Note From JWR:

Today, we begin another SurvivalBlog benefit auction. This one is for a fully stocked M-17 Advanced Medical Bag (Backpack), donated by one of our most loyal advertisers, Ready Made Resources. This bag has a $179 retail value. Also included as a bonus is a 5 gram unit of Traumadex instant wound clotter (a $25 value.) Please submit your bids via e-mail. The opening bid is just $30!

Letter Re: Advice on Firearms Caching

Mr. R.: We started playing around with this eventuality in the 1990s.  A few observations: We buried old guns and cartridges in 155mm howitzer tubes (M82) in our garden, where they were regularly watered over. End-result ? With dessicant tins inside, they were A-OK after 6 months. Others buried out in the boonies, without regular water-challenge, were A-OK after 12 and 18 months. No rust. Cartridges went bang. Guns functioned flawlessly. We’d prepped them with ProLix, a non-petroleum based cleaner/lube/protectant. ( ProChemCo, ph. 800-248-LUBE ) I’ve tried most products and this is superior. I’ve cleaned scrupulously (can you say “OCD”? …

Letter Re: Get Ready While You Can, When You Can

Dear Mr. Rawles, Arguably, the first commandments of the preparedness movement is to get ready for bad times before they get here. However, it doesn’t have to be TEOTWAWKI for it to be too late, or darn close to it. I offer the following real life example to illustrate the point. I get a lot of sinus headaches, especially this time of year; what I have always relied on to relieve them is Tylenol Sinus formula. Traditionally, the active ingredients have been acetaminophen (for pain) and pseudo-ephedrine (for nasal decongestion). Because scum use the latter ingredient in making crystal meth, …

Odds ‘n Sods:

The next U.S. hurricane season: The government says “you’re on your own.”    o o o Thousands quarantined in Bucharest to stop spread of Asian Avian Flu.    o o o SurvivalBlog reader J.C.S. alerted us to an auction for 20 factory refurbished Motorola Talkabout T7200 NiMH GMRS 2-Way Radios on eBay for $69 USD each.    o o o The P-10 self-contained fallout shelter that I mentioned previously is still available on eBay. It appears that somebody with some foresight is going to get an $80,000 shelter for around $27,500.