Recipe of the Week: Liz’s Cuban Black and Whites

This delicious beans and rice recipe provides a complete protein. It is great survival recipe– ideal for times when meat is scarce, or for use by vegans or vegetarians. Ingredients: 1 Cup Rice – rinsed 3-14 oz. cans black beans – slightly rinsed 1 Large green pepper – chopped 2 … Continue reading

Update on the Bobby Akard/Akart Defamation Lawsuit Against SurvivalBlog

I still have not yet been served the court papers for Bobby Akart’s defamation lawsuit. There was apparently an attempt to serve the papers at the offices of my literary agent in New York City, but I have yet to receive them. I sincerely thank all of those SurvivalBlog readers … Continue reading

The Fallacy of the Bugout Bag, by J.C.

I began my quest to become self-sufficient in a bug out situation sometime around the end of 2004 or the beginning of 2005.  My first purchase, if I recall was a gravity fed water filter and a small solar battery charger.  The old saying that one can live three weeks … Continue reading

Letter: Stock Up on Magazines!

Dear Editor: The upcoming Presidential election is cause for concern. As an avid daily reader of your awesome blog, I would highly encourage those out there to buy those full capacity, or really any magazines that they need today. Not tomorrow, right now. Now! Stop reading the blog for a … Continue reading