Two Letters Re: Canned Coffee Beans


[Regarding A.P.’s letter posted on August 26th] I’m one of those guys who drinks coffee from dawn to dusk, so I was most interested in the thread on coffee storage.

I keep 36 large cans of Maxwell House in my cool-storage pantry (60 degrees in the summer, 40 degrees in the winter). I cycle through the supply on a regular basis, taking about a year to go thru entire stock. In a worst-case scenario, I’d cut back to a can a month and would thus have a 3-year stash.

Yeah, I know… the Starbucks sippers turn their nose up at me and insist that five dollar a pound beans are much better. I suppose they are… just like a T-bone steak is tastier than a can of Tuna… but when your belly is empty and the grocery store shelves are bare… a can of Starkist sure beats staring at an empty plate. – Dutch in Wyoming


Mr Rawles
Quality brand (Maxwell House or equal) canned ground coffee (full metal can only) will store for over 20 years. I was given a very large number of 3 lb cans in 1995 that my Father had bought and stored on a pantry shelf . When opened the coffee was as fresh as the day it was canned and I date it by the expiration date on the discount coupons packed inside the cans, all had expired 20 to 22 years before. I am a heavy coffee drinker and it took me 3 years to drink up this stash and it was good to the last drop. – F.S.