Firefield Nightfall-2 Night Vision Scope, by Pat Cascio

We all know, or at should know, that there are certain pieces of kit that we should have if we are truly preparing for a SHTF scenario of any type. We always discuss firearms, and that is first on most lists. We then have to add food and water, as … Continue reading

Recipe of the Week: Bird Seed Bars (“Power Trail Bars”) by C.J.

Bird Seed Bars (“Power Trail Bars”), by C.J. Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats 1 cup *pumpkin seeds 1 cup sesame seeds 1 cup *sunflower seeds 8 Tbsp butter 6 Tbsp honey 1/2 cup raw sugar (or just brown sugar) 1/3 cup peanut butter 1 cup dried fruit, such as apricots, … Continue reading

Letter Re: SARs and CTRs

Hugh, Regarding L.O.’s letter and “don’t act suspicious and you won’t be suspected”, SARs and CTRs are required by federal law. CTRs for any cash transaction for $10,000 or more are required. This is also true of a cash transaction at a jeweler, car dealer, et cetera. Also, in high … Continue reading