Roses Are Red and Healthful Too, by Sarah Latimer

We have had beautiful fall weather. However, my flower gardens are pretty well gone, as the brisk, cold fall winds blow and leave only a few dried flowers, seeds, and various remains to remind me of the brilliant colors that once adorned our property earlier in the year. If asked what is my favorite aromatic flower, I might say stargazer lily, gardenia, or rose. If asked what is the most beautiful flower, I would struggle to come up with just one or even three, as there are many I adore, but the rose would certainly be high on the list. …

Letter Re: Advice Request for Next Steps with Recent Land Purchase

Hi! Recently I bought acreage in both Colorado and Nevada. It’s empty land in a big place, and I like that. I’ve never worked with land before, having grown up and lived in cities most of my life. So I’m rather clueless about how to find good resources for next steps. A couple of next steps that I’m concerned about is knowing the exact boundaries of the parcels and bringing power to one of the parcels from a nearby power line. Have you got suggestions on how I might find a surveyor and how to talk with the electric company …

Economics and Investing:

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