Preparedness Notes for Thursday – January 04, 2018

January 4th is the birthday of George Hyde, who was born “Heide” in 1888, in Arpfingen, Germany. He was the chief gun designer for the Inland Division of General Motors (GM) in Dayton, Ohio during World War II. Hyde was best-known as the co-designer of the M3 “Grease gun” SMG and the Liberator pistol, but he also designed the Bendix-Hyde Carbine and the M2 Hyde submachinegun. He immigrated to the United States in 1927. A gent at the Nitro Express Forums mentioned some details on his life before World War II:

Before 1935 Hyde was the shop foreman and metal man at Griffin & Howe. He quit there and went into business for himself. Samuel A. “Harry” Leonard teamed up with Hyde, and their rifles are … Continue reading

Student Safety in Active Shooter Situation- Part 1, by P.N.

As an educator that has worked in quite a few small and large schools, there are a number of safety drills I have been required to take part in. The list includes fire drills, shelter-in-place drills, bomb threat drills as well as lockdowns (active shooter) and evacuation drills. One drill that I find lacking in every school I’ve entered is the active shooter drill. Security in schools are more than willing to admit that “it’s not if, but when” for the next school shooting.

Current Active Shoot Drills

Most schools practice active shooter drills by “calling” the drill while students are already in class. When the drills are called, the teacher shuts the door (that typically is already locked from the outside) and the students sit in the corner away from the door. All are required to be quiet until someone comes and checks the door. Once all doors are … Continue reading

Letter Re: New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Hugh,

I am interested in hearing from the readers about their New Year’s resolutions.

Some of mine are:

  • I will include daily prayer for my family members who are not prepared. (Yes, I have been guilty of leaving them out in my daily prayers.)
  • I will go off the grid for as long as I can using what resources I have at hand and keep up to military standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and good health. Plus, I will maintain communications. (My only exception is toilet flushing; I was thinking of digging a latrine and reminding myself and family when they use the bathroom that out back is where they would actually go in a grid-down event.)

What are yours? Hearing from you would assist me and hopefully others in some new ideas.

The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods:

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. In today’s edition, learn how to remove Google from your life.

Confusion on New Gun Rules

Over the last two years, California has passed considerable gun control legislation. Without getting to political, I think it’s fair to point the finger at Reagan’s immigration amnesty program as one of the root causes of the left leaning biases in the state today. A fair warning to anyone considering such an action today. With many of the new rules being challenged in court, how do you know what you can and can’t do right now? Reader P.S. sent in this article with a reasonable interpretation of the current state: New gun restrictions are coming to California in … Continue reading