Note From JWR:

The high bid in the SurvivalBlog benefit auction (for a fully stocked M-17 Advanced Medical Bag/Rucksack) is at $250. Special thanks to the fine folks at Ready Made Resources, who kindly donated the kit. Please submit your bids via e-mail. This auction ends on the last day of June.

Letter Re: Updated Nuclear Weapon Targeting Data?

Sir: 1) To reiterate the basics, the primary concern with a nuclear attack on the USA is fallout — since the other major effects of nuclear bombs (blast, thermal radiation,etc) are relatively limited in extent. You are probably safe if you are 8+ miles upwind from a nuclear detonation of 1 MT or less, provided you don’t blind yourself by looking directly at the nuclear detonation. Fallout, moreover, is generated by nuclear strikes at ground level. But many nuclear detonations would be made 4000 feet above a target [“air bursts”]– in order to maximize the blast effect — and such …

Two Letters Re: Stocking Up on Prescription Medications

Mr. Rawles: I have found no problems in getting the meds I need in bulk. I simply do not use the insurance. If you have co-pays, your co-pay generally is the cost of the medication. Do some calling to Costco and Sam’s [Club] (in the state of Florida you do not have to be a member to use the pharmacy.) [JWR Adds: I believe this is true nationwide under a Federal law that assures universal access to pharmacies.] Ask for the cash price and at least for generics you will be surprised to find out how inexpensive they can be. …

Letter Re: Great Depression II What Will it Be Like?, by Buckshot

Jim: Kudos to Buckshot for a well written and timely article on a possible next Great Depression. Those who doubt that it could happen again only have to consider present day Zimbabwe, which is suffering over 1200% inflation as I write this. Many good books and articles have been written about the Great Depression, but nothing drills home the brutality of it like a photo album from the period. Warning: This link is not for the squeamish, or those in denial. – Doc at

Odds ‘n Sods:

Wow! Because of a temporarily stronger dollar, someone in New York just kicked the slats out from under the spot price of silver, pushing it down more than 10% in one day, to under $9.90 per ounce. Meanwhile, gold tumbled more than $35 per ounce. As I’ve stated before, it is best to buy on these dips. This correction is a great buying opportunity before the metals bull resumes his charge. This is essentially a second chance for everyone that felt that they had “missed the boat.” Just don’t hesitate, because I suspect that this is the deepest dip we …