Attack of the Drones: Defending the Air Above Your Property, by RD, Prepper Law

Introduction One night you suddenly see a drone hovering next to a window of your home. Outraged, you shoot it down. Somebody calls the police because they heard a firearm discharged, and ten minutes later you hear a knock on your door. Or, say a military plane swoops across your backyard, barely skimming the tops of your pine trees, and you hear a massive crash. You look out your window and see a fully intact missile stuck head first in the ground. Apparently the military accidentally dropped a bomb on your land. Can you do more than shake your fist? …

Letter Re: Universal Basic Income

Hugh, Regarding the piece on Universal Basic Income in SB edition of 12-13-16, please consider the following: Neither Charles Murray nor Milton Friedman are/were “libertarians”. The best operational definition of the term “Libertarian” is one who rejects the “initiation” of force as a method to achieve social or political objectives. It is the absolute right of any and all individuals to engage in the free exercise of the rights appurtenant to their existence. Neither Murray nor Friedman acknowledge this universal truth. Both engage in a discussion more akin to a question such as: “How many lashes may a master administer …

Economics and Investing:

Something Wicked This Way Comes o o o Italy proves that banks are not the risk-free fantasy we’re told to believe o o o Video: Silver Manipulation, Mining Stocks & Freedom: Mike Maloney & David Morgan (Part 1) “It turns out the tin foil hats were right.” o o o Italy lawmakers approve 20 billion euro plan to prop up banks o o o SurvivalBlog and its editors are not paid investment counselors or advisers. Please see our Provisos page for details.

Odds ‘n Sods:

Top 5 SHTF ‘Surprises’ – P.S. o o o Immigration – B.B. o o o Arrest made in ‘Vote Trump’ burning of Mississippi black church. Called a racial HATE CRIME, this sounds more like “a selfie false flag event”. – D.S. o o o Consumer watchdogs say popular toys are secretly spying on your children – DSV o o o Germany Tried to Deport Berlin Truck Terrorist… “Couldn’t” Because Home Country Wouldn’t Take Him – B.B.