you regretted it? I’m not going to discuss the topic of abusive male aggression here or domestic violence. On the contrary, I’m hinting at the reality of how we, as women, have the innate ability to nag men. We all know how to do it. Some are more gifted than others. Have you wanted something very much and your way of asking (nagging) backfired? You pushed too hard. You were harsh, rude, demanding, and bitter about it. Have you ever done this to a man? If you answered “no”, then I highly suspect you are lying. If you … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Practical Application of Tactical Gear, Load and Weight Considerations

Tactical Gear


I’ve been reading the MAX V articles about practical application of tactical gear, et cetera. This spurred me to add my .02 cents. During a 2014 deployment to Kandahar with the Air Force Reserve, I had an ankle injury that wasn’t serious enough to send me home but serious enough to slow me down for my entire tour. I had brought with me a Tactical Tailor H-harness and belt set, which I set up to wear under my armor. (Once the armor was on, I never felt it.) I kept one magazine pouch and a small admin pouch, used for power bars and band-ades, on the armor. Everything else was on the H-harness/belt.

Loading up the carrier with ammo pouches and extra crap looked high-speed for the younger troops, but I felt was additional weight to try to get on and off in a hurry. Also, … Continue reading

Guest Article: The Practical Application of Tactical Gear, Load and Weight Considerations- Part 2, by Max

Tactical Gear

The intent of this continued post is to tie in the related, practical application concepts of tactical gear, fitness, teamwork, logistics, and tactical loading, in order to present a realistic and logical way to approach the subject. There are a number of related factors at play here. Part 1 covered the mission, logistics, tactical load, physical conditioning, transport, and ballistic plates along with a note urging people to avoid heavy steel plates.


In order to be able to conduct any sort of patrolling/security operation, you are going to need a team. This means numbers of trained personnel. You cannot have that QRF if you do not have the trained bodies to man the operations center and the QRF team, while also running a security rotation on your home base. Thus, it goes without saying that you need trained people, in sufficient numbers, to provide an effective tactical team.

Combat … Continue reading

Letter: Debt After SHTF

debt after shtf


I’m looking for some justification of some prepper advice I’ve seen. More than a few articles recommend getting out of debt now before SHTF. I say, “Why?”. In the event of TEOTWAWKI the banks will be shut down anyway. Who’s going to process the repo paperwork? Who’s going to come enforce the repo? The local Sheriff is going to have more important things on his plate. That is assuming that he’s even still performing the duties of LEO. On top of that, I’d be willing to bet that when things started to get “back to normal” past debts will be forgiven in the interest of rebuilding the basic organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. Just some thoughts… – D

HJL’s Reply:

You shouldn’t need any more advice than “It’s the right thing to do”. Getting out of debt should be … Continue reading

Guest Article: The Practical Application of Tactical Gear, Load and Weight Considerations- Part 1, by Max

Tactical Gear

The intent of this post is to tie in the related, practical application concepts of tactical gear, fitness, teamwork, logistics, and tactical loading, in order to present a realistic and logical way to approach the subject. There are a number of related factors at play here.


We often utilize the military terminology of “METT-TC” in order to analyze our mission and thus apply it to the gear that we may carry. Factors such as weather, duration, and the specific mission that you are conducting play into considerations of what to carry. We must be realistic in what we plan and train for now, and thus pack for. Base it around what we think we realistically might be doing in a collapse situation. I put it to you that most people will be engaged in local defense and security patrolling. They may also deal with presence/ground domination activity (GDA). People will … Continue reading

Understanding Water Filtration, by Old Soldier

Water Filtration

The understanding of water filtration requires a look at various filtration methods as well as contaminants. Let’s take a look at these.

Water Filtration Methods

Carbon/Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon chemically bonds with and removes some contaminants in water filtered through it. Carbon filters vary greatly in effectiveness. Some just remove chlorine and improve taste and odor, while others remove a wide range of contaminants, including asbestos, lead, mercury, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, activated carbon cannot effectively remove common “inorganic” pollutants, such as arsenic, fluoride, hexavalent chromium, nitrate, and perchlorate. Generally, carbon filters come in two forms– carbon block and granulated activated carbon.

Carbon block filters contain pulverized activated carbon that is shaped into blocks under high pressure. They are typically more effective than granulated activated carbon filters, because they have more surface area. Their effectiveness depends in part on how quickly water flows through.

Granulated activated carbon … Continue reading