Letter Re: The “Sell Your House and Rent it Back” Option in a Falling House Market

James: In a recent e-mail, you suggested considering selling my house and renting for a period of time, or at least until the real estate bubble stabilized. [JWR’s replies are in-line, in bold text.] 1.) Do you still recommend doing this? Yes, if you are living in a bubble region that is likely to see steep house price declines. The big question now is: can you find someone willing to do this? A year ago or even just six months ago, it would have been fairly easy, since the market was still rising. Now, with prices falling, it might be …

Letter Re: Licensing Requirements for FRS Versus GMRS Radio Transmission

Dear Jim: I recently purchased a Motorola SX 700 Radio. Inside the package is a notice regarding [U.S.] Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensing. It states that if you operate on GMRS frequencies you need a license from the FCC. Channels 1-7 and 15-22 are GMRS. What about channels 8-14? Do I need this license? Or can I use Channels 8-14? Thanks. – J.H. JWR Replies: Your assumption was correct. No license is required in the U.S. for transmitting on Family Radio Service (FRS) channels. (Channels 8 to 14). But you must have a GMRS license issued by the FCC to …

Letter Re: “Power Up”–A Useful Reference on Battery Conversions for Military Electronics

James, You need to take a look at this link. It is an online version of a very rare book (Power Up) that shows how to make standard battery conversions of many military items, something that could come in handy one of these days. Best Regards, – Jim K. JWR Replies: This link works well in Firefox, but Netscape some other browsers have conflicts, so you may have to turn off Java to see this page properly. Once there, click on the link for any particular piece of military equipment. This is indeed a great reference!

Letter Re: Are Your Neighbors Prepared? by Doc

Mr. Rawles: One point to note with Doc’s observations as a home repairman. I had my hot water heater short last week. If a repairman had come to my home, he would have walked past my garden and wood pile, had to go down the stairs past one ammo cache and rifle, 12 cases of Mason jars, around bags of old clothes waiting to be used for quilts, past various toolboxes, a chest freezer, lanterns, a grain mill and workbench, et cetera. But, instead, I went to the hardware store, bought a thermostat, and made the repair myself. I would …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Al Jazeera (not well known for unbiased reporting) comments on Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and Syria–all making distinct moves away from the U.S. Dollar.    o o o Michael Z. Williamson pointed us to a Box 0′ Truth evaluation .223 and .308 versus body armor. As I often say, a handgun is just a portable tool to buy time to get you back to your rifle.    o o o Back to the Bunker: The Washington Post reports on FEMA’s Continuity of Government (COG) plans.