Letter Re: Secession

Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it, but I have a couple of questions: the Supreme Court rulings seem to pertain only to states wanting to leave an “indestructable Union” composed of “indestructable States”, but does that still leave open the possibility of one of the “indestructable States” wanting to separate and become another state and still be part of the United States? You mention Baja Arizona, and certainly there is discussion about a State of Jefferson. There’s also the intent/desire for Silicone Valley to split off and become their own state. I’m sure upstate NY would like to divorce themselves from the politics of NYC as well as Chicago driving the politics of Illinois. And how did West Virginia manage to separate from Virginia? It seems to me that West Virginia set the precedent for a state to split and remain in the “indestructable Union”, which kept the United States intact. So why not the possibility of a 51st and then a 52nd and a 53rd state, which would provide for a better representation of “We the People”? I’m not a lawyer but curious, especially since this election just showed how divided this country is. Thanks. -Andy