Letter Re: The United Airlines Passenger Dragging Incident


I am a loyal reader, but your reference to the officers who removed this nut case off the plane as “goons” was uncalled for and unfortunate. With your military background, I would think that you would have been more inclined to view a “lawful order” as one that should be complied with and then questioned later.

This disreputable, defrocked, drugs-for-sex doctor obviously has mental problems, and he refused to comply with federal law and the officers who were merely doing their duty. Were I there in an official capacity, he would have had even more problems. – E.M.

HJL’s Comment: There are a number of things in play here, but the overarching question is not “Is it lawful?” but “Is it ethical?” The tired old excuse of “I was just following orders” has never been a valid excuse. Even if your job or your boss does … Continue reading

Letter Re: Making a Bible


I have long wanted a homey Bible, one that I don’t have to be careful with, something to take when traveling, on camping trips, accidentally left in a hotel room or airplane, or just something comfortable to read while sitting on the easy chair. The typical Bible, being a book, is bulky, and I don’t always want the whole works, from Genesis to Revelations, there with me. I only want the books that I am going to be reading at the time. I’ve tried digital versions, but no matter how developed they have become, and there are some good ones, they just don’t fit my criteria for easy access.

What I want, ideally, is a notebook-sized Bible in easy-to-read Arial font, no italics, in a 3-ring binder. Such a Bible was something that I was going to have to compile myself as to my knowledge there isn’t anything … Continue reading

Letter Re: South African Confiscation of White Owned Land

HJL and JWR,

In reference to the article on SurvivalBlog concerning the South African Government’s confiscation of white owned land, I thought you may like to know about a group of Protestant White Christian South Africans known as the Suidlanders, who foresaw the coming storm in 2006. They have developed and put in place a detailed evacuation plan that could be adapted for those in Deep Blue States. BTW, these are refugees I wouldn’t mind having in the Redoubt. – J.M.

Prepping the Soul: The Skill of Multiplication, by R.S.

Even a casual glimpse at the headlines will confirm the continued descent of our society into immorality. Violence, illicit drugs, abortion, and the continued assault on the family are not only common place but are being actively sought as acceptable behavior by vast numbers of the public. Politicians are running to their defense, and legislation is following. The decline is steep. It is real, and it will continue.

Revelation 1:1 tells us that these, “things must come to pass.” John doesn’t say that it might come to pass or even that it should come to pass but that it must. The Lord Jesus will return, and we are more likely to experience that return than any generation before us. If you’re reading this then you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time and money preparing for any of a number of TEOTWAWKI scenarios. Whatever that end … Continue reading

Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 3, by Sarah Latimer

I’m continuing my journey to consider some of the pantry basics (beyond meat, eggs, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables) that I will want to have available in the event of TEOTWAWKI. I am resolved that I will ideally be able to make these items myself but in researching them I know I may find it necessary to either store them indefinitely in large quantity and have some alternatives available, and/or have a local/regional source for obtaining in barter.

So far, I’ve dug deep into the use, science, history, manufacturing, and storage of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and discovered that I will need to store it until the mines for soda ash are activated and some basic manufacturing and distribution of baking soda begun again. I also learned that there are a few alternatives to baking soda, though they’re far … Continue reading

Intellectual Survival, by D.W.

“Through space the universe grasps me and swallows me up like a speck; through thought I grasp it.”[1]

-Blaise Pascal

“It is absurd to hold that a man ought to be ashamed of being unable to defend himself with his limbs, but not of being unable to defend himself with speech and reason, when the use of rational speech is more distinctive of a human being than the use of his limbs.”[2]


Imagine for a moment, you have just finished eating dinner with your family. You have been living without power for months. You planned for this, of course. You have plenty of food, you are safe, and there is heat if it is winter in your part of the country. As is your family’s custom (let us assume), you take turns discussing what you are thankful for, despite the circumstances. Afterward, the table and dishes … Continue reading

When Every Shred of Privacy is Lost: Take Comfort, by The Recovering Feminist

“Why should we be afraid of one another, since both of us have only God to fear?”[1] (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

There exists a place where man is not allowed to venture. This place is another man’s soul. Humans may experience consensual soul connections but to think that man could determine the end of the soul is another thing altogether. There is a place in every human being that is untouchable. Even if humans are monitored day and night and their actions and words analyzed and predicted, put into a mental prison so-to-speak, and even if somehow technology is able to affect my behavior or thoughts, there still remains a secret place of confidence that man cannot affect eternally. So, take comfort. “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other … Continue reading

Wolves in Women’s Clothing, by Sarah Latimer

This recent “Women’s March” was anything but a march for the benefit of women, “civil” rights, or Americans! Instead, it appears to me to be a strategic manipulation of women by an evil force with intent to stir up trouble. Whether, all of its leaders are aware or not, it is a tool for this purpose. I am confident that many, if not most, of those participating in the march are unaware of the evil force using their emotions against them. They are pawns in a greater evil than they can imagine, because they have never experienced the kind of evil that is preying upon them. They may have experienced some injustices, upon which they have latched and based their passions, but their choice of solutions is sadly misdirected. The divisiveness that the leaders clearly have set up to take place is one that is taking place within marriages, hardening … Continue reading

Letter Re: We, The Women

Mrs Latimer,

There are many women in pink hats who are likely to end up spinsters with cats.

There’s “farmersonly.com”, but I don’t know that a Redoubt “self-sufficient spouses” dating site would do much worse. You may wish to consider it.

There are so many holy, God loving women. I don’t think any were marching in the Women’s March, though many might have been in the pro-life marches. There was a tiny screech-fest in a local town; I’ll wait to see if they want to blow up the white house or unleash a stream of profanities.

I think there will be (non-great) tribulation in the U.S., but here in the Redoubt the strong, faith-filled families will be nothing but blessed by God for their faith. Now, if we can only get more of them together. – T.Z.

We, The Women, by Sarah Latimer

My article was all written on a very practical household survival subject and ready to be posted, but between the letters I’ve recently received from encouraging SurvivalBlog readers (including some with very personal details) about family and the crisis in American homes without strong submissive women and Godly male leadership, the inauguration, the Women’s March in Washington, and an editorial I read today relating to the Women’s March, combined with what continuously burns in my heart, I am bursting to write on another subject. It is written with a sense of urgency because it comes from my heart as I see this as one of the critical components required for restoring our nation to greatness. The family unit is broken, and it is the basis upon which any civilization is formed.

I’m likely to not even begin to scratch the surface of the issue here, but women’s rights and … Continue reading

Letter: Prayer Works – 11th Hour Attempt by France to Further Jam Up Israel Flops


It looks clear that Trump administration support of Israel will be (thankfully) almost a polar opposite to the disdain and malicious “one step forward-three steps back” policy of Obama. The last straw occurred when the U.S. broke with their consistent 68-year policy of supporting Israel at the UN. In late 2016, the U.S. allowed a significant condemnation of Israel through the UN resolution that the U.S. allowed through the Security Council by refusing to veto it. Sensing Israeli blood in the water, France hastily organized a kangaroo court-style 2017 Paris Mideast peace conference that was set up for the sole purpose of further condemning Israeli actions before the Obama administration’s anti-Israel window closes. Many were concerned the conference had the potential result of seeing an additional, even harsher UN resolution that, among other things, would try to force Israeli actions and territorial concessions that would have surely lead to … Continue reading

Please Pray For Israel — The Imminent 72-Nation Forced Palestinian State Final Solution

A meeting of 72 nations is being held in Paris on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. This meeting was rushed to be completed before the upcoming swearing-in of President-elect Donald Trump—no doubt because of his planned shift in U.S. Policy toward Israel. It is noteworthy that President Obama has repeatedly stabbed Israel in the back diplomatically, most recently in abstaining rather than vetoing a crucial UN vote on Israel’s future. But in contrast Donald Trump has a genuine heart for Israel and has repeatedly promised to have the U.S. Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Paris conference is being characterized as a “peace conference” by the world press, but in actuality, it was brokered behind the scenes as a mechanism to force a two-state solution on Israel (creating a Palestinian State), and to rob Israel of control of East Jerusalem, The West Bank region (the heart of Israel) … Continue reading

New Year’s Leadership-Part 3, by Sarah Latimer

Are You the Leader?

So many of us today think we are in control and have to take care of everything. I sometimes fall into this faulty thinking myself. I get too bound up in the thinking that everything rests on my shoulders. I am actively involved in preparing for whatever might come and sometimes get the mindset that “I’m ready”, when in fact none of us can be fully prepared for an unknown future. The reality is that I really have little control over anything beyond my own actions. I can plant a garden, but I don’t control the weather. I can store food, but I can’t prevent thieves, wild animals, a swarm of insects, an earthquake, or a tornado from damaging or destroying it. I can eat healthy and exercise, but I cannot guarantee that I won’t develop diabetes or cancer or some other illness. I have … Continue reading

Four Procedures For Survival in Your Camp, by ARD

We recently saw how important it is to uphold 2 Chronicles 7:14. Although we have known that this beloved United States that we call home is not quite so “united”, we have discovered there are more Christians than there are non-Christians. (If God be for us who can be against us!) For some time, the liberals have used the media to be their trumpet or voice, which has made it appear that they are the majority. But I tell you this; I believe that what has occurred recently, with the election of Donald Trump, is that the normal quiet Christian (myself included) has realized that to survive in America we must stand up, voice our Godly opinion, and act and also understand that prayer does change things! Miracles are real, but they do not occur without faith, trust in our Lord, and action or prayer on our part. You can … Continue reading

New Year’s Leadership-Part 2, by Sarah Latimer

Shifts (Continued)

It is well recognized that the biblical Hebrew word for “house” is meant to refer to a man’s wife. The thinking is that a man builds a house by first taking a wife and then together they become one and make a family. So, how important is a wife to a man? Well, she is his home and is the one who enables him to have a comfortable and safe place to go (at least one that’s emotionally safe), a place to build a family, a place he can call his own to bring others, and even a place that demonstrates his honor within the community. She, through the work she does in the home and in the community, brings him honor also. Beyond being a child and a princess of the Most High God, there is no greater honor or role I can have than to be … Continue reading