A Realistic Assessment of Epidemic Disease After TEOTWAWKI- Part 2, by Dr. DMC

As we learned yesterday, malaria, like so many other important epidemic illnesses, is a disease of poverty. The poverty we refer to here implies poor housing, poor nutrition, unsanitary and crowded living conditions, and most important, bad water. Remember that the mosquitoes that spread malaria are still around. If America’s high standard of living is destroyed, people will be exposed to the mosquito again, and with time, the parasite will find its way back into the U.S. Malaria is not the only disease to consider either. We have already looked at upper respiratory infections, including influenza (flu), and measles. Today, we will continue examining other threats and how we can minimize them after TEOTWAWKI.


Bad water, reduced immunity and inadequate sanitation are conditions that inevitably lead to diarrhea epidemics. In a disaster situation, those epidemics are dangerously deadly. Think about the diarrhea outbreaks on the … Continue reading

A Realistic Assessment of Epidemic Disease After TEOTWAWKI- Part 1, by Dr. DMC


In 1850, malaria occurred throughout the entire region of what is now the lower 48 states, with the exception of some of the higher altitudes of the Rocky and Appalachian mountains. It sickened and killed thousands of the pioneers moving westward, even though the type of malaria most common in the country tended not to be the most fatal form of the disease. Today, malaria is so uncommon that American physicians often fail to recognize the rare cases seen in travelers or immigrants.

Cases are rare, and deaths are even rarer. Perhaps surprisingly, the mosquitoes that can spread the disease are still here in very large numbers. So, why did this disease disappear from the U.S.? The answer to this question is very important to anyone interested in preparing for a time when modern medicine and public health would not be available. It demonstrates that unexpected diseases will provide … Continue reading

Remington TAC-14 Shotgun, by Pat Cascio

By request, from our own Jim Rawles, we are taking a close look at the Remington TAC-14 shotgun.

Unique in Barrel Length

Something a little unique about the Remington TAC-14 shotgun is the barrel length of only 14 inches. Normally, this would be considered an NFA firearm and you’d have to jump through all the red tape and hoops in order to own one. However, Remington cleverly got around this in a number of ways. First of all, there is the overall length of 26.3-inches. Secondly, the very unique Raptor Pistol Grip gives the TAC-14 the much needed few more inches so this isn’t considered a “sawed-off shotgun” that we’ve all heard about.

Shotgun For Home Defense

I used to advocate a short barrel (18 inch) shotgun as the ultimate in home defense, and that is still true, in a few cases, but it’s not the … Continue reading

2018– The Decisive Year, by R.M.

It is my wholehearted opinion that the year 2018 will become the decisive year for the future of life on this planet. Culminating in an all-out nuclear war at worst, or ground war at best. Things as they stand are untenable for much longer. I am not advocating one position or plan over the other with this brief writing and I am not stating that violence or harming others should be considered. I am merely offering a wide variety of situations and possibilities to bring about different thoughts and ideas.

Long Gone is Political Leaders’ Desire to Promote Public Good

Long gone is integrity, honor, and a desire to promote the public good from political leadership, only to be replaced by self-serving hucksters hell bent on regime change, wars, and U.S. hegemony over the entire world. In most cases, the whole purpose of our “prepping” is in anticipation of events … Continue reading

Letter: Stocking Up on Toiletries


Just an FYI for those who like to stockpile toiletries: My husband is a big fan of the Old Spice Swagger products, and this time of year I go buy the “gift packs” for 50% off. That is a large body wash, body spray (that hubby uses for deo), and a deo stick. I drop about $50 and get enough body wash, shampoo, and spray for a year for him. Then this is the kicker, he doesn’t like the deo sticks, so come garage sale season, I sell those off at $2 a pop to thrilled folks. That makes my investment $3 per box, or $3 for a body spray and body wash. Those retail everyday for about $3-4 each. – K.A.

Making a Storehouse Moths Can’t Eat Away, by RAD

There is no time like the present to start storing up sustenance for that “just in case” scenario. In these uncertain times, when civil unrest can explode at the drop of an offensive phrase and natural disasters can strike at any moment, not to mention the threats of terrorism and possibility of war, it is a good time to ask yourself some questions. Are you prepared to withstand days, weeks, or even months without a source of food or water? Do you understand what could happen if, let’s say, a power grid is destroyed? Do you know how long a human being can survive without oxygen, food, or water? Well, read on and you will learn the answers to those questions, as well as some basic information about how to prepare a storehouse that the moths cannot eat away!

How Long Can A Human Survive Without Basics

First and foremost, … Continue reading

Student Safety in Active Shooter Situation- Part 2, by P.N.

As an educator, I’ve been a part of many types of drills for safety, including active shooter drills. Most schools practice active shooter drills by “calling” the drill while students are already in class. When the drills are called, the teacher shuts the door (that typically is already locked from the outside) and the students sit in the corner away from the door. Then the drill is “cleared”, and that’s pretty much it. There are a variety of problems with this, and as parents we can do some things to improve the safety of our students by helping them be more independent and aware.

We have already discussed ways to improve safety at the bus stop, on the bus, and while entering the school. Now, let’s move on to what students can do inside the school to increase their safety.

Walking Through the Halls

Each day, students change classes upwards … Continue reading

Letter: Survival of the Weaker Sex


I am having a difficult time with the “Me too” movement and the allegations being raised throughout the country. In my mind, I find this as just another divisive trend. Where does it stop? Is this just another way to divide this nation?

If you mention immigration, you are a racist against persons from Mexico and other Central America states. If you mention unruly protests by BLM, you are a racist against black people. When the need for the end to “Gravy train” handouts is mentioned, you are deemed inhuman. The mention of self sufficiency pegs you as a nut. If you mention removing children from current state school systems you are proponent of right wing politics. If you are not in favor of LBGT, you are an evil Christian.

I don’t know that this nation can withstand these divisions much longer. I want to shake the ignorance out … Continue reading

Student Safety in Active Shooter Situation- Part 1, by P.N.

As an educator that has worked in quite a few small and large schools, there are a number of safety drills I have been required to take part in. The list includes fire drills, shelter-in-place drills, bomb threat drills as well as lockdowns (active shooter) and evacuation drills. One drill that I find lacking in every school I’ve entered is the active shooter drill. Security in schools are more than willing to admit that “it’s not if, but when” for the next school shooting.

Current Active Shoot Drills

Most schools practice active shooter drills by “calling” the drill while students are already in class. When the drills are called, the teacher shuts the door (that typically is already locked from the outside) and the students sit in the corner away from the door. All are required to be quiet until someone comes and checks the door. Once all doors are … Continue reading

How To Prep For … Throwing In The Towel- Part 2, by DR in Tennessee

Yesterday, we began by asking many questions to determine just how prepared and ready you were for a situation when you or your spouse were unable to continue daily or regular responsibilities around the homestead. It is apparent that many preppers are aging and just can’t do the independent prepping and property maintenance and management they had envisioned and begun decades earlier. So, in part one of this article series, we discussed some of what it takes to prepare your property for sale.

Today’s Reality

That brings us to today’s reality. Plan now for a time when the Good Lord calls you up, as unlikely or as remote as that possibility may seem to you now. Plan for the liquidation of your property, because it’s highly unlikely that your heirs will get the full value of what you invested into your retreat property when they sell it at the average … Continue reading

How To Prep For … Throwing In The Towel- Part 1, by DR in Tennessee

Certainly if you read this blog frequently, you know why and how we prepare. The archives of SurvivalBlog are an unmatched treasure trove of practical and technical survival wisdom. This article is designed to offer practical guidance of another kind. It’s intended to encourage mature individuals to imagine a different type of prepping. I want you to think long and hard about your realistic future as successful long-time preppers. I write this based on personal experience and with firsthand knowledge of the experiences of others who share my age and attitude about preparedness. Those of you who may be relatively new to prepping can benefit from this reading as well because an exit strategy (for you or your heirs) should be part of your overall prepping stratagem, just like having a defensible fallback position if your retreat is overrun by bandits. Like most prepping, this advice is common sense.


Continue reading

The Measure of a Man, by J.H.

Not too terribly long ago, I was at work and came across a young man. (The word “young” is used as a relative term. I am 37, and this young gentleman was approximately 20.) I work for the U.S. Army on a military installation in CONUS, and this young soldier out of uniform happened into my work area to ask me a question. And the manner in which he asked me the question made my blood boil. It wasn’t that he was disrespectful or rude. By those standards he was completely polite. But he looked at my feet and muttered, and then he repeated the process when I asked him what he said. Having noticed this trend among younger men of late, I couldn’t help but ask him, “Son, didn’t your father ever teach you look a man in the eye and speak up when you’re talking to him?”

Imagine … Continue reading

Applying the Wisdom of Sun Tzu to Prepping, by B.P.

Many regard Sun Tzu as the ultimate military strategist, at least in the way he described the more philosophical applications of combat strategy. Being more abstract in his direction than simply issuing commands like a common general, his focus was on developing a perspective rather than defining procedures. In this way, his wisdom and direction have remained contemporary and relevant, whereas battlefield applications come and go with advances in technology and expansion of the combat arena.

In studying the lessons of Sun Tzu, we find that much of his advice on strategy not only lends itself to the field of battle but often to most conflicts we face in life. It is not at all difficult to extrapolate his guidance into most of our interpersonal dealings and the rigors of getting through life and strife effectively. We can enforce this point simply by citing some of … Continue reading

Letter: Tracking a Stolen Vehicle

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:

We live at the end of the road in Alaska then a mile by boat to the cabin. The community parks their vehicles there. Is their a technology device that I can attach to my vehicle to where I can track down the vehicle if it is stolen? This happens from time to time with the locals. I would like some app on a device so I can pay someone a visit if necessary. Since we live on an island for some reason it is not theft, but joy riding. That is retarded but I can try to change the law, but I refuse to be a victim. – P.F.