Five Letters Re: Selecting a Martial Art and a Dojo

Mr. Rawles: Having done this (being involved in running a professional [martial arts] school) for ten years, and having studied twice that long, here’s my $1.83 (two cents, adjusted for inflation). First, what does your gut tell you about the place and the instructor? If you get an uneasy feeling, listen to it, and back off a bit. It may be that the guy exudes an Alpha-dominant energy, and that’s what’s making your hair stand on end. Then again, it might be your rip-off alert/ BS detector going off. 1) Take a couple of days to think it over, and: …

Odds ‘n Sods:

I heard from a reader about an interesting site on martial arts, with discussion forums. Their motto: no contact = no training!    o o o A great site devoted to dutch oven cooking.    o o o In case any of you folks missed the mention back in September, the EMP Survival e-novel “Lights Out” is available for free download.       o o o California Heat Wave Death Toll: 25,000 Cattle and 700,000 Fowl