Letter Re: Airport BOB


I’ve traveled for my company for the past 20 years, and 98% of what T.H. listed is what I had in my travel bag. Note it is what I “had”, as in past tense. I finally got out of the airports and traveling all over the country in 2015. There is the possibility of an odd trip or two, so I still have my carry-on bag handy at work. I find that I occasionally rob it from time to time. One thing T.H. listed that I never had was a whistle, and I feel that is a good idea. I found that the items changed over time especially after 9/11. Once, when stranded in Minneapolis, MN, I was able to contact a friend who lived there and spent the night in her basement. My missing item in the bag was a toothbrush, so the next morning as her husband drove me back to the airport we stopped off at a drug store and added a travel brush and paste to my bag. Another couple of items I always keep in my bag is a small compact umbrella and a light compressible rain coat. I’ve left the sunny south, where I was in light cloths, and found snow or rain coming down where I landed and had to walk to a rental car. Having quick access to the jacket and umbrella helps. I also kept light gloves in there as well. I think T.H.’s list is very good, and for frequent travelers I suggest adding many of these items to your carry on if you have not already. – C.V.