Letter: An Amazon OPSEC Reminder

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers,

You have a profile and Amazon has been getting more aggressive of late. I noted an old pic from before they linked every social media organization and gave facebook-level creepy info so I deleted everything and reduced my name to something unrelatable.

Use the Amazon Link from SurvivalBlog, but make sure your profile isn’t leaking too much info. (please do review with a stripped profile since it helps everyone to know which products work) – T.Z.


  1. Amazon has many issues. Since last Fall, Amazon has had major delivery issues. The Prime “two day” delivery is now more like 4-5 day delivery. If you complain, they tell you that it’s two day delivery from the date they ship it, not from your order date. Even though when you order on say a Monday, it says it will be there Wednesday. Count on it not coming until Friday or Saturday. I’ve been researching on Amazon lately and ordering from Ebay. At least they’re honest about their delivery intentions. I can’t stand to be lied to.

    1. I have been ordering from Amazon for 12 years and only twice has the 2nd day air not arrived on time,and I order frequently as I live in a fairly rural area and driving to shop is just too expensive. So, I am curious about your poor experience. With Amazon, however, watch your prices as other sites can be a better buy like Ebay. I am not sure about the profile issue.

      1. I wish I could explain it. We’ve been ordering a lot from them for 8 years – almost weekly. This is a recent development and a sad one. Do some online research, there are many thousands of complaints about this specific thing. Right now it’s happening on every one of our orders and to most of our daughter’s orders as well (she is in a different state).

  2. Thank you for the heads up, but as an old person, barely up to using a simple computer, having only an old flip phone, and NOT on Facebook, or any Social Media and will never be, can you please elaborate on what you mean about “profile”? I do all of my shopping on Amazon (or ebay) and buy many, many Kindle books, and often leave reviews. (The Kindle books are both fiction and CONSERVATIVE non-fiction/history.) The items I buy are wide ranging, but ordinary consumer goods. I just need more idea of what this will tell them about ME, as I would never wish to cause problems for Survival Blog. Thank you.

  3. Warning to those near Amazon fulfillment and warehousing centers. Amazon has taken to local delivery via unmarked vehicles with non-uniformed personnel. These drivers are gathering intel by needlessly ringing doorbells and noting everything else (USPS, UPS, FedEx deliveries in the open). Warning sign is “porch thefts” in your neighborhood. I am a very satisfied Amazon user since `97 but recently it became a venue of last resort.

  4. I will never buy through amazon again, the story of bezos giving $33Million to dreamers pissed me off, he couldn’t do that for homeless Americans, Veterans or just ordinary citizens that use his services but illegals that are here to get handouts? Start boycotting this un-American bozo just like nfl idiots that can’t even appreciate the opportunity this country has given them.

  5. One time I logged on my wife logged on to her Amazon account and it opened to the account of a lady that lives in Britain that has the same name. I didn’t realize that it was the wrong account until I went to the credit card and shipping address. I had full access to everything along with the saved credit card info. Scary! Be sure not to save your credit info on the site.

  6. Used to work for the company. It was a meat grinder but they always did what was best of the customer. OPSEC is nonexistent from the item numbers you are ordering to credit card trails to order histories on your account. That said it’s getting harder to find some stuff outside of Amazon and EBay. I’ll put up with stuff getting here a couple of days late if I get great pricing and they guaranteed quality and returns. I save a LOT on car parts and tools.

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