Societal Change: The Wide-Open Throttle

I’ll try to keep this essay quite short, so that it won’t turn into a lengthy rant.

American society has been decadent for many years.  This trend began gradually but it accelerated in the late 1960s. The pace of change increased again in the year 2000, with the 9/11 terror attacks and then the immediate launch of the so-called War On Terror (WOT).  Just how a nation can declare war on a noun still baffles me.

Societal decadence accelerated again with the supposed election of Joe Biden.  The Bidenistas have pushed America’s rate of societal change to a Wide Open Throttle (WOT) position. Biden’s administration — better termed a regime — is essentially a third term for B.H. Obama and his entire agenda. It is obvious that Obama and his cronies are pulling some strings of the Joe Biden marionette. Susan Rice is Obama’s key intermediary in the Biden White House.

In the past three years under Biden Bin Obama, we’ve seen a gross expansion of government power, open borders, politically-motivated federal prosecutions, absurd levels of Federal spending and growth of the National Debt, and an insane increase in “woke” nonsense, including: ultra-liberal mass media, ultra-liberal schools, the normalization of homosexuality, cross-dressing “story hours”, transgender surgery pushed on minors, men dominating women’s sports, men entering women’s restrooms and locker rooms, men demanding to be housed in women’s prisons, forced use of contrived pronouns, and much more.

A fairly full litany of the ongoing decadence and destruction is described in this succinct video post on X/Twitter by “Western Lensman”: A Warning to America: 25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed.

He is to blame

Stepping back a bit to look at the sheer volume of societal change and the increase in the tempo of change, I cannot conclude that it is attributable only to urbanization and advances in computing and communications technologies. An outside force is driving these changes — and pressing the throttle to the wide-open position.  My personal assessment is that we are entering The Last Days and that this all can be attributed to Satan himself, and to his minions. These minions include elitists who manage multi-national organizations including the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF). The enormity of this evil cannot be overstated. Some of their allies in academia tell us that they want to kill off more than 90 percent of the world’s population. They’ve repeatedly stated this goal publicly.

The key goal is global governance.  Two important subordinate goals are destroying national sovereignty and destroying individual national currencies with any genuine worth. They will do so by first creating national cryptocurrencies and eventually supplanting those with supranational cryptocurrencies.  And to make that happen, they will need to declare war on private cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchange organizations.  That is why I recommend keeping your private cryptocurrency holdings small.  They could be banned, overnight.

The Web of Complicity

There is a web of complicity in our society, to achieve the aforementioned goals. I’ll be blunt and spell this out, forthgrightly:

  • The social media moguls and other tech moguls are complicit.
  • The banksters are complicit.
  • Nearly all of academia (from Kindergarten to Graduate School) is complicit.
  • The mass media outlets are complicit.
  • The vast majority of federal legislators from both major parties are complicit.
  • The leaders of the federal law enforcement agencies are complicit.
  • The leaders of the national intelligence agencies are complicit.
  • The high-ranking leadership in the Pentagon is complicit.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is complicit.
  • The major churches and the ecumenical movement leaders are complicit.

And that is not a complete list.

Please pray for our nation and for our only real hope: the Second Coming of Christ Jesus. I’m praying daily for all of the readers of SurvivalBlog, for God’s guidance, providence, protection, and a place of hiding. – JWR