Letter Re: Pat Buchanan’s Book State of Emergency

I am about halfway thru the new book by Pat Buchanan –‘State of Emergency’– and its scaring the hell out of me. I’ve followed the Illegal Alien story for yrs, ever since I landed back in California in 1989 after my hitch in the U.S. Air Force and I thought I had a handle on it. The statistics and figures that Pat puts forth are daunting–and quite depressing. This nation is facing the largest problem in its history with this invasion–I’m not downplaying any of the threats we face with the radical Islamists–that is yet one more frightening scenario–but I truly believe that the U.S. is under siege–I suggest all Americans load up on all essentials as I do not trust the government to resolve the Invasion problem. I would even predict that the government will soon close the door on civilians purchasing many of the things we consider necessary i.e. Guns, cheap surplus ammo from overseas and survival type gear. It would appear the government will not want us to deal with the invasion the old fashion way–and they are not going to either. I have lost ALL faith in our leadership, regardless of party. We are truly at a fork in the road and it appears we are following the road taken by the long deceased Roman Empire. Its hard to contest the facts that Pat has laid out, though some will try. Its is clear as well the southwest is gone. Its just a matter of a few decades (maybe sooner) before this part of the country is no longer under the control of the U.S. government. Again, load up on all gear..and relocate out of the southwest, you don’t want to be caught behind enemy lines. Thanks, – Jason (in North Idaho)