Notes for Tuesday – November 15, 2016

After 16 months of debate, the Continental Congress, sitting in its temporary capital of York, Pennsylvania, agreed to adopt the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union on November 5th, 1777. Of course, the last of the 13 states, Maryland, took until March 1, 1781 to ratify the agreement. Also on this day, Charles Dickens published the final installment of A Tale of Two Cities in Dickens’ circular. o o o Ruh-Ro! Shipping disaster looms as UPS workers vote to strike

Easy Fire Starting, by A.H.

Next to water, fire is one of the most essential needs for survival. No doubt you have six different ways to start a fire you call favorites and another twenty more you could use in a pinch. Here’s a twist on an old tried but true method. I first learned this method from Boy’s Life many, many decades ago. I wasn’t even a Boy Scout. (They didn’t want me, but that’s another story.) Anyway, I’ve always liked this method for it’s simple elegance. However,, I thought of one tweak to make it an awesome choice. Making the traditional fire starter …

Letter Re: Ruger P Model

Again, Pat Cisco has covered a handgun that is close to my heart. Thanks, as always. The 9mm Ruger P-89 is actually the first handgun that I went and bought myself back in the late eighties. To this day I love this bulky “Tank” of a gun. I am so comfortable with it that I also bought a P-94 in .40 caliber and a P-90 in .45 caliber. I remember when I bought the P-90 it was a used gun and was listed for just over $300. I offered $300 cash out the door, and that is what I got …

News From The American Redoubt:

Kristie Wolfe builds underground home & sets rural Washington hamlet. (Off-grid, of course!) o o o Eight takeaways from ‘Draining Oregon’: The big water giveaway o o o Joe Robertson Thrown In Solitary Confinement o o o Here is some news about a small company in Laramie, Wyoming: Vertical gardening is growing into the wave of the future o o o New program allows veterans to help each other heal in Montana wilderness

Economics and Investing:

GrubHub Loses MILLIONS After CEO Demands Trump Voters Resign – W.C. o o o Chinese Steadily Buying U.S. Entertainment Businesses – H.L. o o o India’s War on Cash and the Poor o o o The most expensive housing market in the world: Vancouver levies a $10,000 a year tax on empty homes. Not telling the truth and it becomes $10,000 a day. o o o SurvivalBlog and its editors are not paid investment counselors or advisers. Please see our Provisos page for details.

Odds ‘n Sods:

Video Tour: Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Here is another video with more rugged approach: Military Five Ton B.O.V. o o o A great 11-minute video: TOP TEN PREPPER “BUG IN” MISTAKES! o o o SurvivalBlog readers in the northeast who are looking for a 4WD vehicle should check out this auction in Pennsylvania, for a Humvee Ambulance. The long wheelbase ambulance variants only very rarely come up for auction! o o o France Plans to Implement Universal Biometric IDs – H.L. o o o The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States History For Inauguration Day