Letter Re: Localism


Regarding “Localism”, the hard, cold facts are that whatever significantly disrupts society to the point of power-grid collapse will induce major chaos, loss of life, loss of comfort, loss of wealth, and loss of security. A moral people (which our nation is not) must be governed by law, even in the absence of external government. Self-control is the foundation of civilization and must be based on a generally-acknowledged code of ethics. For past centuries, the Bible and Ten Commandments formed the platform for society. Now, not even the churches will acknowledge these authorities, let alone the Darwinists. The most disturbing point of this article, is the “ruthless suppression” of all “competing militias”. This is the end of freedom, because it will mean the disarmament or death of anyone who refuses to submit to the local Nimrod. However, in a society where Divine law is rejected, the law of force must rule. When desire is the highest law, whoever is strongest will destroy all others. Society will degenerate into a horde of robbers and assassins. This is “Natural Law”.