Letter: Stock Up on Magazines!

Dear Editor:
The upcoming Presidential election is cause for concern. As an avid daily reader of your awesome blog, I would highly encourage those out there to buy those full capacity, or really any magazines that they need today. Not tomorrow, right now. Now! Stop reading the blog for a few minutes and find what you need. Some sellers are already selling out of AR-style magazines. Ruger factor-made 10/22 BX-25 (25-round) magazines are presently available at one of the major outdoor retailers online for less than $20 each.

As an example: HK G3 alloy 20  round magazines (for HK91 rifles and clones) were selling for just under one dollar each, a few years ago. I recently sold my extras at $10 each. Stock up on ammo too, y’all! – Jeff in Wisconsin

JWR Replies: I concur!  See my recent commentary on this subject.  If you decide to stock up on magazines, then please give SurvivalBlog advertisers (like GunMag Warehouse and KeepShooting.com) your business first. They have very competitive prices.