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We are pleased to welcome our latest advertiser, They sell long term storage food. Their specialty is the excellent Gourmet Reserves brand. Because they have established distributor level high volume status with the canner, they offer the best pricing in the country on this brand. Be sure to visit … Continue reading

Letter Re: Pat Buchanan’s Book State of Emergency

Jim, I am about halfway thru the new book by Pat Buchanan –‘State of Emergency’– and its scaring the hell out of me. I’ve followed the Illegal Alien story for yrs, ever since I landed back in California in 1989 after my hitch in the U.S. Air Force and I … Continue reading

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Letter Re: Source for Low Cost First Aid/Medical Supplies?

Sir: I was wondering if you had any direction to a source for “bulk” medical supplies. Thinking about tape, gauze, non-stick pads, burn dressings, etc – all the items that if you are faced with “any” type of serious wound you will go thru in large quantities For example 4″x4″ … Continue reading