Giving Ourselves As A Gift During The Holidays, by Sarah Latimer

The Judeo-Christian community is celebrating Christmas and/or Hanukkah this week and getting ready to bring in the new year 2017. Many people are off work and spending the week with family and friends. Some of you may be traveling, and some of you are at home. Many are not alone, but some of you are. No matter where you find yourselves and whether you are alone or not, you have something of value to give during these holidays– yourself, time, and knowledge, and in sharing these you can practice a little prepping for the future, too.

I have a few ideas to get your own ideas flowing on how you might go about this, but each of you has your own talents, your own circumstances, and available resources. You know your family, friends, and community; I don’t. Just let this be a launching pad from which you begin to brainstorm … Continue reading

A Different Look At House Keeping and Preparing for Guests, by Sarah Latimer

Ladies, when you are out in your front yard watering and some indistinguishable person sitting behind dark windows of an SUV or truck drives by and gives a little honk and waves, what is your automatic reaction? Do you smile and wave back? If you live in a fairly safe community, you probably do. I may not wave back, but I usually look up with a smile to see who it is, and I may wave if my hands are free. Often, we never know who it is we waved at, unless at some later time we find out. We were just being friendly and expecting that the honk came from a friend or acquaintance being neighborly.

If you think back to when you were growing up, when you were in school, or when starting out in your work/career, you may recall someone who became somewhat of a mentor or … Continue reading

Bugout Apple Pie, by Sarah Latimer

Back in October, during part of the time we were away from SurvivalBlog, we were practicing our bug out scenario with a group of folks we might join in a TEOTWAWKI situation. We took our vehicle with camp stove, tent, and significant equipment, but we also took the minimal equipment that might be needed if we were to need to vacate the vehicles, too. We believe in practicing what we preach, so to speak and encourage you to do so too. There is no substitute for experience! Every time we do this, we come up with new ideas for improvement, whether it is for improved comfort, convenience, ease of transport/loading/unloading, better OPSEC, or something else. I personally believe that I have infinite opportunity for improvement and am always seeking how to do this. I just can only handle a little at a time, but I’m open … Continue reading

Letter Re: TEOTWAWKI Preps and Christianity

Dear Mr. Latimer,
After reading the article, I need to add a few points. It is well that we prepare spiritually as well as temporally for whatever calamity comes our way. Proverbs 27:12 comes to mind. One thing that must be foremost in our minds when we network with others in a church-going scenario is to look and listen before speaking. I live here in Idaho not too far from the WA state line. I am a recent arrival from the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. What I saw there, I am seeing here. Make sure your Pastor, Priest, Minister, or Rabbi is NOT part of or affiliated with the FEMA Clergy Response Team. This can be done with a little sub-rosa inquiry and a few planned, well-placed and innocuous inquiries of the church members, church elders, the head honcho himself, or by reading their … Continue reading

Seven Warnings to the Progressive Feminist, by J.E.

Considering we are at the precipice of the possibility for the first female, militant feminist to take control of the greatest country in the world, I thought this article appropriately timed.

Feminists, who may read this, you need to consider some serious questions. Are you honestly prepared to endure the reality of the feminist ideology lived out to its fullest? What would this even look like? If this is a concept you haven’t pondered fully, would you consider listening to a well researched argument against the suicidal movement of militant feminism? Moreover, are you willing to listen without judgment rather than blowing off warnings from those who genuinely care?

In this article I will spell out the worst case scenario of progressive feminism lived out to its fullest in seven corresponding warnings.

Over the last several years I have worked hard to expose the lies and deception of the second, … Continue reading

What Is It That Will Really Help You Survive TEOTWAWKI?, by Peter Martin

Many articles, TV shows, movies, and personal discussions concerning how to survive TEOTWAWKI usually revolve around food, water, medical supplies, transportation, fuel, and how to defend yourself during such a time. What I am about to communicate is perhaps too religious for some and maybe not religious enough for others, but here it goes anyway, my best shot.

Yes, it is important to try and be prepared materially as best you possibly can be, depending upon what your means allow you to do. Some can be more prepared than others, because they have more means to do so, and others are fortunate enough to have formed groups that are either loosely based or even formally based, which gives the group a very good means to provide the necessities for survival during a TEOTWAWKI scenario. That is all well and good.

The … Continue reading

Giving Thanks in 2016, by Sarah Latimer

I don’t know about you, but I greatly enjoy the “Quote of the Day” section of SurvivalBlog. They often put a big smile on my face and get a “wow” response. Some people really know how to put use words to put a situation into perspective. Recently Hugh posted one such quote that was quite timely. The quote seemed so relevant to our experiences of late, with our nation’s liberals literally breaking down in tears, marching, and going so far as to turn their backs on our nation by leaving and giving up their citizenship and even some who are publicly announcing murderous intention by making social media statements that they are planning assassinations (or encouraging others to do so). It is just crazy how those who claim to want “a kinder” nation are behaving this way and tearing our nation apart through hateful speech, threats, and actions! It is … Continue reading

The Drama is Not Over: It is Still Time to Pray and Take Action, by Sarah Latimer

Well, it has been an eventful month since I last wrote on SurvivalBlog. I decided to take my own advice and enjoy some of those Golden Moments of Silence, where I simply soaked in special moments, beauty, God’s Word, made memories with those I love, and deposited these inspirations in my soul. Since I last sat in front of my keyboard to address you, I have enjoyed fellowship with numerous friends and family, seen some spectacular sights, and experienced dramatic events, most of which were wonderful and beyond description. I have made some new “survivalist” friends and gained greater respect from some serious homesteaders who are venturing into new (and rather ancient) methods of doing things. It has been an amazing month, for the most part. However, there were some very serious moments that reminded me of the sinful world in which we live and were far … Continue reading

A Post-Election Prayer Request, by JWR

I was pleased to see that the American electorate rejected Hillary Clinton’s bid to become President. Had she been elected, the damage that she would have done to the nation would have been incalculable.

I encourage SurvivalBlog readers of faith to pray for the incoming Trump Administration. In particular, please focus your prayers on Godly government and small, fiscally conservative government.

President-Elect Trump will need sound advice from responsible, well-seasoned men and women in business and industry. I encourage him to recruit a council of wise elders to advise his administration, as unreimbursed volunteers. This council should be drawn primarily from FAMILY-owned businesses. The following list might be a good starting point for the council:

Former Congressman Ron Paul, Willie Robertson (Duck Commander CEO), Donald Schneider (Schneider National Trucking), Scott Simplot, Peter Thiel, Samuel R. Allen (Deere & Company), actor Jon Voight, Doyle Simons (Weyerhaeuser Trust), Alan Hassenfeld (Hasbro), Pastor … Continue reading

Everyday Survival Living Overseas Among Muslims, by A.E.

I read articles and letters on this site, and other blogs and web sites, where people are prepping for survival. Oftentimes these articles and letters concentrate on hypothetical or theoretical post-TEOTWAWKI situations. My family’s and my survival experience is not theoretical. We live in an everyday survival context. I hope this article can help to enlighten some of you on prepping for everyday living and to expose some of the challenges faced across America and the world by people wishing to prep in less than ideal circumstances.

I am an American, an Army veteran of foreign wars, believer in the Lord Jesus, and a missionary overseas. I woke up this morning to the sound of the imam calling out over loudspeakers, only three blocks away. He was calling his faithful out of their slumbers and to their morning prayers. Walking down the street to get started … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Golden Moments of Silence


This article, “The Golden Moments of Silence” struck me by its coinciding with my experience from just last week while traveling through a very majestic and picturesque part of the country. This paragraph in particular by Sarah Latimer: “This article, I hope, will inspire you to look up from the computer, smart phone, iPad, or pull out the ear buds ….” While camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota last week I was appalled at the behavior of those who drove up to scenic overlooks that jumped out of their vehicle and went to the perch and held up their smartphone on a “selfie stick” with the majestic scenery in the background, clicked a couple of times, and zoomed off. I watched as a car full of five people unloaded in front of a vast panorama of hills as far as the eye could see, without a single … Continue reading

The Golden Moments of Silence, by Sarah Latimer

I have been doing some reflecting recently on the power of silence. While our words have the power to build up or destroy and are so important, so too is our silence; silence is powerful also. Silence can generate equally powerful and varied reactions as words. When a man, who is madly in love with the woman of his dreams proposes marriage on bended knee with expectation that she will be thrilled and readily accept his proposal is instead met with a wide-eyed blank stare and silence, his world teeters on the brink of destruction in that silence. This silence of hesitation or alarm is not the one that has been on my heart, though it is one that can be important to recognize as survivalists. We need to read hesitation in those whom we are asking questions for intel purposes. Alternatively, when a driver approaching an intersection dodges a … Continue reading

Letter Re: Euthanizing Pets Who Can’t Bug Out


I have searched the internet for a humane manner in which to euthanize a pet who can’t bug out. Is there anything other than a bullet to take care of this? – T.B.

HJL Comments: This is a tough situation and should be a call for people to evaluate their “need” for pets before they take on that responsibility. A pet is usually entirely dependent on it’s owner for survival and that is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. I highly suspect that if such a situation were to occur, most pet owners would simply turn their pets out expecting them to make their own way. This, of course, would result in packs of feral animals who make life challenging for everyone else while they suffer and compete for resources. However, your options for euthanizing them are somewhat limited. Poisons are dangerous and often carry inhumane side … Continue reading

Lay The Groundwork for the Future- Part 1, by Sarah Latimer

I really feel like a farmer’s wife this week. We’ve been busy up to our eyebrows harvesting, processing the harvest, canning, freeze drying, dehydrating, and even butchering as well as doing some welding and other structural homesteading chores. Whew! It’s been a hard but productive week. I am exhausted and thankful that Sabbath is almost here so we can rest, and even before it arrives I give God great thanks for His goodness and provision and for the knowledge to participate in the cycle of life!

It’s Hard Work, But It’s For Their Future

There are mornings when I wake up really tired and just think I would really like to roll over and stay in bed for another hour or two before facing my very long “to do” list, but then I think of my family. I picture the big round eyes of my grandchildren, who are continuously … Continue reading

The Bride of Christ in An Apocalyptic World- Part 3, by R.B.

What Needs To Be Done?

There are numerous books available to assist people who have begun to prepare themselves for the coming catastrophe. Indeed, prepping has become an “industry” in some respects, as many have come to the realization that the government will not be able to step in and solve everyone’s problems in the face of a true national disaster. Just ask the folks in New Orleans who suffered through the comparatively short-term disaster of Hurricane Katrina. At the end of this article, I will provide a brief and rather incomplete bibliography of some of the publications that I have found most helpful.

What follows is a brief outline of things that pastors and congregations can do to help each other prepare for the likely coming disaster.

  • Every individual family in the congregation needs to prepare for their own survival:

    This is not the time to become a Lutheran … Continue reading