Notes for Sunday – October 30, 2016

My special thanks to SurvivalBlog reader A.P., who kindly sent me the gift of an autographed hardback copy of Robert A. Heinlein’s 1982 novel titled Friday.
He sent me that book in lieu of a Ten Cent Challenge (10 cents per day) subscription donation.  I am humbled by the tremendous generosity of SurvivalBlog readers. Thank you!

October 30th, 1735 was the birthday of President John Adams. (Other sources cite his birthdate as October 19, 1735.) He died on July 4th, 1826–just a few hours after the death of Thomas Jefferson.

Safecastle’s October Mountain House Sale ends Monday. They are offering discounts up to 50% off the 30-year shelf life cans. Safecastle, as always, pays for the shipping.

Email server update: SurvivalBlog’s email server is now (mostly) back on-line and we are working through the backlog of emails. If you received a rejection in reply to email sent, you may now safely send it again.