Notes for Tuesday – December 27, 2016

On this day in 1979, in an attempt to stabilize the turbulent political situation in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union sent 75,000 troops to enforce the installation of Babrak Karmal as the new leader of the nation. The new government and the imposing Soviet presence, however, had little success in putting down anti-government rebels. Thus began nearly 10 years of an agonizing, destructive, and ultimately fruitless Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan. Death by a thousand cuts.

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Don’t forget, Ready Made Resources has a very limited supply of Knight Vision AN/PVS-30 Night Vision Weapon Site available. These have seen action in the Gulf but are “like new” or have been refurbished. Normally over $11,000, you can get them for under $5000. There are only a few left, so move fast. A moderately well-trained civilian shooter recently did some shooting with one of these … Continue reading

The Get-Home Cache, by The Feral Farmer

Bugout bags are a popular topic, and the content lists are long and varied, sometimes reading like a LRRP combat loadout. However, they have a couple of obvious problems, including that you have to carry it and keep it handy.

It takes a good degree of conditioning to carry a load any distance and a great degree of determination to do so while injured or frightened. Additionally, (unless your kit looks like a baby carrier and diaper bag), your chance of hitching a ride plummets the larger your bag appears to be. Any situation that requires a bugout bag automatically makes the holder a target to both criminals and authorities, and it would be a shame to surrender all those neat things at a check point, after carrying them so far.

Keeping a bugout bag within arms reach at all times is, for all intent and purposes, an impossibility. Employers … Continue reading

Letter Re: Motor Oil

Dear Editor and SurvivalBlog Readers:

I have a question about motor oil, because of an incident going back years ago when I had a discussion with a neighbor about changing oil in gas motor yard equipment, lawn motors in this case. I’ll never forget how the neighbor bragged how he never changes oil in his lawn mower. Year after year, it is pulled out in the spring with the old gas and old oil, and away they go. I’ll never forget hearing the screeching sound of that lawn mower motor seizing. Since then, I have heard numerous opinions on oil change schedules, and traditional oil versus synthetic oil. In contrast to the “never change the oil” thinking, I’ve talked to those who religiously change their oil every three months, even if the motor has never been started. With the recommendation of changing oil in a vehicle every three months or … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

First majestic silver Breakout Of 35-Year Downward Yield Range Will Blow-Up Interest Rate Derivatives ($500 Trillion+)

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Today’s Chart of the Day – Moment of Truth for Bonds. “Bonds are severely oversold. There should be a bounce but if it’s weak, or doesn’t last very long then prepare for a crash. I’ve never seen a bubble yet that popped gracefully.”

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The near extinct pension – US pensions aggressively invest in equities relative to other countries to make up for shortfalls.

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Would Another Corporate Repatriation Tax Holiday Create Jobs?

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Odds ‘n Sods:

Seed corn thief must pay $425,000

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Obama Quietly Signs The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law

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I’ve had folks ask about Israel’s Lone Soldier (“Tzofim Garin Tzabar“) program, which I mentioned in my novel Land Of Promise. It is a worthy program that sponsors young adults in making Aliyah to Israel through their service in the Israel Defense Force (IDF.) I believe that the program deserves our support. Donations are tax deductible for Americans. And of course donations made on or before December 31st are deductible for 2016. – JWR

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Mega-Regions: What If We Redrew State Boundaries Today? This Gedenken ties in nicely to my suggestion of partitioning eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington from their respective western halves. – JWR

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