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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. In today’s edition, learn how to remove Google from your life.

Confusion on New Gun Rules

Over the last two years, California has passed considerable gun control legislation. Without getting to political, I think it’s fair to point the finger at Reagan’s immigration amnesty program as one of the root causes of the left leaning biases in the state today. A fair warning to anyone considering such an action today. With many of the new rules being challenged in court, how do you know what you can and can’t do right now? Reader P.S. sent in this article with a reasonable interpretation of the current state: New gun restrictions are coming to California in 2018. Here’s what they mean to you

OPSEC Failure

A 19 year old  girl has been arrested for the murder of a 19 year old male in Texas after an attempt by the young girl to steal the mans guns turned into a domestic violence incident and resulted in the girl shooting and killing the man. the man was apparently dating the girl, who then stole the guns and held them for a $2000 ransom. the negotiations turned deadly after the man apparently grabbed her in a headlock and held a pistol to her head. there are so many things wrong with this story it literally makes my head spin. thanks to T.J. for the link.

Too Much Money

The latest fad in Silicon Valley is drinking raw, untreated water. I guess this is what comes when you have too many people squeezed into too little land with entirely too much money. I don’t doubt the benefits of drinking water that has not gone traditional city water treatment. But  I certainly don’t equate drinking untreated water with drinking raw sewage like so many do in that community. (Unless, of course, you actually are drawing water from contaminated sources.) I would never consider paying $15/gal for raw water. perhaps I should start packaging my well water and shipping it to Silicon Valley?

U.S. Medical System Unprepared for Nuclear Disaster

Researchers at the university of Georgia have found that the majority of first responders across the nation have received no training in dealing the the aftereffects of a nuclear attack. this lack of training means that responders have no idea of what types of injuries they will be expected to treat if such an attack were to occur. this is not difficult training and surviving a nuclear attack is a reality (unlike what movies tend to show). If you are a first responder, you should start this conversation with your leadership.

Puppy Power!

Malvern Hills, UK has a novel approach to solving the problem of their waling paths being littered with dog feces. According to the article sent in by D.S., the town commissioned a prototype streetlamp powered by methane. A walker can deposit their their dog’s poo and a digester provides the conditions necessary to extract methane. Ten puppy poos can power the lamp for up to two hours. I guess the question now is “will the lazy people pick up their dogs poo and deposit it?” If you have animals that provide a significant amount of poo are you effectively using it?


Do you know how many sites that you that you regularly visit use Google Analytics or Google Adwords on their site? Nearly 75% of the top million website do. Every time you visit one of these sites, you allow Google to track your visits. With that many sites using the tracking system, they effectively build profiles of your browsing habits. Did you know that Google answered over 100,000 requests in 2016 alone of law enforcement or even divorce lawyers requesting that same information. Reader G.P. sent in this article on how to remove Google from your life. By the way, unlike many blogs, SurvivalBlog refuses to allow Alexa or Google access to our readers.

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  1. Thank YOU for not succumbing to Big Brother’s promise of advertising wealth at your reader’s expense.
    I regularly use ad-blockers and cookie-cleaners, to rid myself of the digital paper-trail google places on so many of us. The linked article is much appreciated.
    For those that haven’t seen the tentacles of google in action, it’s eye opening. Try searching for something unusual in a google-search window, and then take note of any changes to the ad’s in your usual browsing habits. Happen to see any changes?

    The article on puppy-powered lighting was also interesting. Unfortunately I fear developments like that won’t make a bit of difference. Most public area’s have ample trash can’s, some even distribute ‘doggie-bags’ for free at park entrances and exits. And yet so many pet owners choose to be lazy and ignore their responsibility to the rest of society. Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. “By the way, unlike many blogs, SurvivalBlog refuses to allow Alexa or Google access to our readers.”

    We’re currently blocking 80+ ads and scripts from this sight.

    1. I certainly hope that if you are blocking all of our self hosted ads that you at least donate or subscribe in order to support the blog. Surely you don’t think that all of this fantastic content as well as all of the costs associated with it come for free? I’m positive that our readers wouldn’t leach off of others like that.

      1. Hugh,
        I don’t know what Anonymous is talking about. I only show 2 trackers, doubleclick and statcounter. And who cares about the ads, they are from like-minded, friendly sites. As for google analytics and adwords, I have them blocked on all sites with NoScript and Ghostery.

  3. Unprepared first responders. Not sure who Dr. Dallas is trying to kid with his statement that history has shown that it is not dangerous to treat victims of a nuclear strike. There is practically no empirical data to back him up. Other obvious fallacy’s are the assumptions that most of the first responders in an area will not be wiped out along with everyone else. We do know some things about radiation, 1. It is cumulative based on exposure to the initial blast and then residual which includes victims as well as the surrounding environment. 2. It would be impossible to treat even a small percentage of the population for radiation poisoning. Lack of whole blood and other supplies, lack of personnel, lack of isolation and decontamination facilities, etc. I have been in a nuclear power facility and even a very small amount of leakage is a very big deal. I personally would not expect anyone to donate their lives by running into a blast zone to aid others which would most likely be to no avail in the end. . If you are close, hide underground, or run for the hills. As with most disasters you better be looking to take care of yourself and loved ones and not wait for the Government to come along and hold your hand. I hate to be cynical but it sounds like this Dr. Dallas is just trying to squeeze more funding for his organization. How would you train 1st responders knowing you will loose almost 90+% of them right off the bat, and convince others that radiation is harmless?

  4. Drinking “Raw water” How do you spell Giardia, dysentery, typhus and an almost infinite amount of bad bugs. This just sounds like another example of Darwinism at work. I love it when I see it.

    1. That was silly as you obviously already know how to spell those words!

      Actually I am a proponent of “Raw Water” and drink it on a a daily basis. I also use it to cook with, wash my dishes and clothes with and I even bathe with it! It comes out of my well in the backyard and is the best tasting water I have ever had.

      I have friends in silicone valley and one of them is looking for a job. I’m wondering about trucking some down there and seeing what she can get for it.

      1. Sorry, about not being a little more specific about “Raw Water”, I didn’t mean water from good wells, rain etc. The term Raw water is used by the Silicon Valley gang as a fad. I also used well water for 35 years and plan on using it again but I had a large agg well in Arizona that I used for all purposes that tested high in coliform bacteria and had to be treated when I sold the orchard. It was no where near any contaminating sources, but yet exceeded allowable limits. I also know as others do that have traveled the world extensively that you develop a certain amount of immunity to many of the bugs. I was really referring to the Hipsters. I would only caution people to weigh the risks of using open sources and untested well water. I have a friend who went from 165 lbs to 105 lbs and he was very ill from drinking from a mountain stream, Giardia. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Lots of people drink raw water. We live in rural areas and it comes out of our personal water wells. Although that’s no guarantee. People living in the Texas hill country are blessed with pure clean well water.

    3. Rural folks here in Australia regularly drink untreated water from large rain water tanks as the ground water is undrinkable.
      Even older people who move to scheme water will install a tank to drink from as it’s the best water there is for drinking, washing and for plants. You never, ever hear of any issues.
      When I was living in the mountains of Colorado I used a spring for water. It had a bacteria count more than a hundred times that’s what allowed by the county but no one ever had problems drinking it in the several decades I used it.
      I still regularly drink form natural sources if in the wild and never have issues with contamination causing illness.
      Not saying there are none out there but it’s not as important as you might think.

  5. thanks for all your good work. as one of the 2% that honors the ten cent challenge. i wish i could do more to fund this site. i have removed a lot of unnecessary spending from my life as my income has been reduced and my priorities have changed in part due to survivalblog. i am sure many survivalblog readers spend $36.50 on coffee or lunch weekly. please brown bag it or fire up your mr. coffee and dusty thermos and take these liberated funds to help support survivalblog. you may realize the other 51 weeks ads up to $1861.50. no small sum. that money could help fill your larder or boost your ammo stores quite nicely. thanks again.

  6. Kind of got to agree with Joe. I was a Haz Mat tech for many years. Most of our training when speaking of radioactivity had to do with terrorism and dirty bombs. Setting up triage, hot, warm, cold zones, decon; that sort of thing. I don’t remember ever training for a nuke strike per se.

    1. We desperately need this training. He is correct that more people will survive the actual nuclear attack than will die directly from it. Without treatment many of them will die. Some form of nuclear “attack” is inevitable, perhaps not in your city and perhaps not in the U.S. but the risk is too great to not prepare for it.

  7. I suppose the easiest way to deal with the ridiculous and illegal legislation in California is to never go there. That’s worked for me since 1987. Meanwhile, good luck trying to enforce all them rules. They don’t have the personnel, the budget, or the cooperation of the citizens to prevent decent gun owning folks from getting around any/all of the BS, let alone all the thugs. They can’t even enforce the rules/regs they’ve had on the books for years.

    They are making it increasingly easy for the Federal government to decide it would be better to approve secession in their case. Take all federal assets away and let Mexico have the empty shell again. Set a deadline to get out. If you can’t prove citizenship, you don’t get to leave to anywhere in the remaining USA. After that anyone left inside the borders is no longer a US citizen, proof or not.

  8. Google:
    Lots of great information on the linked site.
    BUT! In keeping with the Libtard theme of “making the personal, political” (or is it the other way around?), I refuse to use Mozilla FireFox, after the forced resignation of CEO Brendan Eich in 2014 (has it really been that long ago?). Apparently, Mr Eich made a private donation to a pro-marriage organization, and he was “outed” on this, and was seen as “anti-gay”.

  9. Thanks for not selling your readers out.

    I had a thought about the puppy-poop light…maybe if they had a Starbucks-trade or drop enough poop and you get a free I-phone machine parks would be immaculate. These inventers don’t realize what truly motivates the masses. Hint – it is not climate change.

  10. Benjammin,
    I’ve been watching this whole California situation of legal pot, illegal guns and open borders as a good thing because I believe that when states defy federal law it could be the start of a movement of secession of the states. I believe secession is the way our country is headed. So let California slip away and they can all be happy in their perversions while we conservatives can form our own union and be happy in our morality. I know I’m way over simplifying this and I know there is a ton of problems that come with states seceding but I can’t see how California becoming their own country would be a bad thing.

    1. I live in the ‘red’ part of California; the eastern edge, the agricultural valleys, the Sierra (my area). We love the geography, the year-round fresh food, the four seasons, and the fertility of the farms. We are outvoted consistently by the coastal and city populations, and there’s a growing movement to become the state of Jefferson. It’ll never happen, however, because to secede from the state you need the approval of the legislature. Not all Californians are liberal, amoral, or stupid, just outnumbered.

  11. Google Analytics or Google Adwords

    An Enterprise IT Directors personal choice.

    If you use Firefox with noscript (, you can choose which domains, or even individual scripts run in your browser. There are also multiple adblock plugins available, do the right thing and allow some ads, especially on sites with non-obtrusive ads such as Remember most websites content are advertisement funded. As a personal rule any site I frequent gets a one time shot at being off my adblock list. If there are no popup, and/or popunder ads, and/or video ads they get to continue delivering advertisements to me. Also on that note, visit the advertisers from time to time, it generates funds for your favorite websites, and sometimes you find things you might not have realized were available. As Always, make sure you keep your operating system, browser, and anti-malware products up to date, there’s really no such thing as safe internet browsing, only minimized/mitigated risk browsing.

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