Letter: Millennial Snowflakes are Melting at a Rapid Pace

HJL, JWR, Readers of Survival Blog,

Almost a year has passed since the US presidential election, but the continuing message of hate and racism by the far-left media is starting to take its toll. Ordinary people are beginning to mentally crack and act out. The typically passive millennial that occupies the moderate left is quickly becoming more radicalized. No longer satisfied with virtue signaling hashtags on social media, this group has taken to the streets and is committing acts of vandalism and violence. The perpetrators are overwhelmingly upper-middle-class “activists” who have spent the majority of their entitled lives secluded from accountability for their actions. For proof, you need not look any further than the pasty pale-skinned youth that currently make up a majority of ANTIFA protests.

I loathe social media, but my wife keeps me up to date on the general feelings and attitudes of the masses during her nightly session on Facebook. She tells me personal attacks on individuals with opposing political positions are the worst she has ever seen. The divisive nature of modern politics is causing family and friends to turn on one another at unprecedented rates.

Here is one example that hit close to home:

A meme titled “Strange Moments in Missing Video Evidence History” has become very popular and is currently making its way around the internet. The photo compares the absence of any video that clearly shows a plane hitting the Pentagon during the 9/11 attack, and the yet to be seen hotel surveillance video of the Las Vegas shooter. My wife posted this meme on her Facebook page without comment.

Within minutes of my wife posting this picture, the millennial-aged son of a family friend responded with a vengeance. Rather than engaging in an adult conversation that consisted of facts and evidence to support his differing opinions, he responded with a rambling diatribe full of derision and scorn. He made it very clear that he has no use for people who are capable of critical thought or those that question the “official” story. After calling my wife “stupid and ignorant” he concluded his childish rant by accusing her of disparaging first responders who lost their lives on 9/11. Keep in mind that this was not a random internet troll hiding his hatred behind an anonymous online account. This person was practically a member of the family and his response was totally out of character.

It was not only his sudden “triggered” response that concerned me, but how common his profile is among the 74 million 18-34-year-olds that are known as millennials. After losing his father to cancer at a young age, this young man was raised in an affluent neighborhood to a loving but overprotective mother. As an only child, he never had to share or compromise with others his own age. The fear of rejection by strangers and the opposite sex made his high school years ones of extreme awkwardness and solitude. His pretentious behavior toward peers in college was reinforced by a mother who constantly showered him with praise no matter if right or wrong in his actions and decisions. Now in his late twenties, he is a fervent supporter of former President Obama and supported Hillary Clinton in her failed bid for the presidency. His online attack upon my wife, most likely not his only target, was done without empathy or thought of friendship. I’m sure he viewed her as weak and unwilling to respond. Those are the actions of a sociopath in training.

What makes the newly radicalized left so dangerous? They are cowards and cowards are highly unpredictable. The masked attackers of ANTIFA smashing the heads of unarmed counter-protestors with bike locks are the embodiment of cowardice. The far-left politicians have used social media to create millions of these weaponized minions, and they are being unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace who mistake them for harmless iPhone zombies.

It is my belief that these sheltered, self-absorbed, and disenfranchised young “adults” will only become more violent as their dream of a Marxist utopia in the United States of America falls deeper into the dustbin of history. As prepared individuals, we need to be aware of this new potential threat if things get ugly. There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded and cornered animal. Even if that animal is wearing a beanie and skinny jeans.

God Bless – D.D.


  1. These ignorant, self absorbed snowflakes believe that it is their moral right to respond with violence when confronted by anything they have been indoctrinated in is questioned. They do not want to debate, they can’t, they don’t have the critical thinking skills to engage, so they respond with threats and violence. It is worse, of course, when they are anonymous and even more dangerous when in large groups. They need to be held accountable for their actions (they never are, no one says no to them)and their masters (the college professors and community organizers, etc) who have aimed these youths like a gun to advance their agenda. Like other terrorist tactics, they have the physical group attacking while the “moderate” group pretends to not support them but is actually controlling them.

    This will of course end badly and the snowflakes still wont understand or accept that they were at fault and the cause of it all.

    1. The meme firstly and correctly places into question the narrative, whether there is any accuracy to the messaging that we are being exposed to in the propagandized media networks… And the millennial acceptance of this messaging without further thought or question is the crux of the matter. Clearly, the narrative you cite, the one that they wish us all to accept, is central, and we may yet become converts, if only someone would have adequately answered the question posed by the meme.

      Once addressed, perhaps we can delve into additional details. The alleged perpetrator is being portrayed as a ‘successful’ long term gambler. If we know anything at all about casinos, you know that the odds are in favour of the house… actually making the gamblers the losers in the long run. Again, the official narrative seems unlikely to be truth.

      We’re supposed to believe that the 64 year old did the shooting using an AR15 at 400 yards from elevation. But, what did we hear from the witnesses… security guards, hotel patrons, the unaltered videos and the other people on the ground — instead we seem presented with what seems implausible plots, and timelines which continue to conflict… by media which seem more interested to parrot each other than investigate.

      With all of the video cameras in Vegas, if there actually was credible video evidence, it would have surfaced within hours of the event… due to the nature of the public interest. What has surfaced at this point is unconvincing.

      1. Thank you for perfect clarification of my message. In no way was I attempting to equate the mass murder of innoncent Americans to the problem we face with Millennials. When the first response of one group to another with different opinions is violence, it only leads to one conclusion.


      2. I cant speak to the Las Vegas incident, but I had five guys on the roof of the Navy Annex building just uphill from the Pentagon that day, repairing an antenna, and they all saw the aircraft as it approached and struck the building.

        1. Steve

          Don’t try and muddle the conspiracy theories with incontrovertible evidence! It ruins all the nutjobs fun. God forbid we believe that radical Islam successfully carried off an attack on us that day…

      3. My wife and I were watched many videos of the event and it was obviously very confusing for those at the scene. It seemed to us that in one video a police officer returned fired into a crowd even, my wife saying she thinks he thought the gun fire was coming from the crowd and my thought was he was reacting with blind fear (unreasonable by definition, but that is a chaotic and unreasonable situation to be in). How many people had his bullets? I don’t know. I do believe that asking for something there should be plenty of evidence for is rational; where is the footage of him hauling the luggage that contained all this stuff? Surely such footage has monetary value and I know I’d be willing to pay to see it. Why hasn’t it turned up on the news or even on the internet?? You could get a million views easily and totally deflate cries for evidence, so given the profit motive and wide reaching political impact, why hasn’t that footage come forward?

    2. This is a perfect argument to diffuse. The LEFT should never have the option on the table for Gun Control. They want no one dead by guns but after shootings their Abortion legislation is in full operation. If the right can’t enact Abortion Control at all then the left can’t touch guns. Who / what kills more? Abortion or guns? It is obvious the Left creed kills more and we Right thinkers aren’t allowed to control that legislation? Ha!

    3. This was obviously a false flag event. This is another episode in the war between Good and Evil, perpetrated by the Globalists in an effort to disarm our country. It was successful in getting some easily turned softies, like the NRA, to sell out another portion of the 2nd Amendment.
      You are not being of any help whining about millennnials.

    4. Remember that over half of the 550 injured were hurt by “stampede” injuries caused by 22,000 people running in the dark in a panic. Not by gunfire, still tragic. And where are the ballistic results from the autopsies and wounded?

      1. Gary, I’ve been looking for a casualty breakdown by type (shot vs. trampled) for a while but haven’t been able to find one. Would you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  2. Many points here to say…
    First the Gays in the 1970s acted as such and would crash/ disrupt/ and utterly occupy City Hall meetings and other meetings in San Franscisco until they got their way. These Millenials will eventually win and change this nation because conservatives are doing nothing in the form of establishing/ preserving our Nations framing on Christian principles. We will loose because only a few of us are standing our ground and allowing no advancement of this Communism.

    Single mom hood is promoted by the Left and children have no equalizing force of a father’s teaching. Moms are usually the nurturing force where as father’s seed boundaries and understanding of right and wrong. Think of your own reading.

    These Thugs are allowed to riot, loot, burn cities, and commit felonies at the same time the Police (look at Berkeley ) are told to stand down to this behavior. However, the Bundys stood for their Conservative cause and were meet with fierce government quelling with a rain of bullet holes to their vehicle and one Levoy Finciam shot dead on sight by these three law enforcement agencies ( including the FBI). Where’s this law enforcement presence to stop this Antifa billions of dollars worth of damage? You won’t see them because it’s the Leftist cause.

    We are losing.
    We are losing our public schools / Universities / with IRS harassment/ law harassment/ and even losing our families because we are not stopping this hostile take over of rewriting American principles.

  3. Our family also had a very similar experience. A family friend that literally grew up with my daughter – best friends in middle and high school before we moved, accused my daughter of being a racist. Not ever was there actual evidence or even a word that supported this accusation, only my daughter voted for Trump. This has lead to a split and an end to a very long friendship. The accusation was vile, hurtful, without merit, without justification or remorse to this day. She is also middle to upper class affluent, with trips abroad, every advantage that America has to offer but totally drank the Kool-Aid the left has provided.

    1. I am sorry for what happened to your family, I truly am. It was not the affluence of your daughter’s friend, however, that led to her vile and loathesome lies and comments to your daughter. Your daughters friends’ parents must not have stressed a godly Christian lifestyle and gave her the foundation upon which to grow. I am so sorry for that family. They have missed the boat. I hope that your daughter is able to forgive them for their vile and sinful deeds.

  4. One way I’ve gotten to understand our culture and the different generations is from a book written by Straus and Howe, The Fourth Turning.

    What you describe and observed are whole generations that have never faced adversity; where their voice is amplified but has no merit or thoughtfull or spoken with any wisdom because “they can” given platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat; and because they’ve built their expectations on someone else will make it better for them because it’s their right.

    Some but not all have been indelibly changed by this environment and the echo chamber they live in will create a generation that will succumb to a change that they are unlikely to be prepared for in the future. The few, the strong and those ready to face adversity and able to rebuild the next generation – there will be another great generation, just not this one nor right now.

  5. The first 180 days of the collapse will solve many of the problems our country faces. Reality makes no provision for naivete, idealism, weakness, and sensitivity. The SJWs can disrupt a civil and organized society that exists now, but in the dystopian future that is coming – not knowing how to do ANYTHING other than post a photo to Instagram will be fatal. I think the smell will be the worst thing about their education.

  6. Yes, very accurate. I have found this to be a consistent profile. They have been subject to Marxist indoctrination and am afraid its not reversible. When there all out of work and the chips are down, these are the types of people who will prey on decent folks. Best to identify early on. Be ready, and God Bless!

  7. I think it is a product of Marxist indoctrination at any age. Thinking about specific examples and personal experience. When it was going their way they were peaceful. The “victimology” of Marxism is at the root of it. Failure is someone else’s fault.

  8. My youngest son falls into this category, and Thankfully, he is an incredible young man. His critical thinking skill are still developing, but on the right track. At times, he can’t believe the stupidity of they way these people act. And all are correct in the reality of being aware of your surroundings, and having a plan.

  9. Isn’t it mind blowing when members of your family or close friends suddenly act like that? I’ve lost 5 or 6 friendships with people just because of the election when they suddenly came out with that exact mentality.

    Saddening as it is, it is also necessary. I’m glad this election at least brought those people into the limelight for everyone to see…

  10. To date it appears that those they have assaulted have been only slightly less PC versions of themselves. One day they will swing a bike lock at a welder or a truck driver which will likely result in the beginning of the real life education that they have been sheltered from as they find themselves the recipient of a well earned beating. Interestingly it seems that, despite their outrage at society, they are smart enough not to conduct these shenanigans in populations with a high concentration of CCW’s. It nay sound callous but I am looking forward to that particular news report.

  11. The millennial knows no bounds. They have grown up seeing violent activism tolerated, abortion tolerated, gender fluidity tolerated, hate tolerated , crimes by politicians and the elite blatantly tolerated and excused…..even terrorism tolerated along with illegal mass migration into our country. Why would they not keep pushing when those on our side continue to accept everything?

  12. It seems to me that the problems millennials have didn’t grow in a vacuum.

    I am speaking as a millennial.

    I don’t think these problems are purely the result of leftists leading families headed by women (though that certainly plays into what’s going on).

    I think of my upbringing, and I wonder: with what consistency did the men in authoritative positions in my life act on their principles? Were the principles themselves based strongly in Scripture?

    One problem that I believe I’ve seen that doesn’t seem to be connected with leftists is the pursuit of “success” (or rather, the appearance of it) to the detriment of principles. For example, freedom is an excellent principle; the debtor is slave to the lender- yet many of the men in my life seemed perfectly willing to give up that freedom in order to have a nice big house, nice car(s), cell phones, computers, etc.

    Men also don’t seem to have much freedom in “the workplace” (why is it assumed that everyone must have a J O B job? what happened to starting businesses?); it is difficult to imagine a man bringing his kid to work with him in the majority of jobs today. Without that bonding between fathers and children, could anything good come from the children?

    “Raise up your child in the way he should go, and in the end he will not depart from it.”

    You reap what you sow- and leftists / millennials are not purely to blame here (though we do share a large part of it).

    I’m sorry for my own failings. How do we move forward? Death will be the answer?

    1. Those are all excellent points Daniel. I should have been more specific in recoginizing the fact that there are many in your generation that embrace critical thinking. Do not be sorry for your failures. Learn from them and share your experiences so that we all may benefit.


  13. What’s even more frightening is that their “education” has TAUGHT them to take the word of their liberal teachers without critical thought or curiosity. They cannot be reasoned with because when questioned or asked to reflect on an idea outside of their bubble, it causes them actual physical pain, and they strike out with either verbal or physical violence. They don’t know how to think.

    1. The full-blown anti-Trump campaign on late night TV shows feeds the soft puddle of mush in their skulls. I also find it ironic how they accuse any reference to skin color as “racist” while out of the other side of their mouth they talk about the presidents’ “orange” skin.

  14. It’s not just millennials. It’s all of the leftists. My mother and aunts are all radicalized leftists ages 70 through 89. Of course they are all divorced and staunch man haters. They have completely lost their minds and are in able to get over the last election. Makes family get togethers difficult at best. Their latest leftist cause is gun confiscation….really nice since I build guns for a living.

  15. This is not a new phenomena. It has always looked just like the Communist Revolution in China, the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany or the uprisings comprised largely of students prior to the Russia Revolution. At least to me.

  16. I was cruising around the interweb recently came across a site that was encouraging its Antifa readers to participate in mass demonstrations and revolt starting on November 4th. I did not capture the URL so I cannot post it. But it would seem prudent to keep our eyes open.

    1. The event you speak of is for November 4 and is written about on resist fascism.org. These people know no bounds and are willing to use weapons (the ones they vote against for the rest of us). I am assuming that they are willing to kill for their “cause”. Read their website. It is quite shocking, except that it isn’t. Having few to no boundaries for most anything, for the last fifty years has resulted in this thinking. They are aligned with the Democratic Socialists of America and Revcom, the revolutionary communists of America. BLM and Antifa are also two sides of the same coin. May God have mercy on our country.

  17. It is ironic that this behavior was (in foreign countries) a result of hunger, poverty and despair. In the USA it is a result of a full stomach, Starbuck’s coffee and boredom.

    Rector has hit the nail on the head.

  18. Many on the left are virtually ignorant. A huge part of the problem is the internet and social media. Couple that with an MSM that is “occupied” by dedicated leftists and an active and effective funding and directing by communist activists groups and you get what we have today. The propaganda on the internet is thick, slick and sick. Most millennials enjoy inciting violence and taking their orders from Soros and his ilk. Sooner or later there will be a showdown. The deck is stacked and this time the good guys might not win.

  19. To Daniel: I believe you are correct in your assessment that people like me, who claim Christ,have not behaved in a way the Bible requires. Me and men in my church are looking into this poor fathering now. I will pray that you continue to be wise in your youth. wm

  20. 1) I think you guys are falling for the “divide and conquer” tactic of Democrat billionaires and their prostitutes in the news media. The thing that most distinguishes Antifa is NOT ideological committment — it is hypocrisy. The thing that most distinguishes our news media ,in my opinion, is obvious deceit. Many of the “social activists” in the news are nothing but paid prostitutes for the Rich.
    2) If these people really felt committment to the agenda they proclaim, then why were they so SILENT during the Obama administration? It was not Trump who dumped 8 years of 15% unemployment onto black Democrat voters — it was Obama. It was not Trump who let Democrat billionaires haul $Trillions out of the US Treasury in wheelbarrows — it was Obama and the Democratic Congresses of 2009-2010.
    3) It was not George Zimmerman who spent $1 TRILLION per YEAR on “homeland security” and “defense” while not lifting a finger to provide police protection to communities like Camden NJ, Chester PA, Flint MI –places suffering some of the highest homicide rates on the planet. It was not ZImmerman who killed thousands of black youths every year through indifference — who dumped 40% unemployment onto black youths like Trayvon Martin so Goldman Sachs wouldn’t go bankrupt.
    4) Don’t let Soros and Democrat billionaires divide us from our fellow Americans. Properly informed and released from the News Media propaganda that distracts them, Democratic voters would join with us in the destroying the Clintonian evil. Look at Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Who have to call themselves progressives because anyone who actually believes in the Democratic Party’s proclaimed values feels the need to distinguish themselves from the Third Way, DLC Clintonian prostitutes.
    Bernie did as much to kneecap Hillary’s campaign as did Trump.

  21. 1) You guys also don’t appreciate the extent of massive corruption within the Democratic leadership — and how exposing that corruption would alienate tens of millions of Democratic voters away from their leaders and the Party’s billionaire owners.

    2) In describing the fight between Howard Dean and Obama’s Rahm Emanuel, Matt Bai described the REAL party thus:
    “Every four years, the national party became obsessed with “targeting” — that is, focusing all its efforts on 15 or 20 winnable urban states and pounding them with expensive TV ads. The D.N.C.’s defining purpose was to raise the money for those ads. The national party became, essentially, a service organization for a few hundred wealthy donors, who treated it like their private political club.”

    3) As an example, Goldman Sachs executives must crack up laughing whenever Harvard Professor and Senator Elizabeth Warren loudly criticizes them. Many of them were educated, after all, at Harvard’s Business School. And they really did nothing in 2008 that Harvard didn’t do. Goldman Sachs dumped $1 million into Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and got the Big Bailout that saved GS from bankruptcy and caused its stock to soar from $60 in Nov 2008 to $180 in the first year of Obama’s term.

    4) But by 2007 , Harvard’s endowment fund had lost $10 billion on derivatives bets by Dean Larry Summers, formerly Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary. So Harvard ALSO dumped $1 million into Obama’s campaign, Obama appointed Fat Larry his national economic advisor and Shazzam! Harvard recovered its $10 billion in losses. Anyone seen Loud Liz criticizing THAT sweetheard deal?

  22. It’s so easy to blame the school systems, social media and broadcast media for the inability of millennials to use critical thinking skills, proper personal social skills and exhibit emotional maturity. It’s easy to blame those institutions because the alternative is to blame the parents.

    The helicopter parenting style so many Gen-X parents participate in is really what’s to blame, in my opinion. When you never say no, make kids put on safety helmets when getting on a big-wheel, fix any problem they come across, and always find some reason or person to blame for their failures, then you are the real problem.

    If you teach them to be independent and have some critical thinking skills, then even when they go astray, they always have a core foundation to fall back on.

  23. I expect this to be a very unpopular post/opinion. That is fine. Someone needs to express it. While I firmly believe that there comes a time in ones life when you become fully responsible for yourself, your decisions, and your actions, the decisions and actions you take are formed by what you were taught in your formative years. So, who taught these millennials to be self absorbed entitled spoiled antifa brats? YOU DID! You all, as a generation of baby boomer parents failed miserably at raising your children. YOU created the “participation trophy”. YOU demanded no one be cut from sports teams. YOU spared the rod and spoiled the child. YOU bought the candy when your kid screamed in the store instead of whipping them right there. YOU insisted on “inclusivity” and “fairness” in everything, destroying the sense of competition and pride that come with really winning, and the coping skills that develop from losing. YOU did all of these things, and YOU allowed society to develop in this manner all because YOU believed your child was too “special” and there “feelings” were too frail to be “hurt”. So, as you sit at your computer bashing these mindless liberal retards smashing windows, looting, and rioting in the streets, take some responsibility. These are YOUR chickens coming home to roost.

    1. I agree. Some baby boomers have done just that. And, I can tell you why — those “boomers” who spared the rod, gave participation trophies, etc., in my opinion, were feeling guilty. They felt guilty (subconscious) perhaps, because they were so busy working 60+ hour weeks away from home in order to buy bigger homes, expensive cars and boats and taking lavish trips. They wanted to give their children all of those things and did. But, what they didn’t give their children is a home schooled or private Christian education; they didn’t give their children their time, only their things. The kids grew up expecting things, and not the time. The children spent time with their peers and not their parents and their peers were most likely raised the same way. And after all that, they sent their children to liberal universities who completed “raising” their children, and raise them they did — into entitled nasty brats!

    2. You are correct. There were still a few parents who tried to raise their children correctly, but they were outnumbered 10 to 1 by all the parents who’d been caught in the two-income trap (or were too selfish to make the sacrifices needed to stay married and avoid the single-parent trap) and were too tired, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to put forth the effort needed to raise their children well.

  24. We keep depending on the “conservatives” in congress and our state legislatures to act in ways we expect “conservatives” to act. Here in lies the rub. That would require our conservatives to be conservative and not neoconservative. Did we actually need a “new” conservatism? It seems to me the old conservatism actually represents those values the majority of us hold dear.

    All progressives are socialists.
    All neoconservatives are progressives.
    Ergo, all neocons are socialists.

    I think the US senate has one steadfast conservative, Rand Paul. Mike Lee is pretty close, but he flips on occasion. Ted Cruz, is a political opportunist, but, in the end, about 80% of the time he falls on the right side of the issues. Come on Roy Moore. He would make for four in the Senate. The rest are all “Party Hacks”.

    The house has about five who are steadfast conservatives. Another 25 are to varying degrees pretty good. The rest are party hacks.

    The state legislatures reflect similar numbers, YMMV.

    To Daniel; you, young man are not alone. My nephews (my wife and I were never blessed), millennials both, used to pay too much attention to their teachers. They have both grown to be libertarian conservatives. Church goers, working men, opting not for college, but for jobs and families. They still spend too much time on social media. They are not succumbing to the leftist hype and propaganda.

    I think, in the end, most millennials will turn out OK. The real problem seems to be the children of the 1%, or more likely the 5%, those at the top of the economic food chain.

    As for the unanswered questions around most of these terror attacks, especially from 9/11 on, I have the same questions. I don’t fall prey to the official narrative either. The official narrative is fluid and remains so to this day. There is too much contradictory information, whether it’s 9/11 or Las Vegas. Las Vegas, in particular, stinks of a black swan, or false flag event. This appears to be too staged an action for a non-military, non-special forces, relatively untrained, old man to carry out on his own. I don’t have a conspiracy theory as such, but this thing stinks, reeks of serious bad actors, state actors.

  25. 1) In fairness to the millenials, it was NOT they who ran up #20 TRILLION in federal debt, $8+ Trillion of which is owed to FOREIGN debtors.
    2) It was NOT the millenials who had the huge baby boomer generation pay into Social Security and Medicare for 48 years — only to spend those massive sums and leave NOTHING to cover the huge liability/promises of those funds.
    3) So people best mute their criticism of “millenials” unless they want to do without health care in their old age — and develop a taste for dog food.
    4) I really fail to understand why some of you think that protestors claiming to be “Antifascists” (Antifa) and yet who use the tactics of Nazi Brownshirts are people acting out of sincere belief — as opposed to merely being hired thugs paid through several murky organizations funded by Democrat billionaires.
    5) Doesn’t anyone remember all those ANONYMOUS attack ads that hit Howard Dean in the 2004 Iowa primary when he challenged the Democratic Party’s rulers? Here is who was behind that:


    Major funder of the attack ads was Bill CLinton’s buddy, Slimfast billionaire S Daniel Abraham. ($200,000, not $100,000). To realize the nature of the Democratic leadership, understand that Abraham had lent his personal assistant, Sara Ehrman, to work on Dean’s campaign staff at the time.
    6) Follow the money, people.

  26. PS Start by asking WHO got that $10 trillion in debt that Obama ran up on our national credit card in just 8 years.

    As they say in poker, if you don’t know who the sucker at the table is, then it’s you.

  27. ” And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times” Isaiah 33: 6
    D.D.: Perhaps when the hurt and anger subside after the verbal attack on your wife, a carefully thought out response would be appropriate. This well planned answer should include many logical and thoughtful questions,
    that pierce to the heart of the matter.

    WHY bother to respond? Several reasons. One, you are letting the attacker know he/she has NOT silenced you (nor your wife). Two, even though the perp may never respond to your clarifying of the issues, you have planted seeds of doubt into the perp’s embrace of wrong thinking. And thirdly, you are letting everyone else know, that may have access to those publications, what the truth really is. Sublimely, you are encouraging other readers to respond in like manner to attacks they may have faced.

    Knowledge: For those who delve for it, it is there. The “socialization” of media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) has conditioned the mind of “millennials” to Instant Gratification. Instant Gratification (Self-acknowledgement) has conditioned millions of people to look for values (what the rest of the crowd is doing) on these electronic devices.

    There is no long-term, individual research into whatever the issue of the day may be.

    These social media devices have been implemented to condition the mindless into “instant” and “thoughtless” action. Reactions such as pushing a button to “Like” or “Thumbs down” have actually persuaded the doer, that this person, the doer, has value, and what this person is doing is meaningful.

    Realizing the handicaps these people are operating with, it becomes easier to utilize tools to break the barriers of their minds. It can be extremely frustrating, and tiring. One can become wearied posting research, and facts.

    But sooner or later, like minds will be drawn to the truth, and you will realize that you are not alone in one’s efforts.

    Sooner or later, if you post the truth in enough places, results will occur. George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

  28. What I saw on the internet re las Vegas was supposed shooter was an undercover FUN and was attempting to set up ISIS. That explains the missing serial numbers on all the guns, cameras were to film ISIS peeps, and the bad guys got wind of him and finished him off and did a terror number. Makes sense.

  29. The problem will correct itself and we ( the older generations) could help by making them stand on their own two feet! Who do you think is paying the bills while they play on social media and attend protests?

    If you have anything, then leave it to those you respect. If you have a business, hire those you respect. Spend your money with those who share your values. Give only to charities or individuals who are helping themselves.

    If you find yourself in a hole – first stop digging!

  30. When the fat kid in North Korea takes out our electrical grid with an EMP the millennials will be the first to die. I would guess that most of the posters here are preppers so I will say to you all that while an EMP would totally suck, it WILL take care of the above mentioned problems.

  31. Just some random thoughts after reading through the comments…

    I’m not technically a millennial, being in my mid-thirties, but close enough that I consider myself to straddle the divide between the generations. I’m college-educated, an Iraq vet and still serving in the Guard, a happy owner of several firearms, and, believe it or not, I tend to vote Democrat. I try really hard to ignore politics though, because I doubt many politicians say or vote how they really would if they were unencumbered. They’re players in a game and they have to toe the party line if they want to be elected and stay in office.

    Why? If I haven’t lost you yet, this is probably where I will: it’s because of hate and religion. The left hates the right and the right hates the left, but a fair proportion of the right also hates jews, homosexuals, transgenders, atheists, immigrants, and apparently even entire generations. I was raised catholic, and I have no problem with what people choose to believe, but what I do have a problem with is people trying to push their beliefs on me. And before anyone says it, my desire to not be governed by a religious code is not me pushing my beliefs on you; keeping religion out of politics doesn’t inhibit your religion, but being governed only by those who identify as Christians will probably affect me. For the record, more people have been killed in the name of religion, Christianity or otherwise, than I want to bother counting.

    I’ve read a lot of comments here talking about how violent millennial have become, how dangerous they are, how they’re violent with both words and actions… Those comments are immediately followed by someone else talking about how they can’t wait until some millennial gets beat up, or gets shot by someone with a CCW. Apparently people here are just as violent as the millennial they hate?

    There are absolutely weapons that nobody outside of the military should have – automatic weapons, grenades, landmines, explosives – sure they’re fun and of course we can all think of reasons why we should have them, but one crazy person in my town with a machine gun is a worse thought than not being able to own one myself.

    Finally, if anyone made it this far, why are you bashing everyone else’s ability to think critically? Does effective critical thinking only result in agreeing with you? Does coming to a different conclusion than you automatically mean someone failed to think critically? By that definition, if any of you hold different opinions on anything, then none of you are able to do it correctly either.

    1. Kevin,

      You have stated some just criticisms of a few of the many people who read and comment on this site. Mostly people don’t think through what they say or what they want their government to do. There are consequences to the actions you demand.

      We the baby boomers deserve some of the blame for what is happening today. Yet the programs that are costing so terribly much to fund were not put in by us. For that, look to the “greatest generation” and their parents generation. As mentioned before most of the millenial generation will turn out OK.

      As to the firearms that no one needs, who makes that call? Which totalitarian socialist in Washington or in your State capital is so wise as to make that kind of decision. Who would you really trust, put your faith in to make that call? My answer would be, oh gee, me, for me, and you for you. As it should be.

      As for religion: most of these good people here are on the right. They also support Israel, and hence the Jewish people. Racism and bigotry I really don’t find here. If it were, I wouldn’t be here. Don’t blame religion in general for the thoughts and actions of the individual.

      1. Points taken Charles, thanks for the comments. I think whatever problems we have are far too complicated to lay at any individual’s or any group’s feet, but we all certainly share at least some of the blame.

        And yeah, deciding who should get what isn’t an easy call, but I don’t think that means that we should just wash our hands of the responsibility to enact sensible limits. Just because what you or I consider sensible differs doesn’t mean we don’t have a responsibility to compromise. Anything else would be anarchy, and despite what some people might say about that everyone seems to appreciate water treatment plants and roads, and you can’t have those without also having a government that regulates and manages them. And if we have have a government to regulate those things, then they’re also going to have to make sure everyone works together while using them, which in a country this diverse requires compromise.

  32. JH had it right. We, the ” Christians” , of which I am one are truly at fault. JH did not say it as I am about to but here it is. When the state legislators in my state in the Midwest were trying desperately to stop gay marriage from becoming a reality in my state one of the congressmen stood and looked straight at the live feed camera and said ” where are the churches on this issue?” The reason he asked that question is because there were hundreds of pro gay activists there and not ONE single preacher or Christian that was willing to make themeselves known to be present. We as Christians were totally silent and we got what we did nothing to stop. As Martin Luther King has been quoted as saying, I believe the following ” when we get to the judgement seat in Heaven we will not only be held accountable for what we did but MORE accountable for what we did NOT do.” I myself have failed miserably at taking a stand and I tell myself it is because I can’t trust myself to say or do the right thing at the right time etc… that is bull and j know it every time. The real truth is that I am a lazy person that wants to rest on my laurels and let someone else do the fighting. I thank GOD that those preachers back before the revolution were not like me and that those original 17 farmers that first stood up to the British in front of their family farms and said ” you go no further” and then 4 of them gave their very lives to the cause right then and there. I as a Christian need to stand up again and say ” you go no further”. But will I? Will you? Will anybody? Or will I , you , everybody just continue to whine and cry and say poor me I am just a ” victim”
    ….. sound familiar? I have been taught to look at myself first and to keep the blame to me only and so I do at this time. I have read ” the Book” and in the end… GOD wins!.

  33. I have found it interesting that the Big Box Hardware stores are now making videos to teach the millenials how to use a tape measure, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. I guess this points to the info that millenials are not “hands-on” unless it comes to destroying things they do not or can not understand.

  34. The following is a true story.

    A while back a person went to a demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, not to support any side as far I understand. After returning to Snowflake City he was recognized on the internet. At the urging of a local radio DJ three hundred plus [leftist] millennials telephoned his place of employment, in addition to dozens calling his home, some with death threats.
    He was fired on the spot after working that job for four years with no complaints. No questions asked. No opportunity for a response. He probably has left the area or state for his own safety and because he will never get a job in that locality.

    To me the scary part is a not so fine line has been crossed. Mission accomplished, some people will have second thoughts before voicing an opinion. How far is it before one will need a party card to have a job or eat?

    I doubt the millennials realize they have been used and will be subject to the same treatment. Also, I doubt they will ever realize that the personality inciting civil unrest is controlled opposition.

    Neither will they realize that the Socialistic professors who lead them on from the rear ranks are the same ones who own the rental properties the self righteous snowflakes pay exorbitant rents for which shows how much they care for their minions. I would point this out to the renters, not that they care since their parents pay for their expenses, but do not want to be accused of a hate crime or thought crime, go figure.

  35. “Ordinary people are beginning to mentally crack and act out.”

    “Mush Headed Libtard Progs are beginning to mentally crack and act out.”

    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer Welcome. ;-))

  36. The only “conspiracy” is Mandalay Bay aka MGM corporate is protecting their asses in the face of millions of dollars of lawsuits. The guy was a high roller, in a comped end suite. There is no footage because the objects in question went from the valet through back of house up to the guys room. No cameras in the guest corridors.

    Guess who pays all of Metro’s overtime bills for special events? MGM. Guess who’s going to be crapped on for a 60 minute response time? Metro.

    Follow the money…

  37. I’m a gen-X’er not a millennial and 9/11 conspiracy theorists are silly.

    A plane traveling over 500mph is moving over 700 feet per second, meaning it would be in the field of view for most security cameras pointed at the building for less than 1/5 of a second. Most security cameras used in 2001 did not take full-motion, multi-frames per second video, but one still image every 1-3 seconds with a slow “shutter speed” making it extremely unlikely that any camera would even catch a blur of the plane.

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