Letter Re: James Kunstler at Midwest Renewable Energy Fair

As a regular reader of Survival Blog, I thought others might like a “field trip” report from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s (MREA) Energy Fair held this past weekend. This is an annual event hosted in central Wisconsin and it has had a growing number of attendees; last year’s fair drew over 10,000 and this year it was expected to draw ~17,000 people over its three days. In my mingling, I encountered people who had traveled from as far as New mexico, southern Oklahoma, Kansas, and many from Wisconsin and bordering states.
The fair is a collection of vendors, presentations, and daily featured speakers. Suppliers of everything from solar ovens, solar panels, wind turbines, and passive solar hot water heaters have their products on display and there are usually at least six seminars going on at any one time on topics as diverse as grey … Continue reading

Letter Re: Self-Winding Watch Recommendation

I’ve been living with a Seiko 5 military style mechanical movement (self winding) action watch for about 6 months now. I and am convinced they are one of the better deals going right now in a quality, metal, watch that will never need batteries. Overstock.com currently has these for under $100. They’re very hard to find here in the U.S.A., and tend to sell out rapidly. The only negative item I can list about these watches is that they need to be worn daily, as the the self-winding power “reserve” won’t last beyond 24 hours without wrist movement. I really like mine, and will buy probably buy one or two more. – Jay in Florida

Two Letters Re: Shocking Facts About Wolves, by Steven UP

Unlike anyone else that has written, including Steven UP, I have lived in Western Montana my entire life, save a few travels around to world. I also grew up hunting and fishing here (we were, well, poor when I was a kid. I think I was eleven before I ever ate a beef steak. I thought red meat came form the woods in Fall!)
As to the primary concern of wolves over-running farm in a SHTF scenario, that will be the least of your worries. As to the idea that elk and deer populations are being decimated by wolf packs, that is 100% USDA Certified Bovine Scatology! If a wolf eats one ton (your number, Steven) of red meat, that’s about two elk per year per wolf. To compare, an adult cougar kills and eats a deer a week (lions are picky eaters and will seldom return … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

SurvivalBlog reader Jim K. suggests stocking up on this mondo tire sealant.

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Ready Made Resources, (our biggest advertiser) is brokering the sale of a very hard to find upgraded P-10 self-contained NBC shelter. He is selling it on behalf of an acquaintance. When sold new, these shelters sell for $100,000 with all of the options included in this one, such as the 1,000 gallon water tank and Level 4 protective entry door. (Cutting torch and .308 bullet proof!) These very rarely come up for sale in used condition, so don’t miss this chance to buy one for only one-fourth of what it would cost to buy one new. It is being sold “on site”, so you would have to pay for hauling. (About $4,000 to the Midwest, or $6,000 to the West Coast.) Please mention that you saw it on SurvivalBlog … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: Recommendations on Hardening a Garage Door?

Hello James,
In reading D.A.B.’s query about hardening a Fiber Board Overhead garage door, several thoughts come to mind. All have additional questions that need to be asked. It sounds like his main concern is for the attack of his door with power tools, namely… Chainsaw. I’ll get to that in a few minutes.
How many people don’t lock the [connecting] door between their home and their garage when at home or away? When you go to get your vehicle serviced, go to work, shopping, parked in your driveway,….where is your overhead door transmitter??? A quick break of the glass, grab the button off of your visor, and boom, right into the house the bad guy goes. (I bring this up as security does nothing if holes in the program like this are not changed!). I don’t know about you, but I don’t leave my house keys with … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: Recommended Guns for Left-Handed Shooters?

Some of us just ignore our left-eye dominance and train to work with it instead of training out of it. 😉 I don’t have much trouble with mine.
Kit @ Forevervain.com


Hi Jim,
I am cursed with being a Left Eye Dominant, Right Handed shooter. To further confuse things, I shoot pistols Right Handed and rifles Left Handed. After getting back into the gentlemanly sport of firearms in 1999 and doing much research, I looked for guns with ejection paths that did not scare me. I found that although Benelli has Left Handed models available, their Right Handed semi-automatic shotguns worked just fine when shot Left Handed. I ended up with the predecessor to the “M2 Tactical”. I love the Glock for its K.I.S.S. design (no confusing external safety levers) and have become a Glockaholic. Finally, my Bushmaster AR-15 (16”) is … Continue reading

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Ready for a North Korean EMP Attack?

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Jason in North Idaho mentioned S-Meter.com: Some Great Ham Radio Info and Forums

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Is silver becoming more rare than gold?

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Lots of SurvivalBlog readers patronize Northern Tool & Equipment, one of our biggest affiliate advertisers. The great news is that for our readers in the UK, we just signed an affiliate agreement with Great stuff. Check them out. If you place an order, we get a little piece of the action. Thanks.

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Mr. Bravo mentioned A fascinating piece from The Annals of Internal Medicine on “Planning for Avian Influenza.” Speaking of influenza preparedness, be sure to order your copy of my preparedness course at the special … Continue reading

Note From The Memsahib:

We couldn’t resist picking up some sheep for the ranch from a local family that will soon be moving across the country. They had way too many animals to take with them and were willing to deal. It is a small flock of Jacob sheep. This breed is usually considered more of a “fiber” breed rather than a meat breed because of their smaller size. But, we like them for meat because of their lean carcass. Also their smaller size makes them a lot easier for me to handle by myself. They are white sheep with black spots (“piebald”), and often have four horns.They are very decorative little sheep and sell well as pets to hobby farmers. We got a nice four horned ram and three ewe lambs.

Note From JWR:

I recently stumbled into an amazing cache of books from an estate, at a bargain price. These are all our kind of books: preparedness, self-sufficiency, homesteading, gardening, canning, shooting, retreat architecture, livestock, recipes, carpentry. metal working, outdoor survival, NBC protection, fire and burglary protection, offshore relocation, and a few “hard money” investing books. I’ve just added these 50+ books to my mail order catalog, all at very reasonable prices. They are first come, first served. Please let me know via e-mail which ones that you want me to set aside for you. OBTW, I pay for the postage and tracking on any order over $50 sent to a U.S. address.

Letter Re: Guns for Unobtrusive Backpack Stowage

I am a long time fan of the products from Kel-Tec in Florida. They offer stuff that is affordable, practical and strong. They have gained well deserved notoriety from their credit-card sized .32 and .380 pistols and their folding .223 rifles, but this is not the only compact rifle they offer. Their best backpack offering is the Sub-2000, a folding pistol-caliber rifle that, when collapsed, is only 16.5″ long. It is available in 9mm or .40 S&W, and you choose which type of pistol magazines it feeds from when you buy it (Glock, Beretta, SIG, S&W). Mine is a .40 S&W and feeds from Glock [M23] magazines, so that I have interchangeability between my sidearm and long gun ammo and magazines. It fits handily into a day pack, … Continue reading

Letter Re: Positive Feedback on Safecastle

Hello Jim!
I hope things are great for you and your family. I just thought that I would take the time to provide you with another bit of positive support regarding one of your sponsors. Vic at Safecastle, LLC is a great person. In May, I made a large purchase from him. At the time of ordering, I received an excellent discount for being a survivalblog reader. In addition, Vic also took the time to answer each of my emails very quickly and provided me with an expected date of delivery. Sure enough, it turned out that Vic was “dead on!” The probable date of shipment turned out to be exactly right. I received the cases delivered right into my garage. It is with much admiration that I write this to notify others in … Continue reading