Letter Re: SurvivalBlog RSS Feed

Hello James,
Last week you mentioned publishing content in the MobiReader format so that it is accessible to readers using PDAs or cellular phones with text windows. I have not used that software specifically, but would like to bring pRSS Reader to your attention. pRSS Reader is a free RSS reader that runs on Windows Mobile devices, and is the software I use to read SurvivalBlog daily. You may want to suggest this option to your readers who prefer to read the blog on a mobile device. The software will automatically check for updates to the blog at a configurable interval, and even has a handy “Today-Screen” plugin so that you can quickly look at your device’s main screen to see if there are any updates to the blogs you’ve subscribed to. pRSS reader can be downloaded at: http://pda.jasnapaka.com/prssr/
Regards, – DLF