Book Release Announcement: My Thailand Calling

My Thailand Calling - Cover

I’m pleased to announce the release of the latest book from Liberty Paradigm Publishing.  It is the autobiography of Rynier Kruger, a Christian man who has devoted his life to missionary service in Thailand.  He has spent more than 20 years there, and now speaks Thai fluently.  The book, titled My Thailand Calling, was just released as a Kindle e-book, and as a Print On Demand trade paperback.  Here is a description:

My Thailand Calling is the autobiography of Christian missionary Rynier Kruger. Born in Southern Rhodesia in 1952, Rynier Kruger had an idyllic boyhood growing up on his family’s isolated farm near Chipinge, near the border of Mozambique. As he reached his teens a revolt led by communist guerillas was in its early stages. In 1970, along with his older brother, Rynier enlisted in the Rhodesian Army. Following his military service, Rynier attended an … Continue reading

Hope With A Temporal Leftist Regime- Part 1 , by J.R.V.

Recognition of the inevitability of comprehensive bureaucratization does not solve the problems that arise out of it.—Joseph Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Many of us—including me—worry about the downward arc of liberty, ethics, and economic freedom and contemplate where we might find hope. If you are taking the time to read this article, in all likelihood, I needn’t detail the myriad challenges we face for you either. Rather, the question is: is there any hope? Or are we fated to descend into a new Dark Age, aided and abetted, in the famous words of Winston Churchill regarding National Socialism, by “perverted science”?

Any Reasons To Hold Out Hope?

Notwithstanding those who look forward to the return of Jesus Christ—of which I count myself one—or a spiritual revival, are there any other reasons to hold out hope in the interim? I think there is. It is not … Continue reading

Letter: TEOTWAWKI Weekend Experience

Hi Hugh,

Just did the TEOTWAWKI weekend prep. As a background, I live on an Army base. (And, yes, I have places to go in the Country as well.)

The Schedule went like this:

Morning prayers is how it started. It was just my Son and I. (My Wife is an atheist, so she doesn’t pray. She does get heard in our prayers.) We gave thanks to our Savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Morning PT or Physical Training. My son and I wrestled and boxed. I personally have very well respected credentials in this, for most. My son is very safe.

We also did some strategy training. My son and I played “Army Men” together. He has a castle made out of plastic, along with a bunch of figures. It was a good time. We discussed “castle strategy” and defense in … Continue reading

Feminism, The Industrial Revolution and Natural Design: The Way Forward Requires Sacrifice, by The Recovering Feminist

Now is not the time to neglect this topic of feminism. In fact, I sense a growing public awareness that feminism is experiencing an identity crisis. We are witnessing a time when the public is beginning to wake up and question the rational of incoherent narratives and faulty ideologies, like feminism and Marxism. This calls for implementing a somewhat offensive strategy to push forward in truth, gaining the initiative.

For those of you familiar with my previous posts, this one will be a bit different. It begins by laying out our current predicament, highlighting The Industrial Revolution and culture’s fact-value split. The article then explores the topic of sacrifice and the concepts of natural design and identity. I close with a few related resources. As always, your feedback is valuable to me.

Our Current Predicament

Nancy Pearcey, in her award winning book Total Truth, explains the … Continue reading

On Corruption, by Sheepdog and Son

This article deals with the different levels of corruption within our society, and I’m dedicating it to US Army Colonel Dave Grossman, author of the book On Killing amongst others. I feel it is important to address these issues, for the sake of survival.

As a preface, I can state that I am a military member who thus far has served with distinction. My immediate family is small, including a young son, who I hold very dear. I am a prepper, a realist, survivalist, and a patriot. I do indeed have my own prepping group as well, which I have started from the bottom up, with people I trust.

Example of Corruption

I will begin with an example of corruption. Then, I’ll break down its many levels.

I recently came across these images a few months ago and was shocked. Designed by sculptor Pericle Fazzini, it … Continue reading

Is Stealing From The Corporation Really Stealing?, by S.C.

Every day I encounter people, at my workplace, at my church, with friends going out to dinner, et cetera, who are doing something I find questionable, to say the least. For some reason, otherwise ordinarily honest people who you could trust if you left a stack of twenty dollar bills out on your table do not consider that taking money or goods from a corporation is stealing at all. This has been driving me crazy for the last several years as I see more and more people doing it.

Thou Shalt Not Steal

I go to what I would consider a “strict” church, and my preacher never preaches on matters such as these. All he seems to talk about is how if you drink or cuss you are going to hell. Well, shouldn’t we start with the Ten Commandments and then work our way down from there, namely “Thou shalt … Continue reading

Letter: Relationships and Survival

Dear Hugh,

About two years ago I came to a conscience awareness, that I had been living my life wrong. At that time, I had a son and a spouse. I came to realize that I was raised and was always a Christian. I should start actively following that faith, including daily prayer. At the same time, I also consciously realized that the world is going to change radically, perhaps very soon.

A simple man at heart, I believe that everyone should give thanks for their life and be respectful to the teachings of the Christian Bible. I also believe that when you stop paying your bills that eventually you will run out of credit and you will not be able to buy heat and food. This statement is relevant to the peoples of the economies of most Western Countries. Perhaps it most importantly applies to the USA and Canada, … Continue reading

Letter: Question on Race

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:

A lot of emphasis lately has been put on race. Who cares really? As long as you survive. That’s the bottom line really. It’s only up to your sons and daughters, whose race they will wed with.

The truth is, you have been given the concept of Free Will; Which you can act upon. This means questioning authority to which you know, whether it is left, or right. As long as you do the good thing.

Would you choose a side that believes in War, or who chooses Peace, What if Peace meant your Sons Daughters would be subject to the Ruling Class? If I was a Person living around Others, firstly, I would trust those that believed in what I believe in,: Truth, Liberty, And Justice, For All; Even if my neighbor was white, yellow, red, brown or black.

That’s my opinion, what do you think? … Continue reading

Guest Article: A Listening Pause, ShepherdFarmerGeek


It’s time for a listening pause and then some evaluation and possible adjustments. As the roller coaster of our national life clanks its way to the apex for the sudden wild ride to the bottom, we can see events unfolding now that will prove to be the beginnings of multiple crises. Which wheel falls off first will not be as important as the fact that there will soon be several overlapping issues.

Time To Evaluate and Adjust

Now is not the time to be congratulating ourselves on our level of preparedness, but the time to make sure that we have:

  • More mobility, and are able to stay on the move (“orbiting” a small town or key area), able to move on short notice at any time, able to move at night or in inclement weather,
  • ­Lighter weight – we might start out heavy but also able to shed/cache gear … Continue reading

What We See And Believe Is Not Always Reality, by Old Bobbert

Wind Turbine

Let’s talk about reality and what we see and believe, but just for a moment imagine this scenario. Visualize the following presumably safe evening event at your home one day soon.

A Grateful Situation…Somewhere

You are reflecting on the terrible situation in (name any major city, state, or area) and you are very grateful that your home area is not severely affected by that power grid outage somewhere else in the country, specifically about 1,000 miles away from your home. Your area power system is functioning just fine. You’re feeling really bad for that area as you watch the video news after a pleasant evening meal. Your older children are teasing one another while working on homework. Your younger children are busily falling asleep watching television. As you see the videos of hospitals not accepting additional patients and wrecker trucks pulling cars off of the highways where they were abandoned … Continue reading

Letter: Thank You from Texas



Thank you SurvivalBlog for all that you do.The things I have learned from this blog the last few years has been very helpful with helping me and my family make it through the Harvey Disaster down here in Houston.Even though my preps are not at the level I would like them to be at , the things we did have (God, clean drinking water,food,personal protection and fuel) were enough to give me and my family comfort that we would of make it through. I’m very thankful that my home was high and dry and we received no damage to our home.

I’m also thankful I was able to help some my friends and family get through the devastation by sharing some of our family preps and a lot of sweat equity to help start restoring their homes and their lives. Going through this storm has really opened the eyes … Continue reading

How I Stopped Worrying and Used P.M.C.T.- Part 2, by D.D.

Tenth man

Yesterday, I shared my background and how I retreated to my retreat cabin for 83 days.  I reemerged a changed person, maturing from “Doom Prepper” to someone with a greater appreciation for life and nature. I made some changes to accommodate my family and life situation. Still, I found contentment in living what would I would have considered a certain death trap years earlier. How did I do it?

My Answer: P.M.C.T.

P.M.C.T. stands for Prayer, Mindset, Confidence, and Training


Without faith in something you are truly lost. Whether it is God, peace, humanity, or puppy dogs, you must find something positive and uplifting to motivate you. I allowed myself to be consumed in a sea of negativity and impending doom. Only by surrounding myself in the miracle of God’s glory in the woods was I able to swim out of the riptide that tried to drown me. I … Continue reading

How I Stopped Worrying and Used P.M.C.T.- Part 1, by D.D.

Tenth man

With the apparent imminent collapse that I have focused upon in my years of preparedness, I was worrying. My focus became a frantic effort. I made plans. Yet, wisdom came with P.M.C.T.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”-Proverbs 16:9

“Man plans and God laughs…” -old Yiddish adage

The Tenth Man Theory

In the 2013 zombie apocalypse movie World War Z the hero has a conversation with an Israeli Mossad agent about the Tenth Man Theory. It states (and I paraphrase) that in the midst of military planning, if nine people agree on a particular strategy or belief, the tenth man is duty-bound to disagree. The rationale behind this is to bring to light problems or other factors that sometimes the majority does not want to acknowledge or is blinded to due to a group-think/herd mentality. I have become my own 10th … Continue reading