Note From JWR:

I’m in need of a few more Retreat Owner Profiles, to round out the collection. (My goal is to post 25 of them, including at least five from overseas readers.) So if you “live the life”, then please write up your profile in the same format as those already posted, and e-mail it to me. Be sure to change enough details to maintain your anonymity. Thanks!

Letter Re: Hillbilly Housewife–A Cost-Saving Home Cooking Web Site

Jim- You absolutely must alert your readers to Hillbilly Housewife. Be sure the Memsahib reads “Apron Evangelism.” Hey, I read it, so you can read it too–it’s a wonderful observation on housewifery. I guarantee you and your readers will be hooked on this clever woman’s ideas. ‘Nuff said; I’m going back to her web site for more reading! – B.B. JWR Replies: Great stuff! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve just added her site and her blog to our Links page. OBTW, the site also has instructions on making do-it-yourself ladies supplies.

Letter Re: Railroads Tracks and Right of Ways as Bug-Out Routes

Sir: I thought that I would put in my 2 cents on accessing property with a bolt cutter. If you need to go through a gate don’t cut the lock unless there is no other alternative! Snipping a link out of the chain next to the lock and allowing the lock owner to relock the gate next time they come by is much more forgivable than making them run in and get a new lock cut keys and distribute keys to whoever needs them. Many times we will snip out a link and put our own lock on the chain …

Letter Re: The Importance of Storing Salt for Preparedness

Jim: I asked about this a long time ago and no one knew what I was talking about they thought I was talking about those salt blocks you buy for cattle and stuff: so I tried to find myself where the old “salt licks” were in those old westerns we always read. Here was what I found after three hours of research. There is an Internet resource that says there are over 1,400 [“Lick” or “Saline” locales] all over the USA. But they don’t list individual ones just how many per state. For those places I can’t find [listed licks], …