Guest Article: Surviving A Collapse: The Gold and Silver Game, by Capt. William E. Simpson II

Do Americans really need to worry about a financial collapse in world money markets leading to national rioting and chaos? History shows it has happened before in many countries around the world and many so-called experts say we do, but they are leaving out the most important details.

Of course, when the media voices the opinions of the “experts”, that alone builds some worry into financial markets. Some astute observers may ask if this is by design and if by doing so they intentionally create niche markets for the products and services they sell related to gold and silver hedges and financial advice. Still, even if this is by design, the facts on the ground in regard to record national debt and quantitative easing are of themselves creating a situation where instability is a natural result; going too far out on any limb will ultimately cause the stress on the limb to exceed its breaking strength.

Central banks and equity markets around the world today are operating with hair-triggers, and nobody wants to be the last one out when the music stops; however, the music must stop soon. There is no such thing as unlimited debt and growth; corrections must and will come, one way or another. And since the markets have been manipulated to keep them afloat, when the correction (polite term) comes, it will now be far more devastating.

The people (elitist-globalists) who are directly and indirectly holding all of world debt ($20 trillions of which is owed by the U.S. government) will at some point have to be re-paid, one way or another, and therein is the big worry. Of course at the same time, the debt holders also see that the odds of these debts being repaid, which have already been re-structured many times, are growing dimmer by the day.

So these same elitists are setting themselves up to profit from a coming world crash. They are now marketing and selling their gold and silver, which they acquired at market-lows, and are now selling it back to the masses at market highs, while they quietly diversify into other essential commodities that people and governments will require. The point of this visionary strategy is to be in a position to wait-out a market collapse and the ensuing chaos and then, during that chaos and instability, buy back all of the gold and silver at new market lows. But why would gold and silver go into the tank? Some may ask this question, and there is a very good reason why that may happen related to market demand.

First of all, we must remove the selective perception that the marketing psychologists have instilled into the masses via media– “gold and silver yield security” in tough times. For average people, this is false. For the purposes of intergovernmental trade, yes there is some logic to this, if there is an agreed-upon value for these metals. It’s important to keep in mind that the intrinsic value of these metals only relates to their industrial, medical, and vanity jewelry uses, nothing more. But through the use of crafty psychological marketing, the elite have built a perception that gold and silver are now more valuable than the things people really need, like water, food, shelter, and other items that actually support life. Gold and silver are actually little more than illusions of wealth created by highly intelligent people who know how to manipulate the masses, as they have for millennia. And as history shows, for those who take the time to learn it, there is a cyclic pattern used by elitists who have extremely long-term wealth and power building models that are literally generational in nature, where one generation sets things into motion and the next generation follows the plan and reaps the benefits. By keeping the masses financially and educationally oppressed (much of the brainwashing starts in school), the masses have great difficulty in emulating a generational wealth building strategy. Adding to the advantages of the elitists over the masses is that they have been employing their wealth-building strategies for many hundreds of years. This is why we see the same names over and over again as being the wealthiest people in the world.

Between hungry people who are defending their belongings from outside threats, which may include neighbors who are also doing without the essentials of life as a result of a massive breakdown of the financial and supply-chain infrastructures, gold and silver will never fill an empty stomach or warm a freezing child. So who among these people would accept a gold coin in such conditions for a case of tuna fish, a warm coat, or a pack of cigarettes? The real answer is none of them. The reality is, as we saw during the period (1919-1933) of the Weimar Republic, society collapsed and descended into poverty and despair, where it took sacks-full of cash to buy a loaf of bread, while elitists bought-back gold and silver at huge discounts. But this time around, it will be brutally worse, because we now find ourselves in a world packed with needy people and desperate nations all around, nations desperate for the resources owned and controlled by the U.S.

During the collapse of the Weimar Republic, the world population was about one-fourth of what it is today, about two billion people. Today we have a world population of about 7.5 billion people, and all of these people require the same resources– drinking water, food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and other items to support life. The demand for these resources is now at the very limits of the new “just-in-time” supply chain infrastructure, which is extremely vulnerable to a myriad of potential points of failure, including but not limited to any financial collapse.

I will put it bluntly; if you fail to read When Money Dies, you will remain uninformed and in the dark.

And when a correction (nice way to articulate a collapse) comes, the effect of that collapse will be devastating this time around for many reasons that did not exist previously, as we now begin to understand. The parallels we now see unfolding between what happened in the Weimar Republic and the United States today are truly unsettling, and these conclusions are not being drawn with some product or service marketing agenda associated. Quite frankly, they fly in the face of those people working for the elitists who are touting gold and silver as a safe haven for average people. I personally couldn’t disagree more. Ask yourself this simple question: If gold and silver is so hot and is going to go up in value, why would they be selling any of it? It’s not like it will spoil or cannot be stored. The simple reason is the correct reason,–the elitists are now diversifying and dumping gold and silver at market highs. They are getting out while the getting is good, while the masses are being sold on what a great investment it is. Of course, this is typical behavior by these people; they feel they are superior to the masses and we only need to know what they want us to know. But the easily observable facts tell the truth.

First, we have huge population centers that are already disenchanted and ripe with unrest and lawlessness. The infrastructure of these cities is at the breaking point. This includes the supply-chain infrastructure, which provides the basic needs for life– water, food, health and sanitation, law enforcement, et cetera. And it won’t take very much to trigger a complete failure of these integrated services, where one affects another like dominoes.

Sadly, the current role models in power over the past eight years at the top of the American government are morally repugnant and have failed to lead by a positive example. Worse yet, they allow the continued media brainwashing of the people via the psychologists who craft all of the political and marketing messaging that is poured out onto Americans via all of the media outlets, which they control.

Some people are placing all their bets on the newly elected government in America, because hope is all they have. It’s the hope that someone, anyone new, might make the changes needed to make America great again, as coined by president-elect Donald J. Trump.

There was a song by the band The Who titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, which has the lyrics “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. As we watch the government appointments being made by Trump, the question that currently stands in American is this; will Trump do what he promised Americans he would do, or did he just say what he knew Americans wanted to hear? And will he instead embark upon the path that was preordained by the elitists? Americans voted for Trump because they believed in his campaign promises.

Americans who make up a large percentage of our total population are currently living at or near the poverty level and have reached the end of their wits. As a country, we have reached a level of desperation never seen before. These people are not a tiny isolated pocket of the population; they number in the many tens of millions, and many of those are illegal immigrants who have not been assimilated into America and retain their own cultural set of values, which dictates their behavior in any society. They see leaders at the top of American government who are benefiting from corruption and lawlessness, while they barely manage to eat. This same group of so-called leaders at the top have in many ways, through speech and action or lack thereof, condoned lawlessness by making excuses for the criminal behavior of political activists who seek to foment more unrest in the interest of creating an environment where they may have a chance to rise to power again via a violent revolution. There are without a doubt outside forces that have infiltrated the highest posts of American government (radical Islamists) and who also see unrest and instability in America as “opportunity”.

But for the average American family, in the final analysis, the acquisition of gold and silver over the essential commodities of life is a failed strategy and plays into the hands of the elitists who intend to buy back all of the gold and silver in the hands of the masses at huge discounts when the markets collapse and people become desperate for the commodities they really need just to stay alive!

For the people who live in the cities and who are fortunate enough to have some discretionary funds, my opinion is that land, which can provide sustainable living, is now the best investment for an uncertain future. A place to live that is not dependent upon banks or just-in-time supply chains, a place with a garden, some chickens and pure water would be hard to beat in tough times.

Hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst in response to what history teaches us; of course, revisionist historians are hard at work deleting those inconvenient clues.