Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

Reader C.J. writes in: “I just watched “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America” (I read the book several years ago and of course the book is better). Although I am of Scots-Irish descent, it would at least be interesting for those that are not of Scots-Irish descent. The Scots history of independence from England and why they ended up in Ireland and ultimately America is ingrained in so much of traditional American culture. Religious freedom, hard working, self-reliant, “give me freedom or give me death” types.

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Recommended by Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Product Review Editor: Museums, veterans keep memory of Pearl Harbor alive 75 years after attacks (6 minute video).

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Reader C.D. recommended The Earthling as a DVD worth watching and owning. A great job of acting by William Holden and Ricky Schroder. A dying man must teach a young kid to survive before the man dies in the Australian wilds. These two actors are the only ones on screen for 75% of the movie. The movie has many object lessons on surviving on your own.

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