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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Interestingly enough, NASA was practicing their asteroid early warning communications.

Las Vegas

Reader DSV sent in this link outlining some of the inconsistencies and quick conclusions that the anti-gun crowd have over the Las Vegas shooting. They include differences in times, unknown motivation while simultaneously being a large scale operation with contingencies.It’s becoming harder and harder to accept the formal explanation. About the only thing we know for sure at this point is that TPTB want your guns.

Peoples Republic of Kalifornia

California Governor Jerry Brown signed an order that lowers the penalty for knowingly exposing a sex partner to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor. Under the guise of claiming HIV is only a health issue, the state has now declined to treat those with HIV using it as a weapon as criminals. Of course, I don’t think anyone was asking to treat them as criminals just because they were HIV positive in the first place. It was only when the disease was wielded as a weapon that it was a felony. I suppose we can now expect firearms related crimes to be considered a misdemeanor in California? Oh wait, they don’t want any firearms there. Thanks to M. for the link.

YouTube’s Censorship

YouTube has announced that it will expand it’s policy against harmful and dangerous content to include content that shows viewers how to modify firearms to “increase the rate of fire”. It also states that it will ban videos that sell and promote firearms. As of right now, several firearms related channels are still up and operating so it’s not know to what extent this new policy will have on those channels. As an alternative source of gun videos, JWR recommends Thanks to reader T.P. for the link.


Reader T.J. sent in this video from PragerU which outlines it’s grievances against the SPLC. Originally founded as a watchdog against “hate” groups, it has transformed itself into the premier attack group of those who support hate and racism and especially those who disagree with it. it the one of the foremost intolerant groups in existence. It has moved so far left that being described called out by the SPLC is almost a badge of honor for conservatives.

Asteroid Strike Rehearsal

A recent close fly-by of a house sized asteroid afforded NASA an opportunity to test their strike threat warning system. Asteroid 2012 TC4 passed inside of the Moon’s orbit and allowed the communications network to pass critical information back and forth. Despite some system not working (such as the damaged facility in Puerto Rico), they have declared the test a success.

Flu Prepardness

Experts are warning that the U.S. is not prepared for a flu pandemic. Of concern is the fact that most of the 30 most common drugs are all made outside of the U.S. borders making it difficult to source the drugs in an emergency. A pandemic in India or China could have a significant impact on the ability of the U.S. to source those drugs as well.

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News Tips:

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  1. Flu Preparedness:
    A pandemic is my greatest fear….. I can see most trouble, however a pandemic is a germ that is invisible to everyone.

    The “Swine Flu” is now jumping from pigs to humans at the Maryland County fairs.

    The 1918-1919 Pandemic lasted 2 years and ran in 3 separate waves of infections as it mutated and killed more and more people.

    Today with international jet traffic it would be 10 times worse.

    What % of the people in the US are prepared enough to take care of their family in total isolation for 2 years??

    Does your family have enough food, over the counter medications, antibiotics, prescriptions, seeds to grow more food, the land to grow the food, firewood, the list goes on and on.

    If you are lucky enough to see that a pandemic is out there before the “Gubberment” tells the public do you have cash at home?? Do you have a last run shopping list in every car??

    If you have the land and seeds to grow food, do you have the equipment and knowledge to preserve the food with out public utilities??

    What about the families with children do you have books and the other items needed to educate your children with out schools??

    I check this site everyday to see any outbreaks in my area and to watch for trends.

    Further if you are on or near the southern boarder, you are at even further danger.

    If your family survives, have you planned your family post SHTF business????

    1. “If your family survives, have you planned your family post SHTF business????”

      This is a very good question for those of us who do not have a self sufficient homestead. I live in a suburban area with a small yard, so limited ability to grow. My job is with a county library so whether or not it will continue would all depend on the extent of the pandemic in my area.

      I know how to sew so could offer that as a service. I have a small stock of patterns and some fabric. So would probably have to limit the construction of new clothes but could offer clothing repair as a business.

      Still new to preparing, but have about a year of rice for family of 5 set aside, with spices to jazz it up. Have about 3 months of canned vegetables and meat and still stocking up. But would need to grow some veggies to add to it after these run out.

      Does anyone have some suggestions on suburban preparedness? I know the optimal solution would be to get out of dodge but financially that doesn’t work at the moment.

      Thanks for any thoughts.

    2. The flu itself isn’t usually fatal, or even permanently debilitating, especially with 2017 Hospitals (not 1918 hospitals).

      This might be a scare story to get you to accept a vaccination – the original 1976 Swine flu caused a panic and lots of people paralyzed from Guillane-Baray (sp?) syndrome, but the epidemic never materialized.

      Antibiotic resistance is far more of a threat, and SARS is NOT the flu but more deadly as are many other diseases, many from the 3rd world – should we build the wall and stop letting refugees in? And enforce sanitation? California has declared a state of Emergency over Hepatitis C, because people defecate on their sidewalks. Mainly a homeless problem, but viruses don’t care about your race, gender, or economic status.

      An excellent medical thriller about the pandemic:

      Note big pharma is immune from any lawsuit from damage from vaccines. Also check the ingredient list for all the crap they put in besides the antigens. Unless you are in a group where it would be a threat (or could take it home to someone, e.g. an elderly parent with breathing problems) I would not get it.

      And we wonder why Agenda 2030 wants to put us all into crowded big cities. I just got back from one of them, and from there had the first digestive problem – likely an infection – since I moved to the redoubt.

    1. Ned2,
      Good. Thank you. We need an alternative to the YouTube tyranny. (Actually, YT is not a tyranny, it’s their company, they can run it however they wish. But it would be nice to have a conservative competitive alternative to make YT think twice about what they’re doing.)

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