Letter: Copper as an Ebola Killer

Dear Hugh,

This research has been around for nearly a decade, but it is only beginning to surface. The purer the copper, the stronger the effect. Pure copper, or a 95 percent alloy, will kill 99.999 percent of everything within 30 minutes. Naturally, corporations are making copper alloy fixtures for hospitals that are 60 percent copper!

Readers can do some of this at home by taking sheets of copper and cutting it into push plates for doors, covering countertops, etc. However, it is extremely difficult to find copper doorknobs, except for cabinets. Perhaps taking regular doorknobs and having them heavily copper plated would help.

The copper must be left completely bare. Any type of coating on it prevents contact of the bacteria and viruses with the copper surface.

This might make a good business for some of your readers who do metalwork. Once this news gets around, there will be a strong demand for copper doorknobs.

Although brass also works to some extent, it must be very high in copper, and the percentage of copper is never given on commercial brass knobs. Furthermore, the protective coating that keeps the brass shiny makes it useless.

Check out this great article – It’s really interesting. – JW in NY