Letter Re: Ruger P Model

Again, Pat Cisco has covered a handgun that is close to my heart. Thanks, as always. The 9mm Ruger P-89 is actually the first handgun that I went and bought myself back in the late eighties. To this day I love this bulky “Tank” of a gun. dsc20012I am so comfortable with it that I also bought a P-94 in .40 caliber and a P-90 in .45 caliber. I remember when I bought the P-90 it was a used gun and was listed for just over $300. I offered $300 cash out the door, and that is what I got it for. To me these models are just good solid guns. I’ve never had any issues with them in performing, and if all else fails I can use the big solid gun as a weight to knock an assailant in the head with. If you find one of these in the gun store, try it out, and if you like it then buy it. You can’t go wrong with it, IMHO. I’ve added a picture of the three guns mentioned with the P-89 (9mm) on top, the P90 (.45) middle, and the P-94 (.40) on the bottom.