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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The Black Death plague continues in Africa with a new variant.


Several SurvivalBlog readers sent in this huge mistake: A Civil Defense employee in Hawaii accidentally triggered a ballistic missile warning. The alert was issued by cell phone test yesterday morning and sparked terror as thousands fled to bomb shelters. The employee wasn’t even aware that he has issued the alert til his own phone notified him. It took 38 minutes for a correction to be issued by the same alert system. While many are upset by the alert, considering the world events in the Pacific region right now, this was probably a good thing. At least people now know how poorly prepared they are. Will they pay attention?


Reader P.S. sent in this article from the New York Times on how even liberal, left-leaning countries have limits on what they will tolerate in terms of illegal immigration. There is a loophole in the U.S. – Canadian treaty that allows people who entered the U.S. illegally to claim refugee status in Canada. Many who have learned that their U.S. status is about to be rescinded have attempted to take advantage of this. However, immigration officials in Canada are warning them, stating that it is stretching the immigration system to a breaking point and risks stoking a potential backlash.

Black Death

Coming on the heels of the plague outbreak in 2017 that killed thousands is apparently a new, unknown virus that apparently killed a nine year-old girl in Uganda. The new disease, similar to Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, causes diarrhea, headaches and eye-bleeding. Health teams have taken over the case, disinfecting the girls home and removing/disposing of the body so the local hospital is now waiting on the Uganda Virus Research Institute for more information. Thanks to G.P. for the link.


Winners of the 2018 Winter Olympics will get hosed this year. The official news is that the gold medal will be silver with about six grams of gold plating. Each hosting country has the ability to choose what the awarded medals composition is and the South Korean team has decided to go cheap. Still, the medal is nothing to sneeze at. Current prices of silver put the silver value at about $319 with the gold plating at about $254. This makes them slightly better, but on par with those made for the Brazilian Summer Olympics two years ago. Thanks to M.S. for the link.

Institutional Evil

Reader D.B. sent in this video of Tucker Carlson having a discussion with James Damore on the corporate culture at Google. Conservatives are not welcome in the company and its policies are outright hostile to anyone who leans to the right. Workers are told to reject white males, managers want Trump fired and the blacklists are not just internal. The problem isn’t just limited to Google either. It would appear that the government is no longer the main threat to your freedom. Big corporations have now taken on that role.

Planned Parenthood

The Department of Justice has finally launched an investigation into the United States largest promoter of organized murder. After years of stalling and making excuses or just flat out ignoring facts, the Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Stephen Boyd, has formally requested unredacted documents regarding the sale of body aborted body parts. While only an investigation at this point, at least it’s a start. Thanks to D.B. for the link.

Good News

Along with that bit of good news, a Federal appeals court has upheld the state of Tennessee’s 2014 vote in favor of a ballot measure that will remove the right to an abortion from the state’s constitution. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the measure by a 3-0 margin. It’s worth noting that the amendment was approved by voters by a 53 percent margin. Planned Parenthood along with other left-leaning pro-murder groups called it an attack on women.

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  1. Re: Olympic medals. Even gold bug Pete Schiff (very savvy guy) is saying, “its probably a good time to buy silver.” His statement is based on the key silver-gold ratio which JWR has repeated mentioned.

  2. It took 38 minutes to cancel the alert…
    The 38th parallel between North and South Korea…
    Is this a coincidence or a message to those who are watching…

  3. There were TWO alerts sent a half hour apart. This was no accident. It has been suggested that perhaps this was done to cause a retaliatory strike against NK.

    Regardless, this thing smells. I GUARANTEE that there is no ‘button’ to push, and numerous steps are required including verification to initiate an alert of this type.

  4. This notification system is for warning about tsunami’s and weather events. It is likely that your community has the ability to warn about weather and other crisis events. There is not a direct connection between NORAD and your local emergency center. NORAD will first contact the military chain of command and then after certain verifications contact POTUS. It is likely that NORAD will discover a ICBM 18-30 minutes before it hits target. It is unlikely that in those 18-30 minutes POTUS will even make any decisions except to head for a shelter. The various military commands and leaders will also be informed of at least what is known or believed to be happening but their actions will be limited to setting DEFCON to 1, putting bombers in the air and otherwise hunkering down. There will be no civilian notification and in fact the time to verify and notify is so short it is quite possible there will be no timely notification to POTUS.

    Therefore this Hawaii event looks very staged. I suspect rather than a “button” someone, probably with their own political motive, had to type this message into a system that was intended to warn of a tsunami.

    1. OneGuy:
      For the love of mother and child…
      You would think that after almost 70 years of supposed Cold War that someone, anyone with any type of political aspersions would know enough to steer clear of anything even remotely labeled ” in bound nuclear weapons “. When they find out who did it let’s hope the proper authorities hang this individual out to dry and then some!

  5. What if there were missiles heading to Hawaii and our military took them out but refuses to admit it or how they did it.
    If NK did launch, what a shock to our enemies that we can take out anything they launch

    Just a counter thought to ponder

  6. The whole point of ‘Terrorism’ is to CAUSE terror. Random bombings or mass shootings are not ‘Terror’ in itself, but only a means to that end. The MSM has been using these stories of bombings, shootings, and other atrocities, here and around the world, to CREATE THE TERROR, by fanning the flames of fear, whether or not the threat is real, or more likely exaggerated, or possibly even non existant. But nobody wants to be caught with their pants down, so we sign up for these emergency text alerts or rely in our Facebook friends to keep us abreast of the latest rumors according to un-disclosed ‘sources familiar with stories they heard’ So now they’ve got everyone hooked on instant messaging or automated alert texts to the point where a mere push of a button can create more terror in more people and nobody even has to strap on a suicide vest! We as a ‘FREE SOCIETY’ have bought into this voluntary slavery where we can be played like marionettes by manipulative Morlocks with FAKE NEWS! Wake up, cut that cord, get your shit together and get Right with GOD! Or will you be just another Feminized Zombie ‘Eloi’ shuffling off to your doom while you stare at your phone waiting for the “ALL CLEAR” text?

    1. Right on!
      Immediately following this event MSM called for more Federal control; elevated specific fear of Russia, China and Iran; called for a return of civil defense (people dependent on the Government for safety); and politicized Right against Left talking points. This was summarily an exercise to achieve an outcome related to the above agenda of the PTB

    1. Powers That Be = PTB

      Refers to shadow world leaders seeking NWO

      New World Order = NWO

      I might be over simplifying here, but this is just another crisis that is capitalized on or created by the PTB tondrive mass public opinion and agenda.

      Nothing is done for nothing…

  7. I wonder if this is a test by government to get people used to the idea that a nuclear attack on America is coming.

    I do not believe the official story. I mean my computer will ask me two to three times when I delete a program.

    However if the government story is correct than that is even worse. That means a group of incompetent rubes are in charge with mankind’s most deadly weapons.

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